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My Celebrity Doppelgangers

This is me on any given day.

From the second the movie came out, people have told me that I look Jennifer Grey from Dirty Dancing. You know, “Baby.” It happens all the time. In reality, my cousin Michelle is the one who really looks like Jennifer Grey. Like exactly.

Jennifer Grey

But I can see why people think I look like this incarnation of Jennifer Grey. We’ve both got the mouse blonde-brown hair and the curls that were hot in the 1980s — and if mousse hadn’t been invented, I would still be stuck with all that frizz. Mousse has been very, very good to me. When it gets humid enough, I probably do look like the 1980s Jennifer Grey, but I don’t want to have to keep doing this.

The other person people tell me I look like is Sarah Jessica Parker (after her mole was removed). I don’t mind having people tell me I look like SJP because I think she is stunning. In fact, most women I know think SJP is stunning. It’s men who complain that SJP is decidedly un-hot. I once heard someone say SJP’s face looks like a horse’s. Well, I love horses, and if my features are equine, I’m good with it.

Sarah Jessica Parker

To be true, I don’t really think I look so much like SJP in real life as I behave like her character, Carrie Bradshaw, in Sex in the City. You know, I dress really funky; I collect fabulously expensive shoes, and let’s not forget, I live alone in my tiny, expensive New York apartment without a husband or son.

Except that I live in the suburbs in Western, New York. You know, with my husband and son. Oh, and I hate to shop and I have maybe seven pairs of shoes.

Still, I get the SJP thing a lot.

I recently saw Ironic Mom (aka: Leanne Shirtliffe) was playing around with a fun app that shows you your celebrity doppelgangers, and I decided to try it.

Here are the results:

Astoundingly, SJP did come up. Along with a lot of other very attractive women, so I am not complaining. But apparently, I look much more like The United States Secretary of State, Hilary Rodham Clinton than anyone else (74% match) — a woman who is 20 years older than I am.

That said, I think Hil looks smokin’ in that picture.

I was surprised, however, to see that I also came up looking like Howard Dean and composer Phillip Glass (look at that man’s nose, people!).


Those kind of hurt a little.

So, like Leanne, I decided to try the experiment again using a different picture. This time, I selected a photo of my curly haired self, since I am usually a curly girly and because I am that vain.

Here are the results:

I would call this my “I wish” list. Omigosh! I wish I looked like Penelope Cruz. If I did, I’m thinking I would be much more famous. And Nicky Hilton? I don’t think I have one character trait in common with Nicky Hilton, so that one leaves me with a big question mark over my head.

Holly Hunter is probably a pretty good doppelganger on the day-to-day. In this picture anyway. She looks like she just finished walking with a friend on a really humid morning or, perhaps, went swimming and let her hair air dry. Yeah, that sounds like me.

And, I suppose, if I have to be a guy, Howie Dorough (eldest singer of the Backstreet Boys) or pop singer Zac Hanson aren’t the worst boys to look like. I mean, at least they’re kinda pretty.

I wanted to run this app all day long using different pictures of myself, but I had other stuff to do. And, of course, what is the point? No one will ever tell me I look like Katie Couric, and I don’t think anyone under 35 even knows the name Samantha Fox! Oh and as far as Amy Weber goes, yeah right!

Yeah, this is definitely what I look like in my bikini.

My identity was confirmed at the grocery store last night, when a stranger stopped me in the frozen food section and said, “Wow, you look just like the girl from Dirty Dancing! You know, Jennifer Grey. Before she got her nose job!”

And — as Homer Simpson might say — that brings us back to doh!

What celebrity do people claim you look like? Do you think they are right? Or do you think they are crazy?

46 thoughts on “My Celebrity Doppelgangers

  1. I used to get Vicki from the Love Boat all the time. Back when people used to know what that show was!

  2. My Chinese mom decided that I look like Kate Winslet. Funny because she has light brown hair and she is full Caucasian. I’m half Chinese! It’s funny, Chinese people think I look Caucasian and my white friends think I look Chinese. Strange.

    Fun post, thanks Renee! 🙂

  3. I know just how consternating this can be. Women are swooning over me all the time because I look just like the dashing Errol Flynn. Maybe I need to ditch the pirate suit. On the other hand, some people have insisted that I look like a certain anatomical part of a four-legged mammal such of which is ridden by Roy Rogers. I will stab them with my sword as soon as I have my mustache trimmed. Later today I have to go to speech therapy to work on my “I’m from England”(instead of Staten Island) accent.

    1. Dear Errol:

      I have always wanted to use this sentence for real: You are in like Flynn. Do you think that anyone else will know what that means? Also ,please hop on your horse and get your mustache trimmed. No one wants a hair-lip. 😉

  4. People say I look like Greg Grunberg (Matt Parkman from “Heroes”). The celebrity look-alike thing didn’t pick that up. It picked up some Turkish pop star – 61%, Dave Chappelle – 50% (I’m a white guy, but ok…), Joey Fatone – 41%, and Rebecca Gayheart – 47%. I guess I’ve always had a crush on myself… Rebecca Gayheart is HOTTT!!

      1. It is actually pretty funny. I don’t think I’ll continue to upload different pictures. I’m afraid I’ll break it. I’m one ugly dude (with the exception of the 47% of me that looks like Rebecca Gayheart).

      2. I got a hair cut last night, so I had to try it again. I like my results MUCH better this morning. I got Jake Gyllenhaal, Vin Diesel, Matthew McConaughy, and Bruce Willis (which is awesome because BW looks just like my grandfather did). I did still get Dave Chappelle which I still think is weird. I also got a couple of asian singer/actor guys. I’m cool with that.

  5. Renee, I am not sure who you look like but SJP could say she looks like you on a good day. No one really says I look like anyone but since I am just shy of 6′ tall I get a lot of ” honey can you reach that for me ” at the grocery store. Does that count?

  6. I don’t know if you saw my comment on Leanne’s post but my closest match was (wait for it)

    Billy Ocean!

    Seriously. And everyone else in my circle is like ten years older than I am. At least you got some young folk in your mix.

    Apparently I’m one step from the AARP AND African American AND Male.



    p.s. You’re beautiful. So there’s that. And “nobody puts renee in a corner.” Or something.

    1. Wait, Julie:

      So you are over 60? And you’re a guy? And you’re black? Wow, you think you know someone. Fascinating. So many things to learn about you!

      I was waiting for someone would do the “Nobody puts RASJ in the corner.” I get it all the time in real life. Like daily. 😉

  7. My boyfriend recently saw an episode of “Bewitched” that featured Sam’s naughty, dark-haired twin, Serena. He had already said that I look like Elizabeth Montgomery and then when he saw her with the dark wig, he said the resemblence was more striking. I am hesitant to believe it because I think Elizabeth montgomery is adorable, and I don’t think of myself as adorable!

    We used to play “Who would play you in the movie of your life?” in grad school and I can’t remember who we decided on for me. I can’t wait to get home and try that celebrity look-alike app!

      1. I got different results with different pictures, of course. Of all the pictures, the closest match was Nicki Hilton with 80%. The most common female was Giselle Bundchen with anywhere between 70-76% similarity. The most common male was David Schwimmer (between 68-70%). I also got Jake Gyllenhaal with 76% similarity.

        Now before y’all go thinking I’m hawt or anything, I also need to mention that I also turned up Sergio Leone, Isak Dineson and…wait for it…Dwight D. Eisenhower. Yeeeeaaaaaah.

  8. Well, I tried it and it seems to be pretty random. It says I look like Jamie Lynn Spears (83%), Nia Long (76%), Mischa Bardon & Penelope Cruz (74%), Reese Witherspoon, Kate Hudson & Woranuch Wongsawan (I have no idea who she is) (73%) and Kristen Kreuk -another one I don’t know (71%). I don’t think I look anything like any of these people, so I’m not sure how they calcuate. I seems like they just pick random celebrities.

    I think I just look like Lucy from the Peanuts comic strip.

  9. Hi Renee! You’re so cute! I do think you look like Jennifer Grey! I’ve always been told that I look like Jayne Mansfield. I don’t really see it. I’m visiting my daughter and using her computer, so I’m stuck using its crappy camera for a photo and it’s too dark for the app to recognize a face. I ended up using a horrible photo of myself that I found in my daughter’s picture file (Christmas morning, no makeup, hair sticking up, puffy eyes) and it told me that I looked the most like Angelina Jolie, then like 2 Asian actresses that I’ve never heard of (I have really blond hair–??), John Wayne (What the what?), James Blunt, some other guy, and the old version of Bridgette Bardot (that one killed me!). I must look like pure hell in the morning! And no, I won’t be posting my app results. I deleted them seconds after they appeared!

  10. This is a hoot! What fun. Howard Dean and Hillary Clinton cracks me up. No one has ever told me I look like a celebrity. Any suggestions?

    Hope your summer is going well! I’m not doing a good job of keeping up with my blog reading. 🙂

  11. They’d be so lucky – looking like you.
    Actually I prefer the first bunch of lookalikes – Hillary, impressive – and even Howard Dean – good smile and a streak of wildness.
    I must try it myself.
    I was nicknamed Brett Anderson from Suede (a band) at last place I worked. I think that was mainly because I had hair and looked drug-raddled. But hey, perhaps it was a compliment.

  12. Definitely a cross between SJP and J Grey. Howard Dean is hilarious. I got Alexander Graham Bell complete with Santa Claus beard though, so I’m skeptical.

  13. ok, so am i totally going to check out that app the minute I finish leaving this comment? um, yeah!
    You’re going to have to trust me on this one since I use the avatar and i’m super mysterious/anonymous. But i have been told many times that I look like Sandra Bullock. hey, i’ll take that!

    1. SaucyB:

      You HAVE to tell me who shows up. It is a hoot. I’d love to know if Bullock makes it onto the radar. Or which guys you might most resemble. All I can say is: “Doo wop, baby don’t my doo wop.” Seriously. That’s deep. 😉

  14. I’ve been compared to the Mona Lisa, Patti Smith, Vanessa Redgrave and a rat. (The last was a ‘compliment’ that became a nickname: ratface. The nickname is no longer used, the person who used it is afraid of flying kitchen implements. Or to put it another way, he should be. 😉 )

    Jessica Parker, your hair looks like hers. But she’s wayyyyy too thin. Don’t be thin. Particularly, don’t be thinner than me. (The way I’m going everyone’s gonna be thinner than me.)

    1. Not for nothing but you do have that Mona Lisa thing going on — which is cool since you are an artist. And I can see Patti Smith and Vanessa Redgrave, too. Those are good calls, I must say!

      Just by the by, I would start hurling kitchen utensils around if someone called me “rat-face.” Big long knives. Seriously. The kitchen would be a kill zone.

      Oh and as far as my body goes, didn’t you see that picture of me in the bikini? 😉

  15. I’m under 35 and I know who Samantha Fox is (but then I am from England). Don’t know why that should be one point in your blog I take issue with!

    Anyway, Sam Fox ain’t that attractive, so I can’t figure out why you would want to look like her. Unless I have got a completely different Sam Fox?

  16. To be fair, Hillary looks to be about 20 years younger that she is now in the photo that was compared to yours. I totally get the Jennifer Grey and SJP vibes. Not bad comparisons at all.

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