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In Memory of Lilly: Lilly Pulitzer Bag Giveaway


Lily Pulitzer passed away last month, on April 7, 2013 at the age of 81. I’m confident her legacy of brightly colored fabrics featuring flamingos & seals & peacocks & turtles & elephants & hippoptamuses & flowers & flowers & flowers will live on forever. A believer in the power of whimsy, I like to think we would have been friends.

If you saw my post earlier this week about how I Have One Lilly Pulitzer Dress, you might want to go back and read it.



Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

If you are here because to hell with that you want to win the Lilly bag, you’re in the right place.


Today, as I enter my 4th year in the blogosphere and publish my 500th post, I need to thank you, my readers. I appreciate that you read my words and that you keep coming back. You’ve celebrated with me and held me up during difficult times. You laughed when I confessed to being #SoWrong, and you play my silly language games.

You help to quiet the critical voices that live in my head and remind me believe in myself.

Bottom line, you inspire me to write.

Because of you, I want someone out there to have a little Lilly in her life.

Because no one should ever listen to a flat-chested girl named Courtney. 

Also because this bag is adorable.

Men, do not be fooled. This is NOT just a contest for women.

Check out how much Lilly handbags and clothes go for. You can enter and give your winnings a a deserving woman in your life. Or  *insert evil grin* if you win, you can stick the thing up on eBay and use the cash to buy beer and motor oil! So this giveaway is for you, too.



  1. Leave a comment on this post telling me why you’d like to win this bag. (1 point)
  2. Read THIS POST and leave a comment THERE. (1 point) Did this already? Guess what? You already have 1 point! Yay!
  3. If you are a Lilly lover, email me a photo of yourself wearing/holding something Lilly. You can use Photoshop! Be creative. Include a short paragraph telling me why you need this bag. (5 points)
  4. Email me an image of your current sad-looking handbag. Include a short paragraph telling me why you’d like to win this bag. (5 points)
  5. Tweet this post. You can tweet your own way (just be sure to include my handle) or, if it helps, you can copy this text right into Twitter:  I just entered to win a @LillyPulitzer handbag. Check out this #giveaway via @rasjacobson! (1 point)
  6. Facebook share this post. If you can’t tag me, copy the URL of the page where you shared the post and put it on my blog in a separate entry. (1 point)

The Rules

1. The contest is open only to residents of the United States & Canada. Sorry, I can’t spend 11.3 jazillion dollars shipping this bag abroad.

2. Photos should be sent to rasjacobsonny {at} gmail {d0t} com by Friday, May 17th at noon, Eastern. Be sure to include your name. If you’re a blogger, include your blog URL, so I can link up to you. If you’re on Twitter, please include your handle  — as that is the fastest way to contact winners! If you are neither a blogger nor on Twitter, don’t worry, you can still win! Just be sure to include your name with your email!

3. Entrants agree to have their photos appear in a future post. (You know, if I’m actually that organized… Because I think it would be fun to show a bunch of pics!)

4. DISCLAIMER: I have no idea how big or how small this contest will be, but I’m mentally prepared to put all names and associated points into an ridiculously complicated Excel spreadsheet. Every name will be associated with individual numbers based on a point system based on your number of entries. Random Number Generator will select the winner. You can do as many or as few things to win as you’d like. Obviously, your odds of winning increase if you do more things to win! And yes, you can enter every which way. You can comment on both posts and tweet and Facebook share! You can send a photo of yourself wearing Lilly and send a separate photo of your handbag. Just be sure to send separate emails.

5. One winner will be announced on May 20th, on my blog. If the winner does not respond within 24 hours, I’m keeping this bag another winner will be selected. Please don’t do that do me. I think I may collapse after this giveaway.

tweet me @rasjacobson

I was not sponsored by anyone for this giveaway. I just want to make someone happy. Like Lilly did.  Also, please don’t be offended, but I’m not responding to people’s comments on this post. I have a feeling this is going to get crazy. You know, or not.

37 thoughts on “In Memory of Lilly: Lilly Pulitzer Bag Giveaway

  1. I want to win it b/c it is sassy and classy. I always use my sister’s castoff bags so it would be nice to have a new to me bag.

  2. I love flowers. I wish that I could have met Lily Pulitzer in person. I love bright colors, nature and living things. Your blogs inspire my soul.

  3. I’d like to win it not for myself (don’t you even go there Renee!) so that I can give it to a favorite female blogging friend (don’t go there either Renee!)…no kidding. I deserve it because you’re hearty hybrid dandelion-orchid and I’m simply an orchid….and we come from damn good gardens!? 😉

  4. I am using a wonderful leather bag that is great for the winter but I need something zingy for spring and summer and I just love the bag you have shown here. I am sure if I win it I will wow the crowds on the street–I will even devote a column to it in the newspaper (as I write a column for the newspaper and therefore you will be made famous) and this should counter the fact that I do not know how to send photos or even at this point take them–which is ironic since I was once a photographer/reporter/columnist and I am now just a reporter/columnist but can add blogger to the repertoire. So I commented yesterday (I think–I will go back and look as I did read your post and love your dress which you carry off with great style and class); I tweeted, I facebooked, I commented and I am sending these little icons in lieu of pics–:) 😉 :)–pretend they are me holding my beige purse which is meant for the winter months. And if I don’t win–which I won’t as I lack the punch of sending pics–I still like your blog!

  5. Your loss for making it sound like this contest is only for women and possibly drag queens, as I’m not above putting my big ass into a dress meant for a petite woman to win free stuff. You’d at least have another sweet frazzled hair shot of yourself upon viewing the picture I’m confident.

      1. I have a wife and daughter about to turn 10 in July, so I could horde it as a gift and use the savings to buy myself some Bud Light Lime. That’s tempting, so I guess the deal breaker is whether or not I can find a Lilly Pulitzer dress. If yes, I’m in!!

          1. Can I get an extra point or two for not bringing up your broken womb even though I totally had it on my mind much of the day yesterday because my mother reminded me for the 698th time in my life that I was a 10 pound baby and hers barely survived birthing me. Lol.

  6. I’m not a Lily fan but I am a fan of your well-written, thoughtful and fun blog! Congrats on four years and may there be many more years and blog posts to comes!

  7. I live in the land of Lily (aka the Sunshine State). Bright colors and whimsical prints that would normal clash worse than something my grandma might have dressed me in during the ’70s are the norm here.

    I have one Lily tunic I discovered in a thrift store. My husband saw it and grimaced–I LOVE it. As I am a poor, unpaid, aspiring novelist, I cannot stroll down to our local Lily outlet for a shi shi shopping spree. But I’d love to win this purse.

    {I’m a lurker, but love the blog. Love it. Cheers.}

  8. I’m not in Canada or the US, so I’m out. Cool bag though and great contest! But most of all, congratulations on your 4 years and 500 posts in the blogosphere!

  9. I need to win this bag because as a single mom, I never buy anything for myself. Let alone an exclusive designer label. The only time I’ve bought anything from a designer is if I found it at Marshall’s. I come alive whenever I see Lilly’s patterns and colors, they literally stir my senses. The warm pinks, greens, oranges, and yellows are so whimsical, they make me feel like I’m on a West Palm beach, that Lord knows I could never afford. lol

  10. I’m here for the handbag.

    The Boss would probably love it. She’s got a thing for bags. I’m amazed that there is any room in our closet for my clothes what with all the bags. So for me, selling it on eBay would never fly. Plus The Boss has morphed into Queen Hormonal these days so a nice gift that didn’t cost eleventy- bajillion dollars would most likely go a long way. Or not. Who can tell with women… Certainly not me (I know that should be obvious by me calling The Boss, Queen Hormonal).

  11. Congrats on the blogoversary and the 500th post, Renee!

    I would like to win the bag because seriously – who needs more whimsy in their life than I do??? LOL I’m much too serious a lot of the time. Besides – my middle name is Renee. That should count for something, right? 😉

  12. I think I was meant to have that bag and I’ll tell you why: 1) today us the first day I visited your blog and I love it. I was looking for some bar mitzvah advise and yours was so good, I proceeded to your hompage to read more. 2) I am known for having my own unique style and was actually punched in the face by a burn out girl st school for sporting Sperry topsiders in 1982. Im wondering if it might get s similar reaction from my current peergroup over this purse. I invite it. My life at 46 could had some action. 3) I never ever win anything because I dont enter…..because I know that I probably wont win…..But today… feeling a little Lilly

  13. Ok, so I commented on your prior post, and now I’m commenting on this one, so I guess I get a couple points. I would like the bag because it’s pretty and colorful and not my usual thing. I am a boring black catch-all bag kinda girl. I’ll try to send you a boring pic.

  14. Happy Blogoversary, Renee!! The bag is gorgeous! You’ve done enough for me and my blog, you don’t need to give me a beautiful gift too! That said, if you’re feeling the need to give me one more thing, I’ll oblige! We can share it via Fed Ex back and forth! 😉 Hope you’re doing great!

  15. I think I must be a bad female as I have no idea who Lilly Pulitzer is or why her bags are so special. Then again, if it weren’t for my husband and my sister I’d have never owned a Coach purse or my Vera Bradleys, either. (Never mind that I have 4 Dallas Cowboy purses) I’ve always thought my money was better spent on books, music and lingerie (okay, so I have one girlie fetish). I always left purses, shoes, clothes and jewelry to my mom and sister.

  16. Happy Blogoversary, Renée! You are such a blog star and bring so much light, love and laughter into the world – seriously. You better believe me! I am hoping that at some point this summer I will meet up with you in Rochester and we can do a happy feet dance together and shlurp some Canada Dry ginger ale which I will import directly from north of the border!
    Have fun giving away that gorgeous bag. I’m not going to enter because I’m still trying to downsize from when we moved to a condo 7 years ago. xo

  17. 4th anniversary! That’s soooo awesome! Congrats! I love Lilly and don’t have much of it, so winning this would be neato – like the purse itself! That, and i really need a summer purse. 🙂 I’ll inbox you about the Motherhood. Inbox me if I forget.

  18. Lol, “you can stick the thing up on eBay and use the cash to buy beer and motor oil!” You crack me up Renee! Congratulations and Happy Blogoversary to you! Yay, you did it! And it’s a mighty fine blog, if I do say so myself. It’s only onward and upward from here girl! Way to Go! 🙂

  19. I guess I held off until something witty popped into my pointy head and I am still waiting!!! Oh well.. this is all I’ve got, but would LOVE the bag!

    I had heard of the name Lily Pulitzer, but didn’t know she was a clothing designer.
    I asked my daughter Courtney (not to be confused with the biaaatch from your story), about her and she said Lily is really big with the sororities out here at CU. My daughter is a Gamma Phi Beta.
    Well that explains it. I was only in fraternities when I was in college!!!

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