February Mashup Of Awesomeness

Love was in the air this month and lots of people wrote lots of posts about Valentine’s Day. And chocolate-covered love. And wine-coma love. And 13 things they love most about their lovers. And love is awesome. Don’t get me wrong. These posts are slightly less lovey-dovey.

From the English Department

Trish Loye has 10 Ways to Know You’re A Writer.

From the Math Department

Annie from Six Ring Circus writes “I Need To Learn To Count to Four.”

From the Science Department

Jenny Hansen gives us the down and dirty on having babies later in life in her piece “When the Conception Journey is a Rock Filled Canyon.”

From the History Department

I find the situation in the Middle East very confusing. Piper Bayard’s partner Holmes has been writing a multi-part piece on Iran that is a must read. There are several parts. Start at the beginning and don’t stop.

From the Language Department

From The Home Economics Department

August McLaughlin gives us “Foods For a Beautiful Brain.” Good to know I eat most of these. Except flaxseed. I’ll have to get on that.

From The Technology Department

Leanne Shirtliffe tells us about The Best iPhone App for Writers.

From the Art & Health Departments

When Elena Aitken wrote 8,000 words in a 2 day period, she posted “Writers Wrist and Other Afflictions.” To go along with it, she posted a must-watch Elmo video. Everyone will love “I Make Art.”

From the Music & Psychology Departments

Rivki Silver does a Cool Music Experiment that shows what happens when you take the same piece of film and pair it with 3 different types of music. Really neat way to understand the power of music!

Christian Emmett wrote a lovely tribute to his band teacher in From Music to Life.

From the Physical Education Department

I’ve got nothing. If you have a post about somebody shaking his or her groove thing. Share it. Otherwise, you can watch this video of me dancing.

Whaaat? I got excited when it finally snowed!

From the Awesome Sauce Department

Elizabeth from The Writer Revived wrote a great piece called “Lessons From Barbie.” Y’all know I’m big on lessons, and I think that Elizabeth is spot on here.

From the Snark Department

25 Things I Want To Say To “Aspiring” Writers by Chuck Wendig.

From the Faculty Lounge

Math teacher Tyler Tarver makes me laugh out loud. I watched his hilarious video “St*$ff High School Students Say” at least 4.7 times. I was really mad when my son interrupted me that last time.

30 thoughts on “February Mashup Of Awesomeness

    1. Annie! I loved this little piece so much. We parents all do silly things once in a while. Isn’t it nice to know that your dude was no worse for the wear. 😉 Plus, look at all the faith he has in you. He knew you’d come back. Probably.

  1. I am stoked to read this mashup. Also, excited that there’s an awesome sauce *and* a snark department. My university didn’t offer much in those fields…

    1. Rivki: I thought this was such a cool experiment. You made preparing for Shabbat dinner look positively ominous in one of those scenes! I know music influences the way we experience things, but this was such a great lesson. I’ll bet music teachers could use it in their classrooms!

      1. Seeing me at the gym is more rare than seeing a unicorn there, so I completely relate to your sentiment of surprise.

        Thanks for adding/reading/recommending me!

  2. Gorgeous mashup, Renee! Thanks for including me. p.s. I’m glad you put me in the Science Department because I always sucked bad at math.

    And dang girl, did I KNOW that you were that skinny and hot? Geesh…I could dance for 2 weeks and not have a tummy that flat. You GO GIRL. 🙂

    1. August, you should totally add Home Ec. Adjunct to your resumé. I’ll totally vouch for you. Did you hear through the blogosphere grapevine that just this week I learned that you were a girl? It’s true. All this time I’d seen your name and assumed you were a guy. Do you get that a lot? Or am I crazy? I am guessing the latter. Or, as some of my students say, the ladder. 😉

      Also, just so you don’t feel bad about this, I also learned that Chris (From the Bungalow) is a guy. I’ve been reading him for a while and I thought he was a she. Not that it matters, but you were not alone as having been transgendered in my mind.

  3. Hey Renee! Thanks so much for including me in your mash-up! A total honour. Sorry, I didn’t get over here earlier, been dealing with a sick kid all weekend.
    Love the video of you dancing. You’ve got some moves, girlfriend!

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