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Maybe I could have pimped this contest more aggressively.

But honestly, I didn’t think anyone was going to design a new header for me.

I prepared to write a conciliatory speech on Thanksgiving Day and then beg TechSupport to fill that space with his mad Photoshop skills. I knew he would demand full creative license and banish me from hovering about while he worked. We would have a power struggle but eventually come to an agreement whereby I would be allowed to check in a three times for 2.2 seconds each — just to make sure he was on the right track. And, of course, he would demand the $25 that I’d promised the winning entrant — but he would negotiate to receive his pay in  iTunes cards.

Thankfully, five people actually entered the contest to design my new header.

And herein lies the problem.

I love all of them.

Seriously. I adore them.

Do you know Steve from Brown Road Chronicles? Steve lives in Michigan where he writes about country living, old houses, dirt roads, raising kids with his hot wife and other amusing anecdotes. He also sings songs that will make you swoon. He made this:

Val Erde from Arty old Bird made two totally different headers. An artist herself, Val is incredibly generous and allows people to use work from her blog, so long as you follow the guidelines regarding attribution listed there. If you are looking for fun posts and fresh images, you will want to visit Val’s place. She made this:

And this:

Jules from Go Jules Go is my sweet chipmunk-loving pal. Even though she was busy getting interviewed by WordPress as a featured Blogger while taking night classes on web design, and living without electricity after Hurricane Sandy, she still had time to hide out in her mother’s house send me this piece of work.

Adding text so you can see the white border.

Then I received entries from two people who said they would prefer to remain anonymous. Can you imagine? No linky-love? No mention of their names on my blog? Just happy to do me a favor. I have great friends.

So I need to thank SuperCoolPerson#1 for this:

And SuperCoolPerson#2 for this:

I want my header to be something that I love and find visually appealing.

And I can’t give everyone the prize or I’ll be in the poorhouse!

I know who my winner is.

I think.

Come back and find out on Thanksgiving Day when that header will be in place.

Unless I screwed up and gave everyone the wrong dimensions. Which would suck.

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