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Anxious About #BlissDom? You’re Not Alone!


In a few days, I’ll be attending BlissDom, a blogging conference in Grapevine, Texas.

I’m excited to network and meet some cyber-buddies, but I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to being nervous, too.

For weeks, I’ve read posts about what people are doing to prepare for this thing. Some bloggers wrote about how they plan to get to the conference early so they can have their nails done & have their hair cut and colored before the keynote on Thursday night.


Some women posted pictures of what they plan to wear to the conference. Others mentioned they received sponsorships from clothing companies that not only paid for their tickets to the conference, but also gave them cute outfits to wear the entire weekend.


I’ve read how about how important it is to pack properly for this conference. Apparently, I need earplugs and Band-Aids and duck tape and snacks and comfortable {yet stylish} shoes. And an iPad. And gifts for my roommates.

Holy moley, Spicolli.

I know y’all mean well, but y’all are making me want to hide at the pool, and I haven’t gotten on the plane yet!

For those of you who haven’t met me yet (and that would be everyone since this is my first blogging conference), I figured I’d come clean right now.

I will not be the girl with the make-up or the nails or the pretty outfits.

Coming from Rochester, New York, I live in a puffy, black sleeping bag coat between November and April. We all do. It’s a thing.

So I probably shouldn't wear this, huh?
So I probably shouldn’t wear this, huh?

Also, I operate under a probably misguided belief that I look adorable in jeans worn under a sundress.

With cowboy boots.

So I will probably be wearing something like this:

This works, right?


I might also be wearing a hat.

On account of my crazy hair.

Here are some things I would appreciate if you would do when you see me at BlissDom:

  1. Check my teeth. I have this one area where food always gets caught. Friends generally tell me if there is something nasty up in there. Seriously, I will love you if you lean over and discreetly tell me my lunch is stuck in my grill.
  2. Dance with me.  I plan to tear it up on the dance floor. I don’t need any alcohol or drugs or anything to get out there. If you want my drink tickets me to love you forever, dance with me. Don’t say you need ten drinks first. Just come join. I promise I won’t make you stand on the bar. Probably.
  3. Ask me if I know where I’m going. I was not born with an innate sense of direction. When traveling alone, I am 100% dependent on Google Maps, which probably won’t help much inside the Gaylord Hotel. If you see a woman weeping in a corner, chances are I have to pee and I can’t find a bathroom. If you can just point me in the right direction, I’d be much obliged.

Help me on any of these fronts, and I’ll pretty much do anything for you.

I’ve got my business cards and my iPad.

This Yankee is packing her big girl panties and her cowboy boots.

I promise to bleach my mustache for you.

But I’m not getting a spray tan or micro-demabrasion or liposuction or Rejuviderm or Botox.

{Unless someone is offering to sponsor that. In which case I totally am.}

Get ready, BlissDom.

I’ll be the 45-year-old shaking her badonkadonk on the dance floor.

What are the most important things you have ever brought to conferences — writing or otherwise?

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125 thoughts on “Anxious About #BlissDom? You’re Not Alone!

  1. First of all I’m from Maine so I get the whole puffy sleeping bag thing 😉 secondly this is my 3rd Blissdom and trust me no one cares what you wear. They discuss it beforehand and then just really don’t care. 🙂 Also if you are worried no one will dance with you, don’t. seriously we are all big dorks 😉

    1. Thank you for the calming words. I think I’ll be fine once I get there. Off to the airport! Gah!

  2. Shit. I want to dance with girl bloggers.

    and I’m also thinking about the food. There’ll probably be lots and lots of food. and I might forget about the girl bloggers.

  3. I’m so bummed I’m not going to this because we could hide out at the pool together. Maybe start our own dance party with music from your iPad.

  4. I hope you are smack-dab in the midst of an awesome experience.
    Can’t wait to hear all about it from your perspective.

    Just as soon as you find your way home…


  5. Actually, I don’t think there is room for one more comment. 🙂

    Bliss out, baby and have a blast.

  6. I’m anxious for details!!!

  7. I think I love you more for this than I did before!!! I’m doing Bloggy Boot Camp in Charlotte and am justaweebitannoyed at the “whatchu wearing” posts already going on. Uh… I’m wearing something really comfortable and a pair of flipflops so I can kick them off and get comfy while I listen to speakers all day. I’m like you.. I think I look really cute in my casual uniform. But you know what? I have the confidence, too so I don’t really care if I don’t ;). Guessing BlogHer is going to be the same routine as well. Oh well.. smiles, everyone, smiles!

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