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Below My Husband’s Belt

My husband might divorce me.

Because I wrote about his man-biscuits.

Yup, I wrote about my husband’s balls.

And you can read all about them too — at Aiming Low.

Because obviously, I aimed below the belt.

Click HERE to read “How My Husband’s Vasectomy Almost Killed Me.”

Note: This is my first post at Aiming Low and I really want to impress, so I’d love it if you would leave a comment over there.

But please come back and offer me a creative PG-rated suggestion regarding what I might do make things up to the Spouse.

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23 thoughts on “Below My Husband’s Belt

  1. This was classic. Loved every word, Renee. My husband had the Big Snip done too right after our second baby was born. Every time he started to whine I’d throw a bag of frozen peas at him, put my hand up and say, “wait a second…I have had five surgeries, three of them major, one was eight inches across and required staples. And you think a vasectomy is bad?!”

  2. The things really are in the way and a discomfort when engaged in certain activities like bronco busting at the rodeo. It would be great to do everything you can do with them without them.

  3. Reporting in after checking it out – fun site and great post, Renee. Maybe when you said you were going to write about his balls, he thought it was going to be more of a tribute?

  4. That post was awesome! Hopefully your hub won’t take two weeks to recover from it 😉 If it seems like that might be the case, well… would he care for a slap bracelet?

      1. *gasp* I should have thought twice before leaving that comment. *blush*

        BTW, Peg, I saw you’re now watching American Gypsies! I’m so proud! I’ll send you some bleach for your teeth.

        1. Also BTW, Peg, that blogger you wrote about today! AMAZING! OMG! I was trapped in a basement with very spotty WiFi, but I caught that post. Fantastic. Thank you for sharing that “Bloggy Shout Out.” How did you ever find that crafty critter? I loved her cut out of Myndi Schaffer! LOL!

    1. That’s what I had to tell you! I FINALLY did what you told me to do! So thank you for making me realize it’s good to write at other sites for the ole resume. And that post was fun. You know like getting a vasectomy. 😉

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