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A Little #HanukkahHoopla

Immediately after Thanksgiving, the blogosphere became crammed with posts about How to Find the Perfect Christmas Tree, and Elves on Shelves & What To Get Your Man for Christmas and lots of stuff about Why We Need To Keep Christ in Christmas.

And that’s all cool and everything.

Except I thought: I want some #HanukkahHoopla!

So, I telepathically contacted Jewish bloggers from across the globe.


No, seriously, I am good, but I can’t do that!

But with a little networking via Twitter, I was able to connect with fifteen other Jewish bloggers, each of whom agreed to write something Hanukkah-ishy.

Taken together, you will see we represent a broad range of Jewish experience.

Some of us are Reform. Others are Conservative. Some are Orthodox. Some of us have converted to Judaism.

Two of us are rabbis!

Some of us keep kosher; others, not so much.

We have enjoyed getting to know each other, and this was truly a group effort.

So look for our button.

This is the button!

And leave us comments that will make us kvell.


Because we are fortunate to have sponsorship for our series! Streit’s and Mama Doni**, the lead singer/songwriter of The Mama Doni Band, have provided each of us with a little #HanukkahHoopla gift pack including:

•Mama Doni’s 2011 Parents’ Choice Award-winning CD, Shabbat Shaboom
•a Mama Doni poster
•a Download card for free Mama Doni songs (1 Chanukah song and 1 Passover song)
•a Bag of Streit’s chocolate Hanukkah gelt.

(**Note: That’s Mama Doni doing her thing in the video above. Isn’t she cute?)

I don’t mean to point out the obvious but that’s sixteen chances to win, people!

You’ll find more information about winning our #cyberswag on individual blogs.

So look for our button.

If you click on it, you should will be magically transported by Jewish unicorns to this page and then you can figure out who has posted and who will be posting next.

For those of you on Twitter, look for the hashtag #HanukkahHoopla because we’ll be tweeting each others’ tushies off between December 20-28.

Below is the schedule for who will be posting and when as well as everyone’s Twitter handle. You can comment on anyone’s blog all the way until the end of the 2011. Winners will be posted on our own blog pages, but they will also be posted here!

Chappy Chanukkah!

Candle 1:

12/20 Leah’s Thoughts @leahs_thoughts Winner: Caryn Statman

12/20 Ima On (and Off)The Bima @imabima Winner: Lisa Goldstein

Candle 2:

12/21 Nina Badzin’s Blog @ninabadzin Winner: Lisa Aronauer

12/21 Diary of a Paper Princess @RishonaMyers Winner: Cari Chartock

Candle 3:

12/22 The Monster in Your Closet @deb_bryan

12/22 Kvetchmom @jlweinberg Winner: Paprika Furstenburg

Candle 4:

12/23 Lessons From Teachers and Twits @rasjacobson Winner: Allison Greenhouse Bronstein

12/23 Life in The Married Lane @rivkisilver – Winner: Meghan @aMegaliLife

Candle 5:

12/24 TheJackB @thejackb

12/24 Erin Margolin @erinmargolin Winner: Andrea Bates @GoodGirlGoneRed

Candle 6:

12/25 These Little Waves @galitbreen Winner: AskDoc

12/25 CiaoMom @ciaomom – Winner: Meryl Ain

Candle 7:

12/26 The Culture Mom @theculturemom Winner: Gigi Gervits Schwartz

12/26 I wish my mom @sharistein – Winner : Sara Hawkins

Candle 8:

12/27 Frume Sarah’s World @frumesarah Winner: Bible Belt Sarah

12/27 Aprons & Blazers @OpenRoadMama Winner: Danielle Kolko

Congratulations to all our winners, and thanks to all our readers!

55 thoughts on “A Little #HanukkahHoopla

  1. Way to represent! The other day I was thinking about asking for some guest posters to write about different celebrations. Now I can just link to you!

    (no prize necessary)

  2. Renee, I wanted to share a little Hanukkah story of my own, even though I grew up celebrating Christmas. I’ve been suffering from a serious case of the Rochester creeping crud and am only feeling well enough to be able to think through the flood in my head. So, this is a promise to share it with you in a few days because I love Hanukkah!

  3. I don’t know much about Hanukkah–in typing this comment, I just realized I didn’t even know how to spell it–so I’m looking forward to learning more about it. Thanks for doing this!

    1. TJ: There are actually several accepted ways to spell Hanukkah, Chanukkah, Hanukah. Maybe more. I just know never two “n’s”– that would be awful!

      That said, there is a lot to learn about Hanukkah. But like everything in religion, everything depends on how it is interpreted. It is actually a very minor holiday as it is not mentioned in the Torah, but it has great significance: some see it as a place to remember G-d’s little miracles; others see it as a way to show Jewish strength and fighting spirit because of the Macabees refusal to stop practicing their religion, even when threatened. There are other lessons, too.

      Let’s wait for the others to weigh in. 🙂

  4. I make my kids play Dreidel every year because that is what I did growing up in Connecticut. I miss being able to celebrate both holidays in school.

  5. I know it’s silly and irreverent, but I love the SNL song “Christmastime for the Jews.” Not only is it a really catchy song, it has an affectionate tone you don’t expect from a lot of their songs.

    Oh, and Chag Urim Sameach!

    1. Irreverent is fun! Especially when it comes to such a minor holiday. But it important to always show gratitude. And I am grateful for the strong Jews who refused to stop practicing their faith despite the pressure and constant pressure to assimilate.

  6. So glad I read this post despite the mountain of grading on my desk right now!

    Despite being a shiksa, I am somehow in charge of all things Jewish in our household. Mind you my grandfather was an Episcopalian priest mind so despite attending many bat/bot mitzvahs while attending Country Day, the school where Renee used to teach, I have little experience in the practice of Judaism. These responsibilities include but are not limited to: remembering to add all the major Jewish holidays to the family calendar that I make on iphoto each year, reminding my Husband when the various holidays are what needs to be cooked for each holiday (I try to add a new one each year so far I have Hanukah, Rosh Hashanah, and Passover covered), and teaching my son Gibson’s 3-year-old preschool class about Hanukah on Thursday (luckily with the help of my truly Jewish husband).

    Bring on the Hanukah Hoopla!


    1. My sweet Sarah!

      I am crying as I read your words. It’s been a difficult day. (I’ll send you a PM in Facebook.) Please know you are doing such a good job! How could you do anything less? You have always been an amazing person. You can do anything you set your mind to. You could kick butt on the field and the classroom. You have grown up to be so strong and beautiful – inside and out. I know you and your hubby will create a meaningful experience for G.

      And I’ve got news for you, you are doing more than a lot of people who are Jewish by birth. I think it is wonderful that you are creating new traditions in your family. Sending you much cyber-love.

      You MPCDSers will always melt my heart.

  7. Well I’m the first to admit that my faith system sits firmly in the “airy-fairy” parts of the spectrum, but I’ve always been interested in learning more about life and Lor dknows I could learn more about religion!

    So I’m looking forward to reading these posts and that groovy song was an excellent way to begin!

    Very well gathered Renée, you certainly do know how to draw a crowd. 🙂

    1. Good morning Christian! I think you are sleeping down-Under. Or very awake. Either way, there are two very different posts today. One is a craft for children to get excited about Hanukkah.

      Little kids really like glitter!

      And the other is about philanthropic opportunities available to people: organizations started by Jewish people that help folks all over the world. Kind of cool! 😉

  8. Ran over from These Little Waves @galitbreen to see the mastermind behind the Hannukah Hoopla! I have loved seeing my holiday on Twitter this season, thanks for all of your efforts. Beautiful posts and some great traditions to add to my own.

    1. So glad you are here! We tried to add a little Hanukkah into the mix. I hope your 8 lights were lovely. Isn’t it weird how connected we all are? The blogoshere feels so vast and yet, somehow — as in everything else — we are all only a few degrees of separation apart. And don’t you just love Galit? 😉 Look for us for #PassoverPalooza.

      Just kidding.


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