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People Gave Good Head(er)

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Maybe I could have pimped this contest more aggressively.

But honestly, I didn’t think anyone was going to design a new header for me.

I prepared to write a conciliatory speech on Thanksgiving Day and then beg TechSupport to fill that space with his mad Photoshop skills. I knew he would demand full creative license and banish me from hovering about while he worked. We would have a power struggle but eventually come to an agreement whereby I would be allowed to check in a three times for 2.2 seconds each — just to make sure he was on the right track. And, of course, he would demand the $25 that I’d promised the winning entrant — but he would negotiate to receive his pay in  iTunes cards.

Thankfully, five people actually entered the contest to design my new header.

And herein lies the problem.

I love all of them.

Seriously. I adore them.

Do you know Steve from Brown Road Chronicles? Steve lives in Michigan where he writes about country living, old houses, dirt roads, raising kids with his hot wife and other amusing anecdotes. He also sings songs that will make you swoon. He made this:

Val Erde from Arty old Bird made two totally different headers. An artist herself, Val is incredibly generous and allows people to use work from her blog, so long as you follow the guidelines regarding attribution listed there. If you are looking for fun posts and fresh images, you will want to visit Val’s place. She made this:

And this:

Jules from Go Jules Go is my sweet chipmunk-loving pal. Even though she was busy getting interviewed by WordPress as a featured Blogger while taking night classes on web design, and living without electricity after Hurricane Sandy, she still had time to hide out in her mother’s house send me this piece of work.

Adding text so you can see the white border.

Then I received entries from two people who said they would prefer to remain anonymous. Can you imagine? No linky-love? No mention of their names on my blog? Just happy to do me a favor. I have great friends.

So I need to thank SuperCoolPerson#1 for this:

And SuperCoolPerson#2 for this:

I want my header to be something that I love and find visually appealing.

And I can’t give everyone the prize or I’ll be in the poorhouse!

I know who my winner is.

I think.

Come back and find out on Thanksgiving Day when that header will be in place.

Unless I screwed up and gave everyone the wrong dimensions. Which would suck.

50 thoughts on “People Gave Good Head(er)

  1. Oh my gosh, Renzzz! I don’t know how you’re gonna choose – this is seriously impressive!

    And I’m not just saying that because mine’s up there. Heh. Hey! I think you just commented on my blog at the same time! Oooh.

    1. I mean… I didn’t enter one. I’m humble and anonymous.

      1. This is a serious dilemma. Can I use them all, and just rotate the credit? Oy. I love all of them for different things.

  2. good luck choosing- I vote for Jules

    1. That’s loyalty! I have to come up with a solution. Maybe my Hubby should pick. Or something.

      1. yeah, I would put it on him–good idea

  3. That’s so fantastic that you got so many really great submissions!! Yeah for creative friends.

    Obviously, you know where my loyalties lie. And not just because I am one of her chipmunkalicious friends. Jules’ header wins hands down in my book. But YOU have to choose!! So tough. Good luck. I think you win no matter who you choose. 🙂

    1. Oy. You chipmunk lovers aren’t making this easy for me. Your voting. And it’s not fair because the other people are anonymous. They can’t even get any skin in the game. I’d really love to use them all for different times. I wonder how I can make this work. Suggestions? There was $25 at stake.

      1. Ok, so while I am loyal to my friends, I would have picked Jules’ or Brown Road’s even if I had no idea who did them. They are the best, in my opinion. Here’s what you do….pick a name out of a hat (or have hubs pick it) to give the prize to, and then have your favorites rotate. I’m sure Tech would be able to figure out how to make that happen. Because you know if your hubs picks one, it’ll be the one with all the cleavage. Which is fine, cuz that’s Jules’, but just know what you’re getting into. 😉

        You’ve won like a bajillionty blog contests… are you not a pro at knowing what to do? Jeesh!! 🙂

  4. I like #1 or #4, mostly because they have actual file folders. (Plus, it’s nice to have more than one photo.) Really though, you should go with whichever one you like best. No one looks at your blog more than you.

    1. An interesting take. So you are a visual kind of gal. You must be hating on that grass up there. I know I have been, and it’s been there since September. I’m just so amazed at everyone’s mad skills. I could never do this. There are layers involved in this stuff.

      1. I pretend I only go to blogs for the writing, but in truth I gravitate to pretty writing AND pretty pictures. The grass is not my favorite, but I don’t know you well enough to even take a stab at it. My first thought was “FIRE!” but my second thought was “Roast marshmallows on fire!” So… I wouldn’t go with any of my ideas.

  5. I think Tech Support should choose.

    1. I’m making Hubby do it. Tech knows who did all of the entries. Not fair.

  6. They’re all impressive just like you

    1. Awwwww. Thanks cuz. That is a nice thing to say. 😉

  7. I think you should have a contest and let us all vote and then give us all prizes for caring so much. 😉

    1. I swear if I won eleventeen bajillion cents, I would totally spread it equally among my favorite bloggers. You would definitely get some of the cents for sharing all your sense with me. Oh. Did you see what I did there? How I played with that homophone? 😉

  8. I love all of the, I don’t know. I don’t know how you’re gonna pick!

    1. I’m making Hubby do the picking. He is getting involved with this blog. Starting now. (Then everyone can be mad at him.)

      1. as I look more, my gut says 1.

  9. Wow, I completely missed this. Probably for the best. I have several drafts of new headers for my own site sitting in a folder marked “Unbearable to look at.”

    1. How did you possibly miss this? Oh yeah, you were doing that thing. You know, taking care of a new person. 😉

  10. You have THE BEST readers. And so many good choices. Can’t wait to see which one you choose!

    1. I’m leaning heavily. But I’m going to make Hubby choose. Probably. Then everyone can be mad at him. Or love him. One or the other. 😉

  11. I think I like Jules’ the best. I know you are obsessed with your hotness, who wouldn’t be, but it looks nice and presents your theme. I would switch out one of the black dress pics (the one with the least cleavage) for that geeky sparkly glasses one. Wouldn’t mind seeing what Tech could do.

    1. p.s. Congrats on you Fresh Press!

    2. See that’s the thing. If I have to take them “as is” there is a lot of booby going on in Jules’ photo. All that cleavage is even making me uncomfortable. Plus, that is not how I usually dress. Anyone who knows me knows I’m all covered up. Those pictures were taken for my son’s bar mitzvah: a once in a lifetime thang. I’ll never look like that again. Like ever. I’d hate to go to a conference and have someone say: Whaaaat? You totally don’t look like you. I would go in the corner and cry. I’m the geeky girl in the jeans.

      Tech created the prototype on the original post. It was all flashy and crazy. It gave me a headache. He’s out.

      1. How about your St. Pauli Girl Look?

  12. Ah! I like them all, too! The hot girl/ long name one is pretty clever!

    1. I know! Isn’t that fun! 😉 Val is great! You should check her out! Her art is amazing!

  13. HA! How about a rotating schedule for all the cool headers? They’re all lovely 🙂

    1. But I promised $25 to the winner. What do I do, give everyone $5? That’s weird. Or should Val get more because she sent several? I’ve created a conundrum.

  14. These are gorgeous! Any one of them will be just stellar! Looking forward to the reveal!

    1. Me too! I’m making Hubby pick. I can’t do it. He’ll have to explain his logic for the one he selects.

  15. You’re right – they are all fabulous! I have two favorites and can’t wait to find out which one you choose! So fun – what a great idea and what awesome friends and followers you have.

    1. I think I’m going to have to stay up really late and try each of them in the space and see how each one looks. Seriously. This is kind of rough. I’m going to make Hubby pick.

      1. Good thinking! Making hubby pick is the way to go. Or you could really stretch this out and let your readers choose! All good!

  16. Kathy’s idea of using them all on a rotating schedule is brilliant. The file folders in Jules’ header are very cool and you can keep changing the photos in the frames if you want. Lots of options!

    1. But I offered up $25 to THE winner. So what do I do? Offer everyone $5? Or does Val get more because she made more. Or is there some way to link a header to a specific page, so I could use them all? Le Clown uses multiple headers somehow. I may have to ask him how he does that. But something tells me he pays a lot more for his blog than I do. 😉

  17. Alright Renee, I’ve been avoiding commenting because of that whole tricky conflict of interest thing. But obviously this is a serious dilemma! Look, we’re all big boys and girls here… just man-up and pick one… then tell us your husband picked it. No, I’m joking… seriously, no one is gonna be offended when you pick mine… uhhh… I mean when you pick the best choice for the absolute future of your blog and the success of your writing career and the future of your family’s financial well-being. No, I’m joking…. seriously… and don’t worry about the $25 prize. Seriously, I didn’t even know that was part of the deal until today. Really, I didn’t! I just sent in a entry for fun and with the chance to be linked to one of the coolest blogs on WordPress! So, if you happen to find my entry the best choice, please write a $25 check to a food pantry of your choice in Rochester or around there somewhere. There’s lots of people that need $25 more that me!

    1. Steve: You are incredibly generous. I might have a cool solution. Because I love them all so much! But thank you so much for being so awesome. I can’t believe your generosity of spirit. Actually, that’s a lie. I can. Because Julie has said the same thing. Bloggers truly are the best community.

  18. I guess I am a little late getting to the party … Well, there are some good choices in there Renee, personally, I like the visual appeal of the bottom one, SuperCoolPerson#2, but then again Jules file folders work well …

    Ohh I am not sure if that helps, but I hope it does 🙂

    1. Hi Colin! I think I might have a cool solution. Maybe. I’ll just have to figure out how it works by Thursday. Thank goodness TechSupport doesn’t have school tomorrow! 😉

  19. I like all of them. More than anything else it’s wonderful that so many people gave their efforts to come up with their best to make your blog look different and beautiful. That’s what I like a lot about this blogging community. It feels like we all live under the same umbrella.

    1. That’s exactly it, isn’t it? I feel so fortunate right now. This is the most wonderful blessing — to have real life friends and friends online who are so open and willing to just make stuff for me. How cool is that? I love bloggers. Truly, I wish I had long enough arms to give everyone in this blogosphere a big hug. Thanks, Arindam. *gently touches you on your cheek*

  20. Good luck trying to pick one. After you pick one, please someone make me one. I am sick to death of my header.

    1. Darla, you have sooooo many readers. I’ll bet you’d get a zillion entries. (Just not from me.) Also, I suck at pimping my contests and you are good at that, too. I have definitely learned writers wanna write. 😉

  21. Miss Renee, I can’t believe I missed your Freshly Pressed self being all Freshly Pressed! I’ve been in such a mope lately, it’s pathetic. Congrats, belated but no less sincere – whoop, whoop, whoop!

    And I like all your suggested headers. When your talented designers get done with Darlonica, send them my way, ok?

    1. Pego! I understand one needs to be absent once in a while. But I’m so excited for you and your upcoming show! What are those things that I was talking about? Are they pins? If so, I want one! How much? How much? 😉

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