Posts That Shimmy & Shake: Girl on the Contrary, Ross Logaz & A Funny PSA

This is the fun part of the show where I get to tell you about some great reads that you might have missed this week. As usual, I try to get one from the chicks and one from the dudes. This week, I even have one a hilarious video clip. Totally worth the 1 minute and 47 seconds. Trust me.

From the Chicks: Girl on the Contrary is convinced that Steven Spielberg hates her. She notes that in the next several years, he is slated to produce six movies or TV shows which feature (*I’m spelling it so as not to scare GOTC*) a-l-i-e-n-s. And Girl is terrified of that word I just spelled. Like pee in your pants scared. So she wrote Spielberg a hilarious deathly serious letter asking him to please stop with the…you-know-whats already.

From the Dudes: Ross Logaz from Offensively Opinionated wrote a piece called “The Road Oft Traveled” where he discusses the idea of rebellion. He starts with Robert Frost, you know, the poet who encouraged folks to take the road less taken back in 1920, and he ends up telling us to screw Robert Frost and find our own damn roads. Be forewarned, Ross swears like a mean ole truck driver (or someone with Turret’s Syndrome), but seeing how many people live in fear of doing their own thing, I can only say he had to, especially to deliver this message. You know, in an attempt to kind of shake people out of their comfort zones. I don’t know, I dug it.

One Hilarious Public Service Announcement I Wish I had Seen in ‘Reel’ Life: Apparently, people have finally had enough of folks texting and talking on cell phones while at the movies. One  particular movie theater in Texas has rather strict policy about it, and they will kick your booty out the door for doing it. No refund. The brilliant folks at the Alamo Drafthouse Theater in Austin, Texas turned an angry, anonymous phone call from an ignorant outraged customer into a hilarious Public Service Announcement. To. Die. For. I wonder if she gets it. 😉

Are you ready for summer? How many pairs of flip flops do you own? Tell me about your favorite footwear for summer.

18 thoughts on “Posts That Shimmy & Shake: Girl on the Contrary, Ross Logaz & A Funny PSA

  1. That video is HILARIOUS! KUDOS to the thee-ay-ter people for publishing that as a PSA and putting the whole thing in some perspective with humor to boost. I love it!

    Off to check out the other posts! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Purty good, right? You didn’t tell me your favorite footwear for the summer. If I can’t go barefoot, then I like to wear tall, chunky wedges. If I don’t want to fall down, then I like to wear these black flip flops from Born. So comfy. 😉

  2. I looooove the angry caller. She sounded pretty drunk. I think texting might have been the last straw in why she was thrown out. I live an hour from the only Alamo Drafthouse that’s not in Texas and hubby and I drive the distance to see movies there. Wine+Movie=Fun!!

      1. I’m not in Texas–there’s an Alamo Drafthouse in Virginia–I think it’s the only one that’s not in Texas. I’m a total flip-flop girl! I’m really flat-footed so I only wear Tevas because they have a little bit of an arch support. I have to live vicariously through buying my daughters cute shoes, because I can’t do heels or even wedges without potentially killing myself! 🙂

  3. Oh PLEASE let me write the epitath on the caller’s tombstone. Uggs. Uggs winter, Uggs summer, Uggs all the time. I am old and don’t need to conform to no stinkin’ fashion laws. Should you have the audacity to take me aside and scold me for my faux pas, I’ll take my Uggs off and make you gaze upon my bunions. Yes, I’m THAT BAD! ;}

    1. Teresa: Really? Uggs, all the time? I see people doing that and I wonder, “Aren’t they hot? And “Won’t they have crazy tan lines.” ANd now Ive met someone that I can talk to about this. You may become the topic of a blog. I need to be school in this phenomenon. Get ready for some follow-up on this. 😉

      1. I live in New Mexico (hotter than hades) but for some reason feet don’t get hot in Uggs. I worked in a semiconductor clean room for a decade and it was kept at a constant temperature via sophisticated mechanisms. Apparently, all they really needed was to line the interior with sheepskin. ;} I should probably add that I only wear Uggs (the ugly Uggs) around the house. I have a closet full of other stylish and mostly uncomfortable choices. I’m an old hoofer who still enjoys tennis so I eschew heels. I’d rather save my feet and joints for chasing down balls. Tan lines? Who worries about those when one’s age spots have merged to create the perfect tan?

  4. Austin movie goers take there movies seriously, especially at Alamo Draft House. I’ve lived there and I know. I hope the offender leaned her lesson.

  5. A local chain of cinemas threw out a woman this week for texting at the movies. They tell you before the show starts that you can’t talk or text. It’s only common sense,

  6. I have three pairs of flip flops but then I have two pairs of wedge flip flops. Do they count.? They are sort of like dressier flip flops. I love them.

  7. Excellent post on so many levels. Your links to some entertaining stuff was fun and I love the colorful flip-flops–very eye-catching.

    As for my favorite summer footwear? I like being barefoot in the grass.

  8. Crocs! Navy blue crocs. My feet are so ugly, that wrapping them in ugly footwear makes them feel better. Crocs have become the ubiquitous summer footwear in our family. The kids have their pairs adorned with the jibbitz things and such, but plain ol’ navy blue for me!

  9. Thank you for putting me onto Ross!! I love his writing, salty as it may be!! Thank you, thank you, thank you–and I am not a Republican either!

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