Adolescence: Another Taste

In honor of National Poetry Month, I’m committing poetry.

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While other girls, afraid

of their own soft hands hid

behind masks, under rocks, dreamed

of  boys in tight Levi’s

we met under a rotting pavilion

after roller-skating:  Neither of us knew how

to start so he stretched out, nervously

into my lap, settled

into thighs, exposed earlier

only to the hands of the sun.

His chest was jasmine

and we pressed together

silent, holding

our breath, in my hands

a slender purple flower.

Later, the girls squealed, begged

to hear about a single snake

pressing against the temple door

but I had learned to hold hands

with the night, listen

to the lunatic song of crossing winds,

to admire purple flowers

without words.

What do you remember about your first time? Or how do you wish it went?

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22 thoughts on “Adolescence: Another Taste

  1. I remember my first time but I think yours sounds like it was a little nicer. I wasn’t very familiar with all the holes in my body. For crying out loud, I couldn’t even put on a tampon till I was 21. So yeah, I hope he got it in the right hole is all I remember thinking.

  2. I remember my first time, with my husband-to-be, in a motel in that we’d snuck off to in college. It was awkward but sweet. That’s what I remember. My husband-to-be was my first and my only until I was divorced.

    1. Awkward but sweet is a good way to put it. This isn’t actually true. I was trying to create a moment. We hadn’t really been really roller-skating. We were in a car. So wheels were involved. I love that your first husband was your first. Maybe a better question for you is what was your first experience with a second lover like? 😉

  3. I honestly don’t really remember the first time which is kind of surprising as there has only been two “partners.” I do remember getting very close one evening with the girl I dated in high school. We waited until the summer after first year of college. We ended up stopping as we were not prepared. The next day she went out and got birth control pills with her mom. Gotta give kudos for being responsible! I do remember the first time with my wife (college girlfriend at the time). Lots of booze involved, neither one of us should probably have been trying to have sex! 🙂

    1. Well, let’s just say the first time was funny. Like waaaaaay funnier than this poem implies. We were in a car for goodness sakes. That said, dark days came later, so I’m grateful for the fun that came first.

    1. Not even the tiniest hint, Lynn? This poem is pretty fictionalized. My first time, I was in a car! No, we were not roller-skating, but there were wheels involved. And in poetry you can take liberties! LOL! Okay, pretend it was going to be your first time. What do you dream it could be like? 😉

  4. Sweet, awkward, underwhelming and overwhelming simultaneously – that’s how I’d describe my first time. Renee – your poetry is breathtaking. I don’t know anything about poetry, but your words stir emotions and images in me in a big way. Lovely and intriguing – congrats!

  5. That was gorgeous! I remember my first time. It was the exception to the rule, in part, I think, because I waited longer than many of my friends.He was French, from Grenoble, stationed in the US for a year with HP. He gentle, slow and passionate. Though we talked of marriage, I have no regrets he was my first, but not my forever lover.

  6. My first time? Define “first time”. 😉

    Without too much detail, my ‘foray’ began with my naughty next door neighbor when she and I were in 4th grade. It continued through 6th. But you’ll be pleased to know (well, I assume you’ll be pleased…hah) that was all heavy (pre-BDSM) petting along with ‘muffled moans’ so as not to get caught. However, I lost my virginity on Halloween night (ironically) at 17 yrs old, and because she was quite “experienced”, everything went extremely well for 2-3 hours. I’ll never forget it….wow. I was a happy camper!

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