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Change Is A Comin’!

Still no word from Temple, Texas on the status of my hard-drive.

Maybe it might be deemed undead by Halloween?

But I’m not holding my breath.

In fact, I’m moving forward in the wake of my heinous computer crash.

As promised, change is a comin’.

First Things First.

You regulars may have noticed that I have changed the name of my blog.

I know, some of you are yawning.

Like big whoop.

But I had to make that decision before I could make other decisions.

When I was still deciding if I should keep the name Teachers & Twits, I asked TechSupport for his opinion.

Tech said:

“Mom, everyone knows you by Teachers & Twits. It’s your brand. You can’t change it now.”

(I swear, he said it just like that. He actually said “brand,” leading me to believe he has been reading Kristen Lamb’s blog?)

I understand what he means.

I’m definitely a firm believer that anyone can be a teacher (or a twit) on any given day.

I mean that was the premise of this blog in the first place.

But other folks suggested I blog under my own ridiculously long name.

Many bloggers do that: authors & writers I respect.

I’m trying to grow my freelance career.

Eventually, I will have a book.

(It is scheduled to be released moments before Hell freezes over. But still.)

No, seriously.

I want people to recognize my ridiculously long name.

So I hope you like the changes you are starting to see.

And writing under my own name doesn’t mean I can’t have a cool tagline.

Because life doesn’t fit in a file folder fits.

Now I can write about anything, which feels liberating.

Hopefully, you will continue to think of me as that hot girl with the sparkly glasses.

And the hair.

Who uses all those words.

Wait, you don’t think I’m hot?

Did you not see THIS?

Listen, I won’t always be in the classroom.

So it makes sense to drop the teacher part of things.

And while I may do some goofy things and enjoy a little naughty wordplay, I’m not a twit.

I never was.

Get psyched to be part of the changes.

A new header is a comin’.

Get ready to exercise your right to vote.

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75 thoughts on “Change Is A Comin’!

  1. Heck, your NAME doesn’t fit in a file folder!
    Brave move…well done…way smarter than just keeping things the same for the sake of it. Just this past week I launched a companion blog to my usual because I don’t feel political humor fits on my blog, but I want to do some!
    Change is good. Since I’m not a teacher, I no longer have to assume I’m here because I’m a twit!

    1. Hi JT! You aren’t kidding! My crazy long name doesn’t fit on a credit card or even my driver’s license! I’m abbreviated all over the place. This is the one place where I can really be all of me.

      I’ll have to come and check you out.

      Are you sure there is no place or your political humor? Do you follow The Byronic Man? He manages o get it all in there. Check him out. 😉

      1. There’s a place, I just felt the need to carve it out in a companion blog, instead of in my more established
        I think it might reveal something of my attitude toward politics. Amuse or Bemused is a lot about my sense of humor and my faith… and while my faith affects my politics, I really don’t want my politics to affect my faith…so I made it a separate political blog for those who might not care for my politics.
        Maybe its a symbolic gesture to keep politics a little at arms length from everything else.
        Maybe it means I just love to build blog layouts. And buy domain names.

        Oh, and that Byronic Guy is awesome.

  2. Renée… I read, with dismay, of the heinous computer crash. They should be able to recover your precious words, and, when they do… your husband should pop for the 500 bucks an Apple Time Capsule costs to protect what you write on the new MacBook Pro he’s going to have to shell out for. Tell him it is for his own good… after all, he’ll be the one sitting on the couch watching TV when your books are flying off the shelves at the local Barnes & Nobel… or more likely into Kindles around the world.

    I have no comment on your ridiculously long name, with the cute acute accent.

    My vote is (even though I don’t know you) to forget the tech guy (even though he may have a closer relationship with you than I) and rebrand… lose the ‘Teachers & Twits’… use your name.

    Finally, I will always think of you as That Hot Girl… even though I have not seen the sparkly glasses (I did see the St. Pauli Girl Getup… and still think you’re hot) I’m sure the kids in your class agree… you must get a lot of apples.

    1. Hi Ted.

      I already invested in Time Machine. Got that sucker going the moment the computer arrived. Once, ignorant; twice, a fool.

      TechSupport is my 13-year old. And while he might like to dump me, I believe I will keep him. 😉

      I’m done with T&T. Like dynamite, it’s done been exploded. Kaboom! I’m me, myself and I now. Thanks for your vote of confidence that I’m doing the right things, moving forward. If you haven’t seen my sparkly glasses, you will soon. So. Hot.

      1. I knew who TechSupport was… I’m sure he is having fun with your new computer… what did you get? Was Temple T able to retrieve your words? Looking forward to seeing the new look. The blog, not you… although I am excited about seeing the sparkle glasses.

    1. Christian! I always get so excited when you show up here. Will we ever Skype? I know you are probably asleep right now. But seriously, could it ever happen. Thanks for your vote of confidence. It means the world. You are like the world’s best bra, always holding me up. IYKWIM. 😉

      1. We will definitely Skype Renee, I tell myself to get organised every weekend! You always have my vote, you’re doing such great things & you’re always there for me. It’s the very least I can do – apart from being a little slack & not being able to come up with a witty IYKWIM retort. Sometimes I’m just too tired to be able to perform as well as I’d like. IYKWIM. 😉

    1. I saw that you did that, and I kind of fist-pumped the air. I know that you were “hidden” a little on purpose, but I think it is a great move for you professionally. I’m guessing you have gained many new followers. So happy to see you here!

      1. Thank you, Renée. As you wish, we’ll avoid that route. 😉

        I am just as happy. Getting ready work on the next piece. It might be a bit darker than previous stuff, but such is my nature.

        Let me know what you think!

    1. Hi Georgette:

      If you are on WordPress, it’s as simple as going into General Settings and changing the name! It changes over immediately on the blog, and over a few days on Google. Luckily, my twitter handle remains unchanged. ( and I had the good sense to buy my name as my domain, so I didn’t have to change that either. But, yeah. Easy-peasy! If you are thinking about it and need help, let me know! I can talk you through it over the phone.

      The main thing is looking for a new theme that will support the things you want to do. I knew I wanted TWO columns with the ability to put text & images in the sidebar. If you are looking at a blog you like, scroll down to the bottom and see what the name of it is. You can always preview what your blog would look like in that theme.

      When you transfer over, all the content and set up goes with you (pretty) seamlessly. There are a few kinks that I’ll have to figure out. For example, I’m not wild about where my CONTACT info is. I don’t know how to move that. Yet. But I’ll figure that out. Eventually. Oh, and did you notice I need a header. 😉

  3. Whatever you do, don’t lose the picture! You’re like the “happy dance” in comments when I see that pic.

    I’m re-branding, too.

    My money is on your new banner getting done before mine. Unless I fork over the dough and have someone else do it for me. Traipsing off to check my abysmal challenging budget…

    I think that Jenny Hansen woman is trying to subliminally overtly shove me into get ‘er done mode b/c she pings back using the Blog Name that does not yet exist.

      1. This is getting embarrassing. Seems the HTML code for “close delete” doesn’t translate as typed.

        I’m going away now.

        To refill my coffee cup. And find a way to pay for banner design.

        I muck up comments. Imagine what I’d do with a banner.*shudder*

    1. Hi Gloria! I think re-branding just kinds of happens over time. After three years, I got a better sense of myself, the things I want to write about, and my writing voice. It’s nothing to apologize for. I think we we simply explain to our readers what the deuce we are doing and I think most people stay. In fact, I’ve picked up 11 new readers in the last 3 days. How’s that for encouragement?

      Meanwhile, I KNOW my header is going to be done by Election Day. Foreshadowing: There is going to be a vote! Stay tuned to exercise your right to vote on my header.

      Now I just have to get TechSupport to help me make a few. He already made one. And it’s…just wow. But I have some plans up my sleeves!

      Wait, where are my sleeves? 😉

      I’ll fix your code. But leave your comments. Just to confuse people. 😉

  4. Change is good. Also scary…but good. And just for the record, I don’t think THIS change is scary. Just good.
    Yup, me too.

    1. Hi Elena: I know what you mean. I was mostly scared because after all my technology woes, I was afraid that somehow even more of my writing might disappear. But it all seems to have migrated seamlessly. Eventually, when I decide to self-host. Um, yeah… then I’ll be terrified. 😉

  5. You always make me laugh (or silently giggle to myself). As a fellow long-name, hyphenated woman I can relate. I chose to drop part of my name for the purposes of writing. Between the hyphen and the Irish O’ apostrophe it was too much punctuation. Looking forward to reading the old and new you.

    1. I think you are spot on. I actually do feel re-energized. I’m excited and have some plans already. Like a wee contest involving that stoooopid header up there. Because obviously THAT has nothing to do with my blog’s tagline. Get ready to exercise your right to vote!

  6. Renzay, Renzay. The most important teaching we do happens outside the classroom walls when we are living. Ergo (time to be pretentious), you are still a teacher. It is part of you and your ridiculously long name.

    And try having a name like Shirtliffe. Yes, I chose to keep it when I married.

    And you will be published. No question.

    1. Shirtsleeves! So glad you stopped by. Do you dig my new pad? Here, come sit on my turquoise couch with the lime green and orange throw pillows.

      And guess what? Pssst. I’m still teaching, just in a different way. More on that. Eventually. But first, I must deal with that awful header. Got any creative energy to try and make something for me? There’s a prize in it for the winner. Details will follow. I’m guessing you are familiar with Coraline. How’s that for a head start?

    1. Did you read that post? I was a cow — literally, waring a cow costume — one October after I’d just had my son in August, and had been laid up until October 5th due to complications.

      Worst. Idea. Ever.

      I’d never felt so unsexy. From that moment on, I went with sexy. I hope that, at least, you are having an easy time of it! When are you due? Exciting!

      1. Of COURSE I read the post. Your post is what has made me DETERMINED to find a sexy costume, even if I only wear it for an hour or so at home, because I’m fairly certain we’re not going anywhere.

        If I had a midget, I would totally wear a toga, paint my belly like the Earth, and have the midget stand in front of me, carrying my belly. ATLAS!!!!

        I’m due on November 10, so it’s getting harder and harder to feel super sexy…

    1. You mean Maineiac isn’t your last name? Whaaaat? ANd all this time I thought…

      I feel really duped, Dar. When exactly were you planning to let me in on this big secret?

      Peg gets to hang out for all of October, but a new person shall take over in November.

      Tech will pick the winner.

      Which reminds me.

      I need to talk to you.

      About blogging, total world domination and other indoor sports — like voting. Jules said we might have the same/similar idea. Maybe we can pimp each other up. Didn’t Arnold say something like that? Or something? 😉

      1. So, when you sign you name at the bank, do the tellers go on a coffee break until you are done?

          1. ha ha — but not really — I am not sure what mine is — my son helped me with it

  7. You’ll always be Renee to me and I promise to keep reading, no matter what you call yourself. Just keep me posted on what/where/etc. 😉

  8. I’m psyched. I love your new name. And I’m a big fan of your ridiculously long (and easy to misspell) name. Short and easy to remember names are boring.

    1. Sooooooo easy to misspell. You have no idea how much time and sleep I’ve lost over this. I’m @rasjacobson on Twitter. My students know me RASJ. But I think it makes sense to be my whole absurdly long sense. Maybe some agent will think: “People will go looking for that author with that really, ridiculously long name,” and libraries across America will just know. They’ll just know.

      Or probably they will just shrug.

      1. Well, I have an awkward suggestion then: bras made with recycled coffee grounds! It gives “pick me up” a whole new layer of awesome! Thanks Moving Comfort.

        1. Wow! So you’re not decaf, then, I take it? Your like a double-caffeinated brew. Extra strong, eh? I like to keep peeps like that around.

          1. I’m on my third cup right now and I am about to brew another pot… because I only have three hours until I have to be at work and I need to get ready (i.e.: get awesome). I believe this answers your question.

          2. Wowers! You will be really “supportive” at work. I hope you do something that necessitates that level of doping.

            Like the Tour de France or something.

          3. I am working in a specialty running shop… so… when Lance comes in because he can’t ride anymore and wants to switch to running I have to be totally amped to do his video gate analysis.

  9. I’m not sure how I found the time to respond to this in between printing off copies of your slutty Halloween costume pic to add to the chipmunk bikini collage I have going in my craft room, and ogling your new blog name, but here I am.

    Still waiting for that email with the ‘material’ I need, chica!!! (Oooh. That sounds so mysterious. I’ll twist my ‘stache while you peer over your sparkly glasses. How YOU doin’?!)

    Am very excited to cast my vote, heh!

    1. I will send you everything this weekend. I swear! Had stuff this week. It turned out to be a bunch of malarkey. 😉

      Also have crazy hat pictures! Get ready!

  10. Wise move. I blog under two names with two different themes. It’s such a hassle. Can’t wait for the two personas to merge in the future.

    1. Are you planning to merge? It has to be exhausting logging in and logging out of two different accounts. Seems like the ONLY reason to do that would be if you really HAVE two personas.

      Like you are a priest. Who writes erotica. Or something like that. 😉

  11. I have fallen down a hole and haven’t been reading as much as I do (and can) during the summer and have – i read about your crash and attempts to recover. I like the idea of re-branding and you must miss the classroom, i know I’d miss it (not the admin BS) at least the I’d miss the kids and helping them grow and learn. I am looking forward to the change! i am on board!

    1. Hi Clay! I haven’t been doing as much reading because I’ve been fixing!

      And I’ll tell you a secret.

      I’m still teaching — just in a different capacity. More on that in the not too distant future. 😉 Thanks for sticking with me. I think I’ll always be a teacher at the core. Even when I’m not.

  12. Change is always good and with a tagline like that…it would have been a crime not to use it. And I don’t want to ever meet you face-to-face if that meeting involved steel bars and a seatless toilet. I like it!

      1. Um, only problem is I moved 🙂 Here’s the directions from Rochester to Cobalt, ON

        462 mi – about 8 hours 32 mins according to Google maps, assuming you don’t hit Toronto during rush hour!

        And it isn’t like the old days, when you could drive at 80 mph through northern Ontario, and the cops would ignore you.


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