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This Friday, I’ll be at my old stomping ground, The Hungerford Building in Studio 426.

Local artist, Loree Harpole, has generously invited me to join her to kick off “Art for Action Month,” during this time, many resident artists will be collecting for Willow, a local organization devoted to helping survivors of domestic abuse.

” i deserve better” (c) 2024

On May 3rd at 9pm, I’ll be raffling off this original 8×10 painting, with 100% of the proceeds going to benefit Willow. (*Or, if you prefer, you can select any print from my website!)

You do NOT have to be present to win!

➡️ There are 2 ways to enter:

  1. In-person on First Friday; and
  2. Online until 8:59pm on May 3rd, 2024.

Raffle tickets are $5 per or 5 for $20— and 100% of proceeds collected will go to Willow Domestic Violence Center. Donations in any denomination are gladly accepted.


~ Square

This is an opportunity to support local artists/makers & community organizations that help us all thrive.

I hope a bunch of local peeps will come out to see us IRL, but if you live far away or you have a conflict, I would truly appreciate your donation to go to this organization that I hold near & dear to my heart.

Thank you in advance for your generosity!

On August 1 2023, I celebrated ten years off Klonopin, the anti-anxiety medication that robbed me of a decade of my life. I proudly announced my return to wellness. . . and then, seventeen days later, I found the tell-tale “bullseye rash” on my leg and was diagnosed with Lyme Disease (and multiple co-infections). And wouldn’t you know it? I seem to be slow to respond to traditional antibiotics. (Me? Not respond normally to medication? I know. Big surprise.) To date, I am entering my fourth month of treatment, am on three different antibiotics, a bunch of supplements & nutraceudicals – and I’m hoping to knock these spirochetes into remission. At the time of this post, I have completely overhauled my diet, lost 22 pounds, and connected with the right medical providers who know how to best treat people dealing with tickborne illnesses.

Despite this new and unforeseen health challenge, I remain grateful to everyone who has lifted me up this year! And, frankly, that’s a lot of you! I truly appreciate every LIKE and comment you leave!

By now, most of you know that I nerd out over statistics. I keep careful records, and I like to look back at the end of each year to take a moment to notice my personal and professional growth/challenges as well as pay attention to the areas which could still give a little attention.


5,000+ • Rough estimate of copies of my memoir purchased in paperback & ebook since publication. Honestly, I’ve lost count and since Amazon doesn’t disclose, it’s a rough estimate.

102 – Amazon reviews. In case you didn’t notice, I stopped nagging people about writing reviews the moment we reached 100! (But seriously, if you’ve read/listen to my book & have not yet left a review, it would be a gift to me if you’d write one!)

142 – Audiobook downloads

16,954 – Combined followers on all social media outlets. Most follow on my Rasjacobson Art Facebook Page.

3,846 – People on my mailing list.

165 – Unique pieces of artwork created* this year. This is ½ of what I did in 2022 – but part of this happened because I really leaned into my role as a Benzo Coach and because I have had to slow down a lot to take good care of myself due to Lyme Disease.

687 – Unique sales

2 – Private commissions

77Unique ZOOM Conversations with Individuals Experiencing Psychiatric Medication Issues • Over the last 5 years, I’ve had many hundreds of conversations with people who have been injured by psych drugs. Tens of thousands identify as being harmed by SSRIs, benzodiazepines & antipsychotic medications, and I will continue to pull back the curtain to reveal what’s actually happening on this front. It’s my mission to spread awareness and to help grow a radical movement of holistic health consciousness. To the individuals with whom I have spoken in 2023, thank you for sharing your stories with me.

45 – In-person art classes taught

39 – ZOOM art classes taught

32 – Memoir classes taught • Stay tuned because all three of the ladies with whom I’ve been working are going to complete their books in 2024.

3 – Interviews • Thanks to Naftal Benisty at BenzoTired; Health Coach, Emilie Jordao, & the folks at Canvas Rebel for letting me share my story this year. To be directed to links to all my interviews, click HERE.

29 – Best-selling image in 2023:


20 – Shows/Festivals • It was a robust festival season again! This year, I showed at: The Powerhouse (Buffalo), The Buried Acorn (Syracuse), Figgy Shop, Crawfish Festival, Mind Over Metal, Fairport Canal Days, Keuka Fine Arts Festival, Lavender Festival, Corn Hill Festival, Spencerport Canal, Brockport Arts Festival, Jack Craft, Henrietta Music Festival, Rochester Museum & Science Center, Artist Row, Remsen Festival, Holidays in the Hamlet, & Florence Brasser Craft Show. I also did my 4th Annual End-of-Year Liquidation Sale virtually via ZOOM.

3 – Awards • I received Best in Show at Spencerport Canal Days & Brockport Arts Festival, and Best Emerging Artist at Artist Row! External validation is always lovely, and these were all unexpected and very appreciated awards.

1Tick Bite (and that’s enough for me).

1 – Number of First Dates • That is 100% more than last year, so that’s improvement in my book.

What accomplishments are you proud of this year? What are your numbers? Am I the only weirdo who keeps track of things like this?



This morning, I was showered & dressed — all before 8 AM. I was supposed to meet a new friend about 35 miles away in Canandaigua for breakfast, and I was really looking forward to connecting with her.

I dashed off a quick text to her before getting into my car. “Are we still on for 10 AM?” I queried.

She never responded.

I figured she was probably on her way to meet me and unable to text, so I took a leap of faith and hopped onto to the New York State Thruway heading east. Just as I pulled into Ray’s Diner, my phone rang.

“Oh, my God!” Jessica said. “I totally forgot.”

Now, I like to think of myself as someone who has pretty good self-esteem. But when someone flat out forgets about plans that you’d made together, it just doesn’t feel good.

Suddenly, I felt all those hurt emotions spiraling into my chest: that familiar tightness along with all those old beliefs echoing in my ears.

You are invisible.
Low priority.

This time, however, I took a breath & gave my friend a little grace.

“I’m disappointed because I was looking forward to our time together,” I said. “But I understand things like this happen.”

Jessica felt terrible. She apologized profusely and even offered to Venmo me money for my gas, my time, my breakfast.

I assured her that I wasn’t angry (because I wasn’t), and I told her that I was just going to have a nice leisurely breakfast for one (which I did).

While sitting in the diner, eating my eggs and sipping a cup of coffee, I thought back to when I was going thru my divorce, how upended I felt after each meeting with the lawyers, about how out of control I felt about all of it. A friend who had been through her own divorce suggested that I build in a little reward for “making it thru” those emotionally draining appointments and, soon after, I started a practice of buying myself a single indoor houseplant after each heart-wrenching session.

Y’all, I bought a lot of plants.

A few years later, when I moved into my own house, all these plants came with me. I’ve continued to dote on them, making sure to provide them with the right environment — sunlight, water and nutrients — to promote maximum growth.

Back to this morning.

After a satisfying solo breakfast at Ray’s, I went outside and noticed that directly across the street from the diner, there is a cute little place called Mayflowers Nursery & Garden Center. I’d never been there before, but it’s a sweet place with a nice assortment of garden statues and tons of healthy plants and flowers.

      In the car with my grasses!

Impulsively, I purchased four plump ornamental grasses and stuffed them into my car. (Seriously tho, my car is packed up in anticipation of the New York Lavender Festival this weekend in Red Creek, and there isn’t much room in there.)

On the drive back from Canandaigua, with those spiky grasses repeatedly stabbing the backs of my arms, I found myself singing.

I wasn’t upset about anything at all.

In fact, I’d enjoyed my alone time.

Back in Rochester, I dug four holes. Deep ones. And beneath a weird sepia-color sky (due to the smoke from the ongoing Canadian wildfires), I sunk those ornamental grasses in my garden, and stood back to admire my work.

This story might not sound like a big deal, but it represents how much inner work I have done over the last decade. There was a time in my life where I would have spiraled into despair over a small event like this, accruing cosmic evidence to prove there is something wrong with me. 

I’ve worked hard to unthink those thoughts and maintain an internal state of tranquility. These days, I’m at ease within myself. I’ve developed a sense of self-compassion and am (mostly) unruffled by day-to-day worries.

Anyway, today marks the first time I bought myself plants because I wanted them, not because I needed them to cope with something upsetting.

In my work as a recovery coach, I introduce people to skills to help them develop the self-control to manage their difficult emotions and work to understand them. Emotionally mature individuals don’t view emotions as a weakness. Instead, we value them and don’t try to hide them. Acknowledging one’s feelings and learning from past experiences — even if you struggle to let go of them — means you have strong emotional intelligence. Part of emotional maturity is understanding that we can’t become emotionally mature in a week and carry that title through life. It demands effort and dedication to growing through all stages of life.

If you know what I’m talking about, all of this will make perfect sense to you. If you are confused or would like more information about what these ‘skills’ might be, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

How do you regulate your central nervous system when you’re sad or angry?

Many years ago, I inherited one of my grandmother’s plants: a heavy pot of thick roots and tens of long, robust green leaves with rounded tips. At first, I thought it was an orchid, but after showing it several florists who could not identify it, I decided to love my weird, unknown plant, no matter what it was.

I’ve had this plant for forty years now, and I remember how – just a few days after I moved into my first house – eight gorgeous orange blossoms appeared clustered atop one tall, flat stem. I hadn’t seen the stem growing or noticed any buds, so it was a complete surprise when it arrived on the scene.

Before that day, I had no idea the plant ever bore flowers, and I remember feeling a strong connection with my grandmother, a complicated woman, to whom I was always very close.

Despite the fact that I fed and watered it dutifully, decades passed and my plant never flowered again.

In fact, I kind of forgot that the plant flowered at all…

…until June 2016.

I was moving through a difficult divorce…

…when my plant burst into color for the first time since 1997.

At the time, I posted a photo of it on Facebook, asking if anyone could identify what it was.

Almost immediately, my friend Regina sent me a link about a rare African lily, Clivia Amaryllidceae, which – according to the article – stated that the plant normally blooms once every 20-25 years.

And as you can imagine, I was beside myself and I spent way too much time telling everyone about my amazing rare lily. I loved seeing my plant bloom again, and I made peace with the idea that its beauty would be impermanent.

A week later, as each petal shriveled and fell off the stem and onto the floor, I thought about how grateful I was to have been able to enjoy such a simple pleasure so fully.

I resumed regular care of my lily, which meant watering it on Saturdays, and I figured I’d have to wait another 20 years or so before I’d see it bloom again.

But guess what?

It has bloomed again EVERY SINGLE YEAR since.

So much has happened in the last ten years.

I’ve experienced the most intense physical and psychological pain that I could have ever imagined while coming off the powerful anti-anxiety drug, clonazepam. The terror that I experienced daily for nearly 2 years is almost indescribable. I cannot believe I survived it.

There was a period where my brain was so damaged that the concept of beauty was just a memory of an idea. I could feel nothing at all. If a friend tied to touch me, her hand was too rough. If the sun was shining, it was too bright. If children were laughing, it was too loud. I was certain people were trying to hurt me. I was certain my food had been poisoned.

Trapped in a pain cycle, all the highly paid “experts” told me I was crazy, that it was “absolutely impossible” for me to still be experiencing withdrawal symptoms after 24 months.

And while the best conventional minds told me I was mad, there were others who knew better. People reached out to me and told me that I would be okay. That I just needed to hold on for another moment.

And another moment.

They reassured me that all the tiny moments would add up.

They said the moments would grow into minutes.

Which would grow into hours.

Which would grow into days.

They told me there would be days where I would go backwards, where my symptoms would intensify. They told me it was all part of the healing.

They told me to trust the nature of things.

Nature knows what to do, they told me.

I’ve always believed in angels, and I believe — more than ever – that we are all surrounded by a powerful, invisible magic. I’ve tried to speak of this many times while I was growing up, of my intense connection to something beyond the visible, a cosmic force that I have experienced directly many times, but I was teased and laughed at.

Today, I’m in touch with something beyond this world, something that other people don’t seem to be able to access as easily as I do.

These days, I am certain that my grandmother is communicating with me via this plant that we share, this tender life that we have spent over 100 years nurturing, separately, yet together. Today, she is telling me that I’m on the right path, reminding me that beautiful things happen when we aren’t looking, or waiting, or expecting or trying to control everything.

I know that many of you are going thru something hard right now.

As someone who has been there, I hope you will allow me to share something with you on this most beautiful, sun-filled May day.


You will bloom again, too.


I am so looking forward to Festival Season 2023! I have bins *filled* with brand new work to share, things that aren’t even on my website yet! I hope you’ll check out at my schedule and consider coming to at least one of these amazing venues to support your favorite artists & makers. And if you aren’t local, be sure to find the festivals in your area! We can’t do it without the support of our art patrons!

NOTE: This page will be updated throughout the season, and I will do my best to provide my exact location at each event as soon as that information becomes available.

April 1 & 2
Makers & Shakers Market
140 Lee Road
Buffalo, NY • 10am-5pm

April 27
Figgy Shop & Studio Pop-Up
251 Park Avenue • Rochester, NY • 5pm-8pm

May 5-13 • JOYfilled Online Art Market •
This event takes place in the JOYfilled Facebook Group & it’s a great show for people who live on Pacific Standard Time because as of the vendors are out west! I know it *sounds* weird to do a virtual art show, but this one is top notch! There will be giveaways & treasure hunts, auctions & interviews!  Click HERE to join us! 

May 6
Syracuse Crawfish Festival
100 S. Salina Street • Syracuse, New York • 11am-7pm

May 27
Mind Over Metal Fest • House of Guitars
646 Titus Avenue • Rochester, New York • 1pm-6pm

June 3 & 4
Fairport Canal Days • Fairport NY • 10am-5pm

June 10-11
Keuka Arts Festival •
Keuka Outlet Trail, Penn Yan, NY • 10am-5pm

July 1 & 2
Lavender Festival •
Ol’factory Lavender Farm •
12973 Upton Road, Red Creek, NY • 10am-5pm

July 8 & 9 • 55th Annual Corn Hill Festival, Rochester, NY • 10am-5pm • I’ll be on Frederick Douglas Street in Booth 08-020

July 29 & 30
Spencerport Canal Days • Spencerport, NY

August 5 
Jack Craft Festival • Larkin Square • Buffalo, New York • 11am – 5pm

August 11
Henrietta Summer Concert Series & Art Show • Veterans Memorial Park • 595 Calkins Road, Henrietta, NY 14623 • 4pm-8pm

August 12 & 13
Brockport Arts Festival • Main Street, Brockport, NY • 10am-4pm (*plus after hours music from 4:30pm-10pm)

August 19
Painting Workshop • Talulah’s Fancy Wildflower Farm & Studio • 1076 Rochester Street, Route 15A • Honeoye Falls, NY 14472 • 2-4 PM

NOTE: This workshop is by reservation ONLY and space is limited. Please reach out to Tara at (585) 734-5683 or

September 2
Irondequoit Art & Music Fest • 400 Bakers Park • Rochester, NY • 10-6pm

September 17
Artist Row • Public Market • Rochester, NY • 10-4pm

September 23-24
Remsen Barn Festival • Remsen, NY

November 18-19 • RMSC Holiday Bazaar • Rochester Museum & Science Center • 10-5pm

My website is open 24/7 & I’m happy to fulfill your order! Be sure to use coupon code RASJ10 to save 10% off your purchase of $100 or more.


For the last nine years, in lieu of New Year’s resolutions, I’ve intentionally selected a single word to help guide my focus in the upcoming year.

  • Between 2014-2016, my word was BREATHE. I was in post-acute benzodiazepine withdrawal, and it was all I could do was hold on. I divorced & moved into an apartment. Everything was scary and different. My only goal during those years was to survive.
  • In 2017, my word was HEAL. I painted one piece each day and I’d taken a very part-time job at a local community college helping students with learning challenges. I did whatever I needed to do to support my central nervous system. I did my very first art show where my work was warmly received by the public.
  • In 2018, my word was CREATE. I started a website and began to share what I was making with the world in a more intentional kind of way.
  • In 2019, my word was GROW. I purged old relationships & made space to let in new people. I began singing again & meeting people within the recovery community. I offered emotional support to people coming thru psychiatric medication injuries.
  • In 2020, my word was CLARITY. By the time of the COVID quarantine, I knew that I could handle solitude. I used the varied strategies I learned during withdrawal to help me thru. I realized my strengths and figured out how to marry my interests and skills: writing, art, coaching, organizing and grew my social media platform in an effort to help others. I started writing my memoir.
  • In 2021, my word was PURPOSE. I published my memoir & continued to speak about the harm that is occurring to many people who take prescription psychiatric drugs long-term.
  • In 2022, my word was EXPAND. I made a conscious effort to say ‘yes’ to new opportunities. I was interviewed on several podcasts, and most recently, Nat Kucko did a story on my healing journey that made it to CBS News here in Rochester.

In 2023, my word of the year is COLLABORATE.

In September 2022, I started Square Dancing on Tuesday nights, and having that to look forward to has been life-altering. The community has been warm and welcoming, and I am enjoying learning a new activity that I can engage in for the rest of my life.

That got me thinking about how long it’s been since I’ve felt a sense of connection to something bigger than myself and, in 2023, I want to do more to foster those feelings of friendship and belonging, not only for myself but for others, too.

To that end, I’m excited to announce that I am collaborating with Dr. Kendra Campbell, a holistic psychiatrist who has started a movement called Free Range Psychiatry. Members of The Free Range Fellowship understand that true healing means discovering and addressing the underlying cause of any disease, and not just attempting to medicate away the symptoms. We understand that mental health symptoms are often related to trauma and psychological issues; hormonal and other medical problems; medication side-effects; gut issues; environmental toxins; vitamin deficiencies and imbalances; food sensitivities; as well as other issues. As a result of this collaboration, I will now be able to confidently connect my clients with benzo-wise prescribers who can help them with their tapers! I’m over the moon to be part of this amazing collective of enlightened souls & even more thrilled to be able to offer art classes as well as other offerings to individuals who are willing to learn to live a new way.


Many things are happening behind the scenes that I hope to continue to work on in 2023.

  1. SCREENPLAY – Most of you know that my memoir is available in paperback, ebook & audiobook formats, but you might not know that with the help of my amazing writing partner, Marty Medina, PSYCHiATRIZED has recently been converted into a screenplay! We are so excited about this. I’m working on the next steps, and I promise to report any and all developments on that front as they become available to me.
  2. WEBCAST – In 2022, Scott W. Fitzgerald & I started a weekly webcast called Things I Learned This Week. We met on random Fridays over at RocVox Recording Studio to record our thoughts on topics that range from the banal to the sublime. Frankly, we’ve been happily surprised by the amount of positive feedback we’ve received from people, and we plan to collaborate more in the upcoming year.
  3. FRIENDSHIPS – I’ve worked hard to develop & maintain friendships this year. I’ve been more willing to let go of the people who can’t communicate clearly, aren’t feeding my soul, or just plain don’t show up for me in one way or another. Ending relationships is hard for me, so I’m patting myself on the back for making progress in that area.
  4. WRITING. Aiming for one blogpost a month. Happy I’m feeling inspired to write again!
  5. SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS. I’m speaking to medical students & medical professionals to help them to reconsider their current prescription practices & teach them better protocols to help patients who want to de-prescribe from mood-altering medications.
  6. PERSONAL GROWTH. I’m feeling a desire to do something new in 2023; something that will require me to take a risk and invest time, energy and money on myself. More on that later. Just know I’m excited about this!
  7. TRAVEL. In 2022, I got to explore a little bit of Wisconsin, Chicago and Florida. This year, I’d like to visit Colorado & Oregon! Friends who live in those places, I’m coming for you!

What are you being intentional about in 2023? I’d love to know!

Wishing you all Health & Happiness in the new year & beyond!

Anyone who purchased anything from me in 2022 was automatically entered to win & additional entries were added when people joined my mailing list, liked, shared or commented on certain posts.

This year’s lucky winner is #679:

Erinn Prestige

I met Erinn at the Naples Festival, and I will reach out to her privately to let her know what she’s won!

Okay, big exhale.

I’m off to take a much needed vacation.

See you in 2023.

I am glad to say that 2022 has been good for me, both personally and professionally. Once again, I’m truly grateful to everyone who has lifted me up this year. While I always prefer words, I have to admit this is the one time of the year that I actually like doing a little math.


5,000+ • Rough number of my memoir purchased in paperback & ebook. Honestly, I’ve lost count.

86 – Amazon reviews. (If you’ve read my book & have not yet left a review, it would be a gift to me if you’d write one!)

98 – Audiobook downloads

13,229 – Combined followers on all social media outlets

3,658 – People on my mailing list

350 – Unique pieces of artwork created* this year

949 – Unique sales

12 – Private commissions

121 – Formal ZOOM Conversations with People Experiencing Psychiatric Medication Issues • This number may seem small, but over the last 5 years, I’ve had over many hundreds of conversations with people who have been injured by psych drugs. Tens of thousands identify as being personally injured by SSRIs, benzodiazepines & antipsychotic medications. I continue to offer emotional support to people coming thru prescription psychotropic harm, and I will continue to pull back the curtain to reveal what’s actually happening on this front. It’s my mission to spread awareness and to help grow a radical movement of holistic health consciousness. To the individuals with whom I have spoken in 2022, thank you for sharing your stories with me.

45 – In-person art classes taught

39 – ZOOM art classes taught • Classes resume March 1, 2023. Click HERE if you’d like to learn more.

32 – Memoir classes taught

4 – Interviews • Thanks to August McLaughlin at GirlBoner Radio; Jack & Linda Mazur from Once Shattered Podcast, the folks at Lake Affect Magazine; and Natalie Kucko from CBS Local News for the opportunities to share my story with your listeners. To see them all, click HERE.

          Four-Legged Love

19 – Best selling image: FOUR-LEGGED LOVE

19 – Shows/Festivals • It was a pleasure to have a robust in-person festival season again! This year I showed at: The Powerhouse (Buffalo), Fairport Canal Days, Lavender Festival, Corn Hill Festival, Sharkey’s, Themata, Jack Craft, Long Acre Farm, Lucky Flea, Purple Painted Lady Festival, Naples Grape Festival, Rochester Museum & Science Center, Plowshares Craft Festival (Syracuse), Radio Social,  & Balsam Bagels. I also did my End-of-Year Liquidation Sale virtually via ZOOM.


I’ll be Announcing the Winner of my End of Year Free Art Bundle Giveaway on 12/25/2022 at 1:11PM on Facebook. Anyone who purchased anything from me in 2022 is automatically entered to win & additional entries were added when people joined my mailing list, liked, shared or commented on certain posts.

So far there are 994 entries… but there’s still time to enter! Simply go to and order something. I can guarantee it’s NOT going to get there by Christmas, but you’ll be entered to win right up until 12/25 at 1:10PM EST.


Feel like supporting your friendly neighborhood artist? In 2023, I’m looking to purchase:

  • Liquitex Paint ($225 for 60 tubes)
  • A Vat of Molding Paste ($30)
  • Many Canvases ($600)
  • Large sheets of 1/4″ wood panel for a brand new, super secret project ($30 each)

Feel free to send a donation in any amount to me via Venmo at @rasjacobson or via Paypal . And I’m saying thank you in advance as I truly appreciate each & every gift.

Ask and you shall receive, right?

Which accomplishments are you proud of this year? What are your numbers? Am I the only weirdo who keeps track of things like this?


I’m working on my Annual Year in Review post for 2022, and I am curious about how y’all are doing.

What has worked for you this year? What has gone to pot? What are planning to work on in 2023?

Feel free to share your thoughts here, on Facebook, via DM or email. It always helps me to read your words, and – if you post publicly – chance are, your words will help someone else, too.

And if you leave me a comment, I’ll enter you to into my LAST FREE ART GIVEAWAY of 2022. 


A few times a year, I like to put together a little bundle of goodies which I package up & send out to one lucky person — for free. It will have original work, stickers, a handwritten note & other random stuff.

I’ll be announcing the winner on 12/25/22 LIVE on my Rasjacobson Art FACEBOOK Page at 1:11 PM EST! Anyone who made a purchase in 2022 is automatically entered to win, so if you’d like to find out if you’re the lucky winner, be sure to follow me there! (PS: I’ll also announce a few other totally random facts like who made the first purchase of the year and who made the last purchase of the year, weird trivia like that.)

Also, I’ll be at Radio Social on 12/11 between 11am-3pm for my last Lucky Flea of the year.

Hope to see a bunch of you there.

xoxo Nay

A few night’s ago, right before I went to bed, I thought about how the weather had suddenly changed from bikini season to tree-turn season, and how I haven’t made as much progress as I’d hoped to on my outdoor landscaping project, started back in 2020 during the COVID Quarantine.

“I wish I had three big rocks!” I said aloud before turning over to go to sleep.

The next morning, I woke up and started my daily routine: I made my bed, showered, ate breakfast, laid out all the necessary supplies in anticipation for my first art student of the day.

On that particular morning, I had enough time to go outside to check my mailbox, which is attached to a cluster of several other mailboxes located in front of my next-door neighbor’s house, a short distance down the road.

Freshly showered and wearing only my bathrobe and towel-turban, I’m standing there, barefoot, when I hear the familiar rumble.

For the past month the guys from Greenlight have been in my neighborhood, digging up people’s front lawns so as to install new fiber-optic cable which will ostensibly help to give us faster Internet speeds (as well as give us a choice outside the current near-monopoly held by our current internet provider).

By now, I can anticipate what’s coming: the excavator, the DITCHWITCH drill, the vehicle that holds the enormous spool of blue cable, and several other trucks barrel up the street and stop directly in front of my house, blocking my driveway.

Knowing my client will be arriving a short while later, I walk up the road to have a quick conversation with the head of the crew, who kindly reassures me he will move his gynormous vehicle.

Suddenly, I get an idea.

It can’t hurt to ask, I think.

“Hey,” I say, turning around and calling to the Project Manager, a guy with a thick reddish beard, dark sunglasses and some major muscles. “When you dig, do you ever come across any really big rocks?”

“Big rocks?” the PM asks.

“Like boulders,” I say.

“Boulders?” he asks, shaking his head. “We don’t usually come across those kinds of obstacles in newer neighborhoods.”

I nod and start to back away, careful to hold my robe closed. “Well, if you happen to find any really big rocks, I’d love to have a few for a garden project.”

Back at my house, I continue to think about my unfinished garden project. For months, I’ve considered purchasing a few large rocks from a local landscaper but they were charging hundreds of dollars to have them delivered — and, call me crazy, but I just couldn’t justifying paying exorbitant prices for a slab of fused minerals.

Suddenly, the doorbell rings, and, upon opening the door, I am surprised to see the bearded PM from Greenlight standing there, sunglasses in his huge hand.

“You won’t believe this,” he says. “We just hit a rock. Not quite a boulder, but definitely a big rock.”

I follow the PM outside, the two of us heading toward a pile of dirt on my neighbor’s lawn.

And then I see it.

It’s a rock.

A big one.

Exactly the kind of rock I’ve been hoping for.

Clapping my hands together a little too enthusiastically, I shout: “It’s perfect!” — then add, “Can I have it?”

So PM gathers his crew around and somehow they locate a wheelbarrow (cuz Lord knows I don’t have anything like that in my garage), and it’s game on.

It takes three burly dudes to pick the thing up, which they do — and after depositing it with a loud CLUNK into the old wheelbarrow, they transport it to my backyard, dropping it into the desired spot.

Over the course of the day, the crew come across several additional “big rocks,” which they gladly deposit in my backyard.

“Seriously, this never happens,” the PM insists.

Now, some people might call this a ‘coincidence’ or a ‘stroke of luck’, but I believe in the power of manifestation.

The Law of Attraction knows no bounds — and we really can control a lot by the way we think about ourselves and the world.

The ability to manifest doesn’t happen overnight, but over the last nine years, I have learned to shift my energy, to focus on attracting people who are attracted NOT to the person I used to be, but to the person I am becoming.

These days, I know if I see it and feel it, I will achieve it.

And sometimes, as in the case of those garden rocks, it happens almost immediately.

How do I do this?

– I think clearly about what I want.
– I envision myself getting exactly what I want.
– I write down exactly what I want.
– I say out loud what it is that I want.
– I believe I deserve the thing I want.
– I believe the thing I want is on its way.

Then I practice patience & wait.

And while I may not get everything as quickly as those garden rocks, I receive and acknowledge everything that comes my way with gratitude, no matter how big or how small.

What about you? Got any stories about how YOU are intentionally manifesting your destiny?

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