Wordless Wednesday

Berries on the Vine: Wordless Wednesday


Are these berries edible? Or poison?

Passing by, I couldn’t help but notice the delicate blue berries and their red stems.

What’s caught your attention lately?

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9 thoughts on “Berries on the Vine: Wordless Wednesday

  1. The sunshine, the weak winter sunshine… I don’t think I have ever noticed how low it is in the winter sky, its low arc as it passes through the southwestern sky. I knew, intellectually, about the tilting of the earth in the winter. It wasn’t until a few years ago, when my husband showed my a physical representation with his hands, that I truly understood how the tilt moves the earth’s northern hemisphere away from the sun. I am a kinesthetic learner, which is how I learn music but that’s another story…

    I had always noticed that the horizon illuminated by the sun’s rising is different, summer and winter. Only a few days ago did I notice how the sun barely clears the evergreens of the park and the barn’s roof to the south. I’m not sure why it has taken this long to see this. We have lived here nearly twenty years. Perhaps it is the house renovation and larger windows added to the south and west sides of the house that reinforced my husband’s astronomy lesson. Whatever it is, I feel like people of old who kept track of the sun’s coming and going, wondering where it went, how it went, what it meant, and praying for its return.

    1. Isn’t it amazing, how you can see something you’ve never seen before? I recently had something like this happen to me – something was revealed to me that I’d never noticed before and I was stunned, truly. Thank you for sharing your response.

    1. That’s what struck me. The vine seemed to be holding onto the white wall. It’s positively freezing outside, but somehow these berries were amazingly resilient. Kinda cool, huh? Thanks for commenting, Nina. I’ve kinda lost my audience these days, which is okay. I expected it because I’m not dreaming of writing a book anymore, but — still — it’s a little quiet around these parts compared to the ole days. Thanks for sicking with me.

  2. OH COME ON Renee! You totally photoshopped those colors into the pic, or I bet you took a little paint-brush and painted those beautifully vivid colors on each of the berries and those vines with your high-powered bifocals! Yeah, because you are so artsy and creative! 😉


  3. Thanks for posting that vibrant winter-scape photo. I love plants that share their beauty in different ways throughout the seasons. I believe it is Virginia Creeper. Nice to look at, but to eat… not so much.
    I lost track of your blog for a while. It’s great to see you posting regularly again! Welcome back.

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