I am not known for my shopping prowess.

My mother-in-law considers me picky.

She isn’t wrong.

I suppose I am selective.

I like to surround myself with things I love, and sometimes it takes a while to find those things.

I would rather go without something than purchase an item that doesn’t feel right.

It has to feel right.


Hubby has put me in charge with decorating The Happy House.

For many women, this would be a dream come true.

For me, decorating a 2nd home is a bit of a chore.

Because we need so many things.

And I want them to feel right.

After many long days searching for the right rug, I started playing around on the Internet.

I found a site called Company C.

And then I saw Yukata.

He was just what I was looking for.

I could tell.

I drove a long way to be sure.

I tried to play it cool, but you know how it is with love.

You can’t fake it.

I fell in love with a 6 x 6 inch square of wool.

Like head over heels.

But it was such a production.

Yukata was not ready.

I would have to be patient.

I made arrangements to receive Yukata 6 weeks later.

This is how men waiting for Internet wives must feel, I decided.

Because my desire was real; my longing excruciating.

The day Yukata was scheduled to arrive, I put on my lip-gloss.

{Okay, it was Chapstick with sunscreen, but still.}

I sat in the driveway for hours, waiting.

Finally, I heard a low rumble and saw the brown UPS truck heading in my direction.

I met the driver at the curb. He hoisted Yukata over his shoulder and followed me to my front door.

Once inside, I noticed the plastic had been slit at the top.

Oh no. I panicked. What if he is damaged? What if he has to go back? I’ve waited so long.

What if there is a restocking fee?

The deliveryman sliced open the plastic.

I thought he might shiver on the cold floor.

But Yukata laid still — waiting for my fingertips.

From the floor, Yukata revealed his beauty.

Good, yes?
Good, yes?

And it was good.

What’s your mojo when it comes to decorating your home? Is it easy for you? Tough? How do you know you are making the right purchase? Have you ever made a costly decorating mistake?

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I did not receive any compensation from Company C for this post. And that is a darn shame. But I’d love another Company C rug. Or a pillow. Or some fabric. Frankly, everything they sell is gorgeous.

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