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End of the Month MashUp of Hotness: October 2012

I know. I know. It’s been a while since I’ve done a mash-up.

But big stuff has been going on, people.

See those birds up on that tree in my neighbors’ backyard? That means Frankenstorm is on the way. Seriously? The one year that my kid actually made a plan, bought a costume, and I actually purchased candy in advance? And we’re going to have a major storm? Are you kidding me? We’d better have some people at our door. Or else I’ll be going door to door tossing candy in everyone’s mailboxes. Sorry USPS. You guys lost the package I tried to send my niece and nephew last year, so I figure you owe me one.


Oh, and check it out! Look at the bottom right hand corner of that photo! I learned how to put a watermark on my pictures! So there’s proof that you can teach an old dog new tricks.

With that, here is some delicious stuff that I read this month in no particular order.

• • •

Le Clown wrote about All Hallows’ Eve. And it is freakin’ hilarious. If you don’t know Le Clown On Fire. He’s from Montreal and he’s magnifique. Like all the time. I know he’s a clown, but don’t be scared. He’s a good clown.

ATeachableMom wrote “You’re Only Hugging Me So You Can Wipe Your Nose On My Shirt.” Funny stuff, Mary.

Leanne Shirtliffe (aka: Ironic Mom) shared a powerful tip about the power of acting crazy. I can vouch: everything she says works in and out of the classroom.

Editor for Writer’s Digest Books (& a trillion other things) Chuck Sambuchino wrote a fabulous & terrifying article at Writer Unboxed about how to really interpret those statistics you’ve got on your blogs. I’ve never seen anything like his analysis before, and I have to tell you, it is humbling. Find out if you are notable, impressive or very impressive. Then prepare to curl up in your corners.

Imagine an actor reading your manuscript and stopping when he thought it sucked! 7 Reasons Agents Stop Reading Your First Chapter is a must read for aspiring writers.

Nina Badzin hung out with KludgyMom (two of my favorite bloggers in one place!), and wrote about how teaching kids to be unique is sometimes easier said than done.

Kimberly Speranza of Sperk* wrote a lovely & raw response at Erin Margolin‘s blog about why she started blogging. I am now fiercely following Kimberly.

Alexandra Rosas of Good Day, Regular People is a writing machine. But her three-part series called Red Flags was something else. And October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Guess what? Every month should be. Start at Part I. You won’t be able to stop.

On a lighter note, I know she said the deadline has passed, but I’ll bet that Jules’ would totally take late entries for her Halloween Hat Contest at Go Jules Go. (If you don’t, I’m gonna win. Or not.)

Tech savvy folks still have time to enter my contest to make me a header. Just do it. You know you want to. Now that I know how to make a watermark, I mean, there is a chance I might figure this shizz out all by myself.

*wipes brow*

Was it good for you?

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50 thoughts on “End of the Month MashUp of Hotness: October 2012

  1. Renée,
    Look at you mastering the French language, and calling me magnifique™… Le Clown te remercie. C’est une belle gentillesse.
    Le Clown

    1. Merci, Le Clown. I have to admit, normally, I am terrified of clowns. Seriously. Mais vous n’avez pas dangereux. Vous avez freaking hysterical! 😉

      1. Renée,
        One would think I’m not a real clown… But we wouldn’t want to spread that rumour now, would we?
        Le Clown

        1. Is it weird that I think you are totally hot? Ce n’est pas possible. Pour moi? To have a crush on a clown? C’est domage.

          1. Quel good Frenchifying!

          2. Pegoleg,
            N’est-ce pas ? Je suis fier de Renée.
            Le Clown

          3. She’s not just another jolie face.

          4. Non non! C’est vrai.

            I am reaching the end of my 12th grade French. 😉

          5. Renée,
            I’d like to apologize for showing late to this Le Clown praise. I never miss a beat when it’s about adoring my magnificent™ ass. Please, carry on… By all means.
            Le Clown

          6. Pas de prôblem! But you should check out Good Day, Regular People. The Empress (Alexandra) down there is scared of clowns. She is a fabulous writer, and I’ll bet she’d think you are fantastic. You could held her, Le Clown. She has signed in as Mrs Pitt. Perhaps she dreams of Brad. I do not know.

          7. Renée,
            I will gladly check her out, in a very respectful manner of course… And she dreams of Brad? I guess it’s better than dreaming of Tom…
            Le Clown

  2. Wooot! It’s always good for me. (Or tre bon, as Le Clown would say.)

    As of today, I have ALREADY carved the pumpkin for the winner (this project manager plans ahead, ya’ll), but peeps can feel free to send hat pics to me ANY time. I swear I won’t play with them in PhotoShop, like I’m doing with your pictures, Renzzz.

    1. You’ve already carved my prize! Awesome! 😉

      (Wishful thinking. I never win.)

      Except that one time where I won everything. Mwahaha.

      But I knew that you would accept photos for the goofy hat contest. And, baby, you do give good linky-love. 😉

      FYI: Le Clown would say trés bon. Look, now I’m correcting grammar en français. Oy.

  3. Good luck with the coming storm and the left over candy

    1. Hubby just told me that we might lose electricity! Good thing we have a lot of chocolate to nom on.

      1. But do you have enough wine for 5 days?

        1. I’m all about the Canada Dry Ginger Ale. See? This thing? It would never work. Unless you want it all to yourself. 🙂

          1. I would need the diet Ginger Ale, which I hate. I love Ginger Ale, but not the sugar.

            Perhaps we should go into therapy?

          2. Yes. I think we’ve skipped romance and gone straight to the couch. 😉

          3. I blame myself for traveling so much. But you’re always so busy with your writing.

          4. My goodness. You say po-TAH-to, don’t you? Don’t you! 😉

          5. No, but I have relatives who do.

  4. I’m sure if you set the candy outside (unmanned), it will still disappear within the hour… Good luck riding out the storm though.

    1. That would normally be a good plan, but seriously..,I don’t think we’ll have any people out there on Wednesday. They are talking about school closings and losing power. This thing hold be a wreck. I might need those Reese’s. you know, for protein.

  5. I’m having a shitty week, you could have thrown me a bone. lol

    1. Oh no. I have bigger plans for you. Just you wait. 😉

  6. You give the best LinkyLove! Thank you! And yay you on the watermarking! Maybe that can be my big accomplishment tomorrow … after I read all these yum blogs. And to you and your fam, be safe.

    1. Thank you for teaching me how to do that! I should have said that was you, too! Crap! Thanks, Mare. Can I call you ‘Mare’? It feels right. What do you think?

      1. Your comments make me laugh – thanks for that! I’m good with trying on ‘Mare’ – we’ll see how it goes! 😉

  7. Excellente, Renée! Those links are going to be a fine distraction from what I really should be doing …
    Stay safe from this nasty approaching storm … how dare it spoil Hallowe’en?

    1. Can you even freakin’ believe how badly Sandy is going to slam us? She’s so bitchy! At least I’ll have my chocolate for sustenance. 🙂

  8. Can’t wait to read some of the ones I missed. I read ateachablemom’s (Mary’s) post as well as Kimberley’s. I definitely want to catch up on the others. Thanks darling.

    1. Don’t miss Alex’s three part-er. It’ll knock your socks off.

  9. Um, why are there ads showing up? Can someone tell me how to turn them off?!

  10. Gorgeous photo. Seriously. And thanks for the mash-up!

    1. It was kind of ominous. Of course the moment I opened the door half the birds flew away. So I didn’t quite capture it. But you get the feeling. A storm is brewing. The sky is white. It’s been white skies all day. Yuck.

  11. Looks like some great reads, girl! Can’t wait to dig in! 🙂

  12. I assumed when I read the title, this post would be all about you. Thanks for all the interesting topics, although I in no way want to infer that you are not interesting… look, you learned how to put little words on the bottom of your photo. Congrats. I agree that every month and day should be NDVA! Good luck in your quest to get a free header… looking forward to the choices, so I can vote. We do get a say in this, don’t we?

    1. Ted! It’s never all about me! That’s icky. Just trying to set things up. 🙂

      1. I was referring to the ‘hotness’ in the title…

  13. What a cornucopia of colossally clever clippings!

    Sorry, I haven’t had nearly enough caffeine yet this morning. It was an über-long long weekend.

    1. Z: it was such a long weekend, I’m only getting to respond to this NOW! Oy! Hope your hump day is starting right.

      1. No worries Renée!

        My hump day is not terribly humpish. It feels like a third Monday. I hope your hump day is GREAT

  14. Be safe, warm and dry in Sandy! We watched as it tore through the Bahamas (husbands home) and the family islands, did some terrible damage but fortunately all in-laws safe if it bit waterlogged. Now we are watching as our friends and family up the eastern seaboard are in the path.

    Lifting everyone up.

    1. Val: are all your friends & family okay? We’re fine! But such devastation. See? Everything is so temporary. If we dare forget, Mother Nature reminds us with a kick in the ass.

      1. So far most everyone has checked in, waterlogged and stinky but fine.

    1. I’ll take that as a compliment. 🙂

  15. What an honor.

    Thank you.

    I will check this out, b/c we love the same things.

    BUt I have to tell you: I’m one of those people terrified. TERRIFIED. of the white-faced too large a mouth, clown.

    Thank you so much, dear Renee.


    1. Alex: Hard to explain how much I hate clowns. But I think you will LOVE Le Clown. His writing is consistently fabulous. I think you’d dig him. I could be wrong. I told him to come after you. Don’t be scared. He’s gentle.

      But yeah.

      I still hate every other clown.

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