So Wrong


In 2013, I asked a few of my blogging buddies to share their most embarrassing moments from which they learned. . . something. You can find my 2013 series on Twitter under the hashtag #SoWrong.

I kicked things off by sharing my own tale of horror and humiliation.

Here’s the deliciously tasty line-up of awesome sauciness:

January 7: Renée Schuls-Jacobson • Fifty Shades of Humiliation Featuring a Guy in a Gray Suit @rasjacobson

Jan 11 – Daniel Friedland author of Down Aisle Ten • “Lessons From a New York Vagrant” @danielfriedland

Feb 8 – Tori Young of The Ramblings  • Romancing the Throne @Toristoptalking

Feb 15 – Jules of Go Jules Go  • “I Love You, But I’m Not In Love With You” @juliedavidoski

March 15 – Peg of Pegoleg •  “True Crime: A Shoplifting Story”

April 12 – Darla of She’s a Maineiac @mainemama70 • “Dear Diary, I Hate You”

May 17 – Misty of Misty’s Laws  • “To Bra or Not To Bra”

May 31  – Margaret Lawrensen of Life in LaRoque “Je Ne Comprends Pas”

June 14 – Jess Witkins of The Happiness Project • @jesswitkins • “The Devil Made Me Do It”

July 19- Blogdramedy • @blogdramedy • “A Corkscrew Made Him Put a Ring On It”

August 16 –Steve of  Brown Road Chronicles • @stevetwarner •  4 #SoWrong Moments @brchronicles

September 13 – Lisha of The Lucky Mom • @lishafink

October 18– Amber West of A Day Without Sushi • @amberwest

November 15 – Kiran of Masala Chica • @kiranferrandino

December 13 – Mary of ateachblemom • @ateachablemom

NOTE: If you would like to share a humiliating moment on your own blog, or if you have already written about one, send the link here! It’s nice to commiserate with others who have survived embarrassment and lived to tell about it.

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