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  1. Renee,

    Greetings from San Antonio. I love reading your blogs; I find them very informative as well as entertaining. I have a friendly challenge for you and the Word Bitches. Please go to my latest post: Word of The Day. There you will find I have written a post about the word PASSION (OK, keep your mind out of the gutter; this is a family rated post). My intent is to see how many people I can get to post a blog about their own passions.

    I am asking you (well, more like begging) to write a post that best describes your passion, it can be on anything you want to say. Just tell what makes you motivated, what is your drive, what is it that pushes you on. It doesn’t have to be a long post, 100 words or less. And publish it on or around next Friday the 24th. Spread the word to other bloggers you know and see if you can get them to do the same. How cool would it be if we could fill the blog world with one simple word: PASSION.

    How many people do you think we can influence to do a post like this? 25, 50, maybe a 100 or more? Are you up for a challenge?


    Ray Meinhardt
    (The crazy nut down in San Antonio.)

    1. Hi Ray! I will see what I can do. It is in the middle of school break up here! 😉

  2. Hey there, Sunshine. I’m sure you get this all the time…I nominated you for The Sunshine Award. Congrats! You’ve brought the sunshine in with you! Your friend, Stephanie@Random Acts

    1. Hi Stephanie! I can’t believe I am just seeing this now! Thank you! Will bop over and check out what that award entails! 😉 Thanks for thinking of me.

  3. Love your blog about texting. And some of the others, too! Have a blessed day.

    1. Thank you for your kind words! So nice to meet you. I’ll bop over to your place! 😉

  4. Thanks for your kind and insightful comment a couple of weeks ago on my post about my dying step-father. I did take the chance to tell him what he means to me, and though his “long goodbye” was very difficult, I am grateful to have had that chance.
    Here’s the latest of at least part of “the rest of the story”

    Thanks again for your encouragement.

    1. Thank you for sharing the link! I will come over now!

  5. I went to your website about giving for a gift at a Bar Mitzvah. I must inform you that Catholic children do not “go to the front of the church en masse to receive a blessing”. I respect the rites of your religion. You need to research the rite of Confirmation before you state your opinion. I sure went to the wrong place looking for help.

    1. Hi Diane. I have attended numerous Catholic confirmation services in my area over the years and in each service the participants recited prayers as a group and there was little differentiation of even recognition for any of the individuals involved. I’m sure that things are handling differently in other areas.

      I did not mean for my comment to sound judgmental. It was simply an observation based on the services I’ve seen. My son (now 16) was recently confirmed and that service was much more comparable to a Christian service , with numerous students participating at one time. I wrote this article many years ago, and I would probably change a lot of things if I tackled the subject today. I didn’t mean to offend you and I hope you accept my apology if I hurt your feelings.

  6. Other than the cursory (and mostly inaccurate) definition of the Confirmation sacrament practiced by Catholics, this was helpful.

  7. You are right on the money about Klonopin! I ask your followers to follow the group of It has just facts and information plus medical articles. So if anyone wants to TRULY learn and help all of us going through this hell please go to it and LEARN. I am the administrator of the group, another victim suffering and a retired pharmaceutical chemist. I have personal stories to tell but have this group so all will learn!! Most have cognitive dissonance which is holding to a belief because thinking differently will upset core beliefs even though their thinking has no data to validate it! So please ask those with blinders on to take it off and see the truth about what is going on in this country! From debilitating trials for money performed by physicians gaining monetary gain from Big Pharma to doctors doling out diagnosis based on five minutes of diagnosing to reps being told to lie to physicians to manipulating data on trials or throwing bad results away I beg you to OPEN the public’s eyes. It is all documented on this site. No OPIONIONS but data, data, data. How is it the public never sees any of these? It’s called Big Pharma has their finger in everything from television to magazines. So if anyone tries to expose it their SPONSERS will pull the plug on their advertising. Wake up, smell the flowers and may I ask you to watch the meetings between political committees overseeing health and the FDA. Those politicians you are ALL paying are not even educating themselves to understand anything. You see them ask what a blind study is. Whatever the FDA says is taken as God’s word. To truly evaluate the FDA on issues you HAVE to understand the lingo! So please to the public I ask to stop the madness. Six suicides a month from our groups of those suffering from Klonopin tapering. THE MADNESS MUST STOP! Sherrie A. Kendall

    1. Sherrie: The suicide rate is terrifying – but I totally understand it. Now, when I hear about someone committing suicide I ask: What psych meds was he recently taking. I remember how awful it felt to go thru withdrawal. It’s beyond description.

      We benzo survivors are so strong to have made it thru the worst of it, but not everyone does. And it’s a tragedy!

      I’m grateful that you’re doing all this hard work to present us with data. Seems like personal stories just aren’t enough for politicians to hear. They need evidence, scientific studies, documentation – another sad commentary on our culture, when one person’s experience is questioned.

      Sadly, people only start to understand when this issue hits close to home. These meds are being doled out in huge numbers and it seems everyone has some kind of story…but because people are concerned of the social stigma of being labeled “mentally ill”, they don’t come forward. I’m done with that. I’m mentally strong! I’m smart! And I want justice!

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