Fall Happened Overnight

Fall came late to Rochester this year. Just the other day, the leaves were firmly attached to the trees — all braggy with their reds and yellows and purples and oranges. The sky was summer blue. It was actually warm outside.

Look at me! Look how pretty I am!

And then…

And then all my fingernails broke.

Quick! Tell me something to love about winter. Because it’s coming.

Special thanks to my son, Tech Support, for helping me put this together at the 11th hour. The snow actually happened last Wednesday, but I can’t do a stinkin’ thing without that kid.

48 thoughts on “Fall Happened Overnight

  1. We’ve experienced a beautiful November so far. Almost 60 today with similar skies.

    What to love about winter – coffee/hot chocolate while watching the snow fall from the coziness of a warm place, sledding, snowball fights, walks with my daughter during/after a light snow through my neighborhood, and when it ends with slushy puddles for my kids to stomp through.

    1. Truth is, I have been wearing that get-up for a while. I’m a summer girl. So that coat comes out and I actually wear it all day. Every day. Until I step out of it and jump into bed.

      I should probably write about my odd, cold-weather bedtime ritual at some point.

      And fireplaces are good.

    1. I know! I saw those pictures on your blog a while ago and I think I audibly sighed. Or internally screamed.

      I’m not ready.

      At least you have sun to go with your snow.

      From here on our, it’s all grey skies for us. Glurg.

  2. Ain’t it the truth??? I think fall is the sneakiest season. Winter usually spits and gives bit of a warning. Spring takes so long to arrive, we’ve been waiting for it for months. Summer, we try to extend into the season in front and behind it. But fall…knocks down the leaves and stands there like a naked relative at the door. Thanks being brain-food.

    1. “But fall…knocks down the leaves and stands there like a naked relative at the door.”

      Barb! It’s so true! What a gorgeous line! I’ve always known Fall is an elaborate lie. She looks so pretty; meanwhile, while we are looking up, she is destroying everything and preparing the world for white. At least in these parts.

  3. I love how when you come in from being outside your house feels so cozy and warm and inviting that you can’t believe you ever left (even if you left tearing out your hair and hollering at the dog and dragging your two kids because it took SO long to get ready to go on a walk). We’ve had a long fall in Oregon, too!

    1. There is nothing better than coming inside after being outside in the frigid awfulness of winter.

      This is also probably why we do not have a dog. I can’t imagine having to walk in it. Or pick up poopsicles. Every day. 😉

  4. Our fall here in Virginia has been long and beautiful, so I’ll be especially sad to see it go. But winter has its moments, too. So many have already been mentioned, so I’ll just say that cozy is my favorite part. Oh, and how the snow glistens…that’s kind of magical.

    1. HI Maineiac!

      You know me and my videos. Tech Support made me my Outro this summer. I forgot to put it at the end of Julie’s Guilty Pleasures contest, but I was afraid I would be disqualified since it would have put me over 30 second mark! We all know how THAT ended.

      Sledding is good. And that first true Spring day, where you KNOW that the snow is not coming back? Yes yes yes! That is my happiest day.

      I bet you’d never guess we are going skiing over Christmas vacation? 😉

      How DO you live up there in Maine? Lots of blankets, I’m guessing.

  5. Great video!
    Good things about winter…hmm….considering we got hit with it on Monday, I don’t have a lot of positive things to say…BUT
    I love skiing and the promise of a beach holiday in February.

    1. Ah yes, the promise of a beach holiday is something I can get behind. Hubby and I put that in our marriage vows. Knowing we were going to likely live in Western, NY, we made sure to promise to break-up… winter by taking a holiday as long as we both shall live. 😉

  6. Hey, you chose to live up there. Besides, you Yankees were probably laughing at our 110 degree Texas days last summer. It’s our turn to laugh now. Although I’d never laugh at you, Renee.

    1. I didn’t choose to live here. I was tricked. Maybe I should blog about that. I’ll have to get approval from my father-in-law. He’s very tricky!

      I lived in New Orleans for many years. I am not afraid of the heat David N. Walker TX. I prefer the heat to the chill.

      Any. Day. Of. The. Week.

      My neighbor, the one who bought me the cool shirt, will tell you that — I can often be found during the summer lying on the driveway. It looks weird, and people sometimes stop to ask me if I’m okay. Or to offer water. I have to reassure them, I’m fine. Seriously. I’m an exothermic heat-seeking lizard or something. 😉

  7. Love the photo and video! Since we don’t get snow here in San Diego, winter to me means cold nights, Hanukkah, Christmas lights and holiday cards. And of course my favorite, the Starbucks red cup!

  8. Fall has been great here in the Midwest, but it has gotten cold – it’s 26 right now! Yikes, no more shorts for my kids. Last week we had snow, but thankfully it didn’t stick. It will, oh it will. Winter is great because I can work on inside jobs that I don’t get to when the weather is nice.

    1. *hangs head* That’s true. We do get to turn our attention inside when the weather gets all wonky. Maybe that’s why everyone I know is redoing his or her kitchen. Or basement. Or something.

      Still, I’d rather be at the beach.

  9. SNOWMEN!!!

    I’ve been thinking of ways to get Li’l D up to the snow.

    It has to happen. He shouldn’t miss out on (a little) snow just because his mama decided she couldn’t handle nine months of rain annually!

    Also? I love that video. I love that you have a theme song! YES!

    1. Okay, it cannot be denied, making snow people does rock.

      But they never last for long.

      I’m a buzz-kill when it comes to winter.

      You are more than welcome to come here to have L’il D make a snow person. Would love to have you and the fam. For reals. The husbands could shovel, the boys could make tunnels… and we could just… write and write and write and write…

      …and make everyone hot chocolate. 😉

  10. Skiing, snowmobiling, sledding, sitting by the fire with good friends and family singing songs, laughing, and talking. Those are my favorite things about winter.

  11. We came home from Orlando to snow! It would have been around the same time you got snow. It was beautiful but I’m SOOOO not ready for it to get cold. I’m a flip-flop sorta girl. That doesn’t work so well when the temp gets below freezing. 😉

    1. Welcome home. It is pouring rain right now — thus taking down the remainder of the leaves that were clinging to that tree outside.

      Thank goodness it is supposed to be warmer tomorrow or else we’d have an ugly ice storm on our hands.

      Ah, to live in Western, NY: Blink and the weather changes. 😉

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