Ras JacobsA Certified Recovery Peer Advocate with lived experience coming through an extended protracted psychiatric drug withdrawal, I have been offering emotional support to people who have made the decision to come off their psychiatric medications since 2018.

Meetings occur via in-person or via ZOOM, and the first step is to figure out a time that works for both of us.

Assuming our schedules are conducive to conversation, I will send an invoice and request payment for an initial conversation. I offer secure payment via credit card, VENMO or PayPal, whichever you prefer, and our agreed upon meeting time is reserved as soon as I receive payment.

Our first conversation will last longer than subsequent conversations, generally around 75-90 minutes. During our time together, I will ask a lot of questions. I will learn your history and figure out how/why you wound up on benzodiazepines/psych meds in the first place.

I will listen to you carefully and offer some thoughts about where you are in the process and what I believe helped me to heal. Depending on where you are in your healing journey, I may send you some links to articles/websites that may be of use to you.

During our second call, I will share a host of strategies, tips and practices you will want to develop as you come off prescription drugs. You might be doing some of these things already, but there are definitely things that helped me to heal faster and I’ve learned not to assume people know everything I know.

I work with holistic psychiatrist and a team of other mental health providers who understand that true healing means discovering and addressing the underlying cause of any disease, and not just attempting to medicate away the symptoms. We understand that mental health symptoms are often related to trauma and psychological issues; hormonal and other medical problems; medication side-effects; gut issues; environmental toxins; vitamin deficiencies and imbalances; food sensitivities; as well as other issues. As a result of this collaboration, I am now able to confidently connect my clients with benzo-wise prescribers in eleven different states who can help them with their tapers!

If you enjoy speaking together and find the support helpful, we can make future appointments to have additional conversations. These conversations are also 75-90 minutes.

In addition to my coaching services, I offer expressive art classes to individuals who are interested in letting go of their negative self talk & perfectionistic tendencies. Group classes meet Wednesday nights via ZOOM, and the details can be found HERE.

I speak to just one person a day, so I ask that you be patient with me when it comes to coordinating a time to talk.

I hope you will allow me to help you reframe what many start off seeing as an absolutely terrifying experience.

Trust me when I say there is a reason why this is happening to you.

I look forward to speaking with you.

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