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Don’t Lick the Minivan Prizewinner Announced

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To be eligible to win Leanne Shirtliffe’s book Don’t Lick the Minivan, I asked people to share a naughty childhood memory (or something naughty their children did) that nearly drove them batty.

In all my years of blogging, the confessional comments that people left here (including Leanne’s responses) kept me laughing for days!

Random Number Generator picked #9.

Don Of All Trades wrote this:

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Y’all, Don set his friend’s sister’s dolls on fire and his friend singed his eyebrows and eyelashes off!

He was a very bad boy!

I fee like Don should share this victory with his old friend.

Is that guy still talking to you, Don?

Congratulations to Don Of All Trades! And seriously, if you laughed at Don’s comment, check out his blog HERE, because he writes some hilarious stuff.

Ahhhhh. I love May.

I like giving a little something back to my readers each year during my blogoversary month.

That said, I’m not done.

I have a few more giveaways that have seeped into June, so if you like winning, stay tuned.

And if you hate it, it’ll be over soon.

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Don, you have 48-hours to contact me; otherwise, I will pick another winner! Don’t make me get the lighter fluid!

21 thoughts on “Don’t Lick the Minivan Prizewinner Announced

  1. To think I used to wish I had a brother to augment The Secret SisterHood of Five. Erm. Not so much. My dolls (well, one shared doll, actually) survived.

    I L-O-V-E Leanne’s humor hits, and kept thinking “how does she do that so seamlessly?” throughout this stellar read. It’s not only a keeper, but a re-reader. Yeah. Go for it. Put a big ole’ teacher-red question mark on “re-reader.”

    1. Gloria! I had a brother and he never did anything like that. The worst thing he ever did (that I know of) was — in an effort to show school spirit — he, along with members of the tennis team, attempted to use red spray paint to cover another high school’s green shed.

      Um, yeah, that made brown.

      Which was probably the color of his underwear when the police showed up.

      Let’s hope William stays away from the spray paint.

    1. Thank you! My daughter has never been in to dolls, thankfully, and hopefully, the boys won’t be either! Not that there’s anything wrong with that, of course.

  2. Oh Random Number Generator, thank you so much for picking me where I’m sure a human would have screwed this up royally by picking some comment written by a mommy. And 9 is my favorite uniform number. Coincidence? There are so many people I’d like to thank, especially my old friend Larry who I lost touch with years ago. Also, his sister, who grew up to be quite a nimrod, hopefully unrelated to the loss of most of her Barbies and Strawberry Shortcake friends. Special thanks to you too, Renee, for being such a funny, sweet, Sarah Jessica Parker lookalike. Your giveaways have given me something to look forward to these past few weeks. I look forward to reading this book while I’m taking dumps on the toilet. Know, Leanne and Renee, that I’ll be thinking about the both of you while I’m doing so! Yay me!

  3. LOL You even manage to make contest winner announcements funny, Renee. Congrats, Don! And thank you for responding in time so she didn’t get out the lighter fluid. Who knows what would have happened then!!

  4. Yeah, yeah, congrats to Don and all. What I want to know is why that damn number generator couldn’t have just picked #5. I mean, really, is just ONE contest win too much to ask? Sigh.

    But yeah, congrats Don. I guess. :p

    1. Misty: You might like to know that if Don had not responded, I would have had to select another winner. So I guess the world will never know. I have TWO more giveaways in June. Stay tuned, baby. Don’t lose faith. 🙂

  5. Well, obviously I would have won if it had been the best instead of random selection. lol. Seriously, congrats, Don, and thanks for the chance, Renee. Guess I’ll just have to buy a copy like everyone else. Wouldn’t consider missing this book, since Leanne is one of the funniest people on earth.

    1. David: No lie, your story made me laugh so hard. I can TOTALLY picture you curled up in the backseat of someone else’s car! And I could totally picture your hysterical mother. I’m so glad you found her. Do consider getting Leanne’s book. It really is all that.

  6. Wow, Don’s pyrotechnics have me beat! Well deserved win, Sir!

    And Renee, I loved the picture of you holding Leanne’s book with your tongue sticking out. LOL

    1. Jess! It occurs to me I should be putting those pictures on my public Facebook page rather than my private one. Maybe time to shut down the private and just include everyone. Too hard for me to manage two pages!

  7. Don should be congratulated for proving GI Joe and Barbie were both fire worthy! Oh yeah and winning!

    I had a brother, I was the mash monster in the house though. None of my brothers toys were ever safe from me.

  8. bummer. I guess I’ll have to purchase said book. I’m pretty sure that there are several things in said book that I may or may not have said to my kids at one time or another…

    Congrats Don. Well done and well deserved.

  9. Happy blogaversary, happy belated birthday to the hubster, happy prize-winning to Don….anything else happy going on? Oh, happy day to you, Renee!

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