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A few night’s ago, right before I went to bed, I thought about how the weather had suddenly changed from bikini season to tree-turn season, and how I haven’t made as much progress as I’d hoped to on my outdoor landscaping project, started back in 2020 during the COVID Quarantine.

“I wish I had three big rocks!” I said aloud before turning over to go to sleep.

The next morning, I woke up and started my daily routine: I made my bed, showered, ate breakfast, laid out all the necessary supplies in anticipation for my first art student of the day.

On that particular morning, I had enough time to go outside to check my mailbox, which is attached to a cluster of several other mailboxes located in front of my next-door neighbor’s house, a short distance down the road.

Freshly showered and wearing only my bathrobe and towel-turban, I’m standing there, barefoot, when I hear the familiar rumble.

For the past month the guys from Greenlight have been in my neighborhood, digging up people’s front lawns so as to install new fiber-optic cable which will ostensibly help to give us faster Internet speeds (as well as give us a choice outside the current near-monopoly held by our current internet provider).

By now, I can anticipate what’s coming: the excavator, the DITCHWITCH drill, the vehicle that holds the enormous spool of blue cable, and several other trucks barrel up the street and stop directly in front of my house, blocking my driveway.

Knowing my client will be arriving a short while later, I walk up the road to have a quick conversation with the head of the crew, who kindly reassures me he will move his gynormous vehicle.

Suddenly, I get an idea.

It can’t hurt to ask, I think.

“Hey,” I say, turning around and calling to the Project Manager, a guy with a thick reddish beard, dark sunglasses and some major muscles. “When you dig, do you ever come across any really big rocks?”

“Big rocks?” the PM asks.

“Like boulders,” I say.

“Boulders?” he asks, shaking his head. “We don’t usually come across those kinds of obstacles in newer neighborhoods.”

I nod and start to back away, careful to hold my robe closed. “Well, if you happen to find any really big rocks, I’d love to have a few for a garden project.”

Back at my house, I continue to think about my unfinished garden project. For months, I’ve considered purchasing a few large rocks from a local landscaper but they were charging hundreds of dollars to have them delivered — and, call me crazy, but I just couldn’t justifying paying exorbitant prices for a slab of fused minerals.

Suddenly, the doorbell rings, and, upon opening the door, I am surprised to see the bearded PM from Greenlight standing there, sunglasses in his huge hand.

“You won’t believe this,” he says. “We just hit a rock. Not quite a boulder, but definitely a big rock.”

I follow the PM outside, the two of us heading toward a pile of dirt on my neighbor’s lawn.

And then I see it.

It’s a rock.

A big one.

Exactly the kind of rock I’ve been hoping for.

Clapping my hands together a little too enthusiastically, I shout: “It’s perfect!” — then add, “Can I have it?”

So PM gathers his crew around and somehow they locate a wheelbarrow (cuz Lord knows I don’t have anything like that in my garage), and it’s game on.

It takes three burly dudes to pick the thing up, which they do — and after depositing it with a loud CLUNK into the old wheelbarrow, they transport it to my backyard, dropping it into the desired spot.

Over the course of the day, the crew come across several additional “big rocks,” which they gladly deposit in my backyard.

“Seriously, this never happens,” the PM insists.

Now, some people might call this a ‘coincidence’ or a ‘stroke of luck’, but I believe in the power of manifestation.

The Law of Attraction knows no bounds — and we really can control a lot by the way we think about ourselves and the world.

The ability to manifest doesn’t happen overnight, but over the last nine years, I have learned to shift my energy, to focus on attracting people who are attracted NOT to the person I used to be, but to the person I am becoming.

These days, I know if I see it and feel it, I will achieve it.

And sometimes, as in the case of those garden rocks, it happens almost immediately.

How do I do this?

– I think clearly about what I want.
– I envision myself getting exactly what I want.
– I write down exactly what I want.
– I say out loud what it is that I want.
– I believe I deserve the thing I want.
– I believe the thing I want is on its way.

Then I practice patience & wait.

And while I may not get everything as quickly as those garden rocks, I receive and acknowledge everything that comes my way with gratitude, no matter how big or how small.

What about you? Got any stories about how YOU are intentionally manifesting your destiny?


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