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This photo was taken on July 30, 2013.

I was in Florida with my (then) husband.

We were out to dinner with his cousin when the world tipped sideways.

This is not an exaggeration.

The world suddenly shifted, and it would not be right again for 36 months….

• • •

So many people have been reaching out to me, asking for help. They want to know what my life was like before benzos, how much I was taking, for how long, how I weaned, how fast, what my withdrawal was like, how long the symptoms lasted, and what my life is like now.

I can only speak to so many people a day, and it’s never enough.

And that is why I decided do something completely different.

I’m sharing the full story of my battle with benzodiazepines at Patreon.

And you get to read the story as I’m writing it.

It’s taken me nearly 4 years to kick benzos’ ass!

You will too!

• • •

If you’d like to read more, contribute to MY PATREON PAGE at For $1 per month, you can read all about my story. I will post relevant art, writing & videos at least 4 times a month.

Please help me share my story!



  1. A courageous effort and unselfish as we put forth our challenges in that other people may draw strength from our experience, strength and hope in recovery. I attend two 12-Step programs for alcohol and some drug use. I cannot state the programs’ names because it is a well respected tradition that they remain anonymous in all public media.

    I still functioned which helped me deny the seriousness of my problem although I knew I had a problem. Got high and/or drunk every day for 45 years. Clean and sober now 15 years 3 1/2 months. The best thing about sobriety is that I am available for those who may depend upon me. It is also enjoyable that I now have pursued my talents in areas of art and cartooning. In the matter of addiction in all its forms it is never cured. We must manage it just like blood pressure or diabetes. We remain in professional therapy if we so choose, attend meetings with people in recovery, support each other and develop an intense relationship with our higher power. We work the steps.

    I would offer that it is prudent not to share intimacies with persons, places or things if they may bring harm to ourselves or others in our lives and that should merit intense reflection. Also consider legal repercussions that our disclosures may initiate . Those are best shared with a sponsor but of course that is for you to decide.

    1. Carl, I’m not following you regarding what you’re saying in the last paragraph. My story is my own. I accept some responsibility for not recognizing what was really bothering me and, instead, turning to a psychiatrist for help. That being said, our culture teaches us that doctors are supposed to help us. I trusted my doctor and, guess what? He turned out to be a fancy drug pusher, no better than the guy on the corner selling a dime bag. I had no idea. Now I see thru it all, thru the veil. So many people self-medicate with drugs, alcohol, gambling, shopping, work, business. Like you, I have found peace with writing and painting. I’m feeling centered and at peace. I don’t need much, and I’m charging $1 per month for people to read my words. I think I’m worth it.

        1. Thank you. I’m so enjoying seeing your cartoon again. Thank goodness. That healing was YEARS! The worst thing about benzodiazepines is it takes YEARS to get them out of your system. I watched people come off heroin and alcohol in rehab, and they were FINE in 45 days…at least in terms of their health. Benzos don’t work like that. Doctors have to understand how this particular class of drugs works. I can’t believe I survived it.

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