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Follow-Up To The Cat-Eye Post

Reading glasses
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I recently wrote about how I was struggling to find new glasses as a new eyeglasses wearer at age 40-something.

And — surprise! I got to reconnect with Andra, the person who inspired the post! {weep}

Meanwhile, I have to tell you my favorite read of the week came from Susie Lindau.

So if you have a moment, check out her recent blog post: “How Patsy Ramsey Ruined My Life.” It’s not about what you think.



7 thoughts on “Follow-Up To The Cat-Eye Post

  1. Dawg. Well looks like I’ll have to spend a buck at the dollar store and buy my own. Using my United Health care vision plan(free pair once a year), making an appointment, finding parking and reading 14 chapters of something in the waiting room( I see why they call them “waiting” rooms) with a magnifying glass is too much of a hassle. One time I was in the waiting room and a new president had been elected and served a year before I got to see the doctor. Boy, was I hungry when I left.

  2. Oh well. While disappointed, I too am happy we reconnected. And I thought the cookies would be the clincher! ???????? Glad you enjoyed them! Greetings from Jerusalem.

    1. And here I thought the cookies were just for LOVE. I didn’t realize they were a bribe.

      You can’t mess with the ole pull the name out of a hat trick.

      Sometimes I use random number generator.

      I’m so glad to have reconnected. Let’s talk when you get home. Enjoy Israel for Hanukkah!

  3. Woohoo! Thank you so much Renee and of course Tech Support for picking my name! I absolutely love cyber-swag and am looking forward to rocking the new glasses! Thank you for the link to my blog too!
    Have the happiest of Holidays! Ho! Ho! Ho! (I am the exclamation point queen!)

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