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Scorpios: Were You Born This Way?

I am, without a doubt, a Scorpio.

Scorpios are tough.

People either love us or hate us.

Like the mythical Scorpion, people born under the sign of Scorpio are strong-willed.

Every Scorpio I know is a powerhouse. We don’t like to be controlled by others.

Astrologists say that Scorpios tend to function as agents of purging, not only on a personal level but on the collective level as well.

It is safe to say that if I don’t feel something is right, I won’t shut up about it.

I will challenge you about it.

I will call you out and wrestle you to the mat.

This relentlessness can be a good thing, but I have also been blamed for my need to bring uncomfortable issues to the surface. I don’t get involved to cause trouble. I get involved in an effort to find solutions and heal.

But Scorpios aren’t always the most tactful.

Like the scorpion that kills itself rather than letting someone else kill it, Scorpios are determined, and once we’ve made up our minds we are unlikely to change them.

We can be self-destructive.

You know how Mick Jagger sang: “You can’t always get what you want”?

That’s because he isn’t a Scorpio.

Scorpios always get what they want.

I have to admit, I tend to be am stubborn.

Once, I worked on a Committee.

Here is what I learned.

I cannot work on a Committee.

Committees are too slow for me.

People on committees have to talk about things for eleventeen hundred bajillion years and I just cannot stand that. In addition, I refuse to give up when others have long since gotten bored, decided to move on, or abandoned a project.

I can’t do that.

When I am invested in something, I give it all of me. I don’t care about the money or the lack of it. I just need to see the project through. I have tried to not be a completion-oriented renegade.

I can’t help it; it is written in the stars.

Or something.

Scorpios draw people to them.

How much do I want this coat?

That’s because we are intelligent hot.

Because everyone knows Scorpios are considered the most passionate symbol in the astrological chart.

Astrologists say Scorpios enjoy competition and challenge. That we aren’t satisfied with moving along at half-speed or lowering our abilities to allow people with lesser skills to beat us.

I move at full court press hummingbird. I am fast-talking and fast walking. You’d better get those synapses firing if you want to be with me.

I have six games of Words With Friends going on concurrently. And let’s be clear. When we play? We are not friends.

I am trying to destroy you.

As friends and lovers, Scorpios are loyal and devoted. Touch my people, and I will find the closet sharp instrument and spear you.

Because Scorpios can hurt people.

What can I say? I’m a Scorpio; sometimes I sting.

Ironically, while Scorpios can wound, we are also about healing: ourselves and the world.

In nature, if a scorpion loses its tail, it can heal itself by growing a new one. Cool right? Well, Scorpios are about regeneration, too.

Harry Potter fans, you remember the Phoenix, right? Remember how it regenerated itself from the ashes of its death and rose into the sky, reborn. The most highly evolved Scorpios aspire to be the Phoenix, to rise above the ordinary world and into something extraordinary.

While out for Chinese food last night. This is the fortune that was placed in front of my plate:

Scorpios have big dreams, and they tend to get things done.

So my Scorpio-ishness will make sure that one day I will have a published book.

In the meantime, I will transform my weaknesses into strengths to help others.

And I will use my words to bring people up rather than tear them down.

I will wife and mother, daughter and sister. And teacher and friend.

And I will undoubtedly twit from time to time.

Because I am a Scorpio; that’s the way I roll.

And yeah, today is my birthday. I’m 44.

What’s your sign? And how well do you fit your astrological profile? Do you believe in this shizz? Or do you think astrology is for the birds?

70 thoughts on “Scorpios: Were You Born This Way?

  1. I too am a scorpion and have spent my life being misunderstood but continue to passionately endeavor to do the right thing by my family and society. I agree with every word you have written about scorpios. We are wonderful people if you take the time to try and get close; but those who are frightened by us or can’t be bothered to make the effort will have missed a fantastic opportunity. I challenge everyone to go out a find a scorpio and make a friend of them. Your life will be greatly enriched by the relationship.

  2. BTW, my son is a Scorpio and one of the coolest kids out there. And as hospital clinician, in nine years my all-time favorite patients (barring one Saggitarian) were ALL Scorpios. Once misread the date on one of them, took him for a Saggi, then later realized I was wrong. He was a Scorpio too. You folks rock.

  3. Well golly! Happy birthday my dear! I didn’t know those personality traits of a Scorpio. They are hot. And it’s not like you can fight with the stars is it? I mean…unless you’re a Scorpio.

  4. Wouldn’t want you any other way, babe! (I didn’t know Scorpios got such a bad rap.) We are shaped early on, for sure — genetics, stars, environment. Now it’s time to celebrate what we love about ourselves and eject what we don’t. Aren’t I so wise? I must be something good on the astrology wheel…

  5. Happy Birthday Renée! A great celebratory post, with so much to appreciate in such a wonderful person. Kinda makes me wish I was a Scorpio myself – if I wasn’t so proud of being a Ram…

    1. Christian! Are you an Aries! Aries and Scorpios have a very interesting relationship. We are drawn together because of our opposite energy.

      Most of my friends are either Aries or Scorpios.

      But when Aries and Scorpio get together: Oy! They are a DISASTER when it comes to the love department. Check out the video if you didn’t see it!

      It’s really good we are friends. 😉

  6. Well, I don’t always place too much stock in astrology (that may be because I’m a Cancer and they say we Cancers are notorious for not completing things).

    Wait a minute, wasn’t I going to say something? Oh, yeah. My husband is a Scorpio and, I must admit, you have very accurately described him here – how interesting! Maybe I will check into astrology a little more often now…
    Oh, and have a very happy birthday!

  7. Um… I thought I was a Libra.

    But I sound a lot like this Scorpio.

    Of course, astrological signs, depending on where you read them, often contradict themselves, making sure to get something right.

    And you totally nailed my stubbornness, my competitiveness, my protectiveness…

    Then again, I tend to gravitate toward those who refuse to deal with the BS others seems to thrive on.

    No wonder we’re frybers.

    Happy birthday, my friend.

  8. I, too, am a Scorpio! This sums me up fairly perfectly. Happy birthday my fellow Scorpio and teacher. (i’ve been silently following your blog for a while now. thanks for letting me.)


    I’m a Sagittarius, I think. I may be that new sign that no one knows anything about that was released a couple of years ago… I don’t put much stock in it, however.

    Wikipedia says the following things about Sagittarians:
    – Easy ability to modify or adapt
    – Temperate qualities which loosen, relax and expand
    – Like all the fire signs, Sagittarius can be idealistic in vision but tactless in expression.
    – Higher Intelligence
    – They can also be a little inarticulate, caring more about making their point, than the elegance of the style in which it is made.

    Having read that, I would have to say that I do fit in to my sign fairly well.

    1. Eric: My dad is a Sagittarius and we get on fabulously. He is mellow and kind. As are you, my friend. We could definitely table together.

      I promise I would never sting you.

      I cannot promise, however, that I would not get up and dance on the table at some point during our time together. 😉

  10. I’m right there with you in the land of Scorpions; however, I love the cold weather and hate the heat!

    As I read your post, I noticed that I was nodding my head in agreement… yes, you’ve nailed it!

    Maybe that’s why we conversed for several HOURS, on our first phone conversation!! 🙂

    Scorpios ROCK, and yes… HOT!!!!

    1. Carol: The weather thing has nothing to do with our sign. It’s just real life scorpions tend to live in heat, right? And they like those dry, rocky, craggy places. So I guess I’ll have to pretend I’m a Scorpio who was supposed to live in Australia or something.

      Because that would make sense. It’s going into summer there.

      I think. 😉

      Funny to think that we DID get on so well — for HOURS — on our first phone conversation, and we didn’t even know this about each other!

      In the stars, baby!

      Hope you had a fabulous b’day, too.

    Personally, I am surrounded by Scorpios and wouldn’t have it any other way! I am an Aries and can relate to a lot of the characteristics.
    I hope you have a fabulous day!

  12. Ooooh! I love astrology! Have you ever read your monthly report from If not, you should definitely check it out! It’s also interesting to find out what your rising sign and moon sign is as those play a role as well!

  13. Oh happy day! Good job being born in November. You know, so your personality could be so astrologically correct.

    I’m a Gemini. Thoroughly.

    (Which is weird, because Geminis are paradoxical. Which means all Geminis are at least a little bit of everything all the time. Accurate, right?)

    1. Jess:

      I worked that out pretty well, right. Made sure my parents got busy right on Valentine’s Day! IYKWIM.

      Hubby is so Gemini. Oy!

      I have to decide everything.

      You seem more decisive. Maybe that’s the extra X chromosome kickin’ in. Methinks the “Y” changes things. 😉

      But you definitely see the gray areas; that’s for sure.

  14. “You know how Mick Jagger sang: “You can’t always get what you want”?

    That’s because he isn’t a Scorpio.”- Haha! I always try to act like I don’t believe in astrology… mostly because my horoscope is always embarrassingly accurate and I don’t like telling the world I’m bossy and such 🙂

    Happy Happy Birthday to you!

    1. Tori: Are you a Scorpio? If so, happy birthday to you! Embrace that inner Scorpio. If not, embrace your inner self, warts and all. None of us is perfect. And we can always try to work against type.

      Like I try really hard to keep that stinger in check.

      Really hard. 😉

  15. Happy Birthday to you, Renée! I loved this post. I’m a Capricorn, meant to be uber-planners. I do fit that profile, but I’ve had to learn that nobody has a crystal ball and sometimes one must relax and go with the flow.

    It’s interesting that if I read your description of Scorpio as my own horoscope, I would have to say that it doesn’t really fit me. Perhaps there is something to this astrology stuff…

    Have a great birthday!

    1. Hi Larry! Thanks for the FB message and your comment. Nice to know you are September 18. I have 2 other friends born on that day. Now you are lumped in with them.

      It’s good to know that I’m right behind you.

      You know, so when I hit a difficult stage in my development, you can reassure me if it is just a phase. Or something. 😉

  16. Happy Birthday, 44! What a lovely age in an 11 year.
    My husband was born October 23, yet I recognize a lot of Scorpio in him. I’m a Cancer born the 24th. There must be something in the numbers too, because somehow it’s working.

  17. Belated Happy Birthday, Professor! Interesting reading about Scorpios. I don’t follow the zodiac signs but did look up June 21, my birthday. I’m technically a Gemini but on the cusp for the Cancer zodiac sign. It says I’m energetic which is true. It says I’m restless which is also true. With ADHD, I guess that does describe me.

    1. Hi Rob:

      Thanks for bopping in.

      Astrology is really interesting stuff to read.

      While you are in the bathroom.

      Don’t take it too seriously.

      But if you are in a relationship, it’s probably not the worst thing to ask: What’s your sign? 😉 And then do a little research.

  18. Great post Renee. I didn’t realize you were Scorp. I thought Sag– wasn’t paying close attention to the time lines…but you are a perfect Scorpio. Most of my dearest, closest friends and family members are a Scorpio…probably b/c I let them take the wheel a lot of the times. When they cross the line into “the unfair and an unjust” category, well that is when I have to put my foot down. My Libra nature has to even the playing field when things get out of balance. [There is only one Scorpio family member that does this- and the best way to describe her is; mean as a snake- and she will kill herself before she will let anyone else do it]. But the rest of you, I LOVE. Scorpios are intense, determined, and yes….hot. Speaking for myself, though, I have found Scorpio men to be dangerous 😉 Love you, and happy birthday again! Amy is onto something…check your moon sign and rising sign. It adds more accurate insight.

    1. Scorpio men can be very intense. Tis true. As you said, gotta know all about your moon and if you are ascending or descending.

      I was really into that stuff for a while.

      I dated someone who was born the day after me (one year before) for 5 years. It was a hard relationship to end. Even though it was totally unhealthy for both of us.

      Someone — I think his mother — once said, “Oh great: two insecure, oversexed people in a serious relationship.” She was spot on. 😉

  19. Happy birthday, Renée! DANG do you make 44 look good! I am TERRIFIED of scorpions, but I love this Scorpio! I know you will get that book published. Sign me up for an advanced copy 🙂

  20. Happy birthday, my oh-so-fabulous friend. You are lovely and brilliant and kind and generous. I am so glad this year has brought us into each other’s lives.

    I’m jealous of 44. It has a symmetry and evenness to it that 43 just can’t claim.

    I’m waiting on next year…

    And I can’t wait to hear the video clip but my kids are in the room with me as I’m catching up on this week’s blogs.

    DANG it but I’m being challenged to be patient right now…..

    Good thing I’m a Libra.
    Oh yeah.

    1. Oh Julie, do not listen to that clip with the children in the room.

      But you will laugh. Or put your hand over your mouth to cover up your laughing.

      Because you are free with your laughter.

      And that video is worth waiting for.

      I love Libras.

      They tame my wild side.

      Like you might say, “Really? Did that Mash-Up need that video?”

      And I would say: “Yes! Yes it did!” *wink*

      I’m digging 44 in 11. We’ll see how I feel in 2 months when it gets all wonky.

  21. Renee – Happy Birthday – we are both Scorpios! yikes! Mine was last week and it was 6 more than yours – I’ll worry when I begin acting my age! It is Thanksgiving and I am thankful our paths have crossed – I hope you enjoyed your day and enjoy those to come. Peace.

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