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It took many years from me to heal my brain after withdrawing too quickly from clonazepam, a powerful anti-anxiety drug.

How I wished there was someone I could see and talk to who had been through the experience!

I promised that if I ever got to the other side of this injury that I would do something to give back to those who are still struggling.

To that end, I am joining forces with Reverend Heather Elizabeth of Bye Bye Benzos, and the two of us will be co-facilitating a one-hour ZOOM call to talk about our stories as well as information about some of the modalities that helped us — and continue to help us — as we move through complicated trauma.

Participants may join with or without video at 11AM EST, but we must be able to see your real name. (People with “nicknames” will not be allowed into the call.)

Heather and I will join the meeting at 11:11AM EST.

The ZOOM call is 100% free, and there will be an opportunity for Q & A.

If you are interested in joining us, please go to Rasjacobson Art, LIKE my page & click GOING or INTERESTED and you will receive the link & the password on the morning of the event.

In the meantime, you can hear more about my story HERE and HERE & hear Heather’s story here HERE.

4 thoughts on “BENZO CONNECT CALL via ZOOM ON 10/13

  1. I too am healing from a benzo injury. I plan to attend if I am able. I could share some of my experiences if you’d like. I first connected with you through the support groups.

    1. Hi Diane! I just so happen to be sitting at my computer when your message came through. I have sent you a reply via email. Looking forward to meeting you via ZOOM.

  2. Hey… I’ll be attending (the link to RSVP doesn’t work for me). It’s too easy for post-benzo people to withdraw so it’s wonderful to see an invitation like this. Looking forward to it.

    1. Andrea, I just tried to fix the link to my FB event. In any event, please be sure to CLICK there as that is how I will know to invite people to the event with the link on the morning of 10/13. Looking forward to seeing your face there!

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