March Departmental Mash-Up of Awesomeness

Whoever said April comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb didn’t know what he was talking about this year. It was all lamb all the time this month in Western New York. Until last night, when it snowed again. Thank goodness the Interwebs remained unaffected and the yummy-delicious posts kept coming in.

From the Lamb Department

The most delicious Lamb — Kristen Lamb — saved my butt with her post on Deadly Doses: Politics, Religion and Our Brand.   She also debunks the myth that Real Writers Never Struggle.

From the English Department

In honor of National Grammar Day, I offered 7 Reasons To Ignore Grammar Rules aka: wotz the big deal cuz u no wot i mean

Lynette Labelle offers up Commonly Misused Words, Part 3. Nice to know I’m not the only grammar guru out there.

From the Math Department

Math teacher, Chrystal H. penned The Horror of Public Speaking, and expresses gratitude for her now deceased English teacher who helped her become a little more brave.

From the Technology Department

Gigi from Kludgy Mom wrote a piece on Windows 8 called Forget Everything You Knew that made this Mac girl take pause.

From the History Department

K.B. Owen gives a short, informational lesson on Allergies. Sorry to those of you in Richmond, VA. *Achoo* Bless you.

From the Language Department

David N. Walker’s piece Understanding Texicans made me want to go to Texas. Immediately.

From The Home Economics Department

August McLaughlin offered info about Gluten-Free Diets.

From The Science Department

Scott Young explains how smart people think in Training Genius: The Learning Secrets of Polyglots & Savants.

From the Art Department

Diane Foug Almost Threw This In The Creek! If I had been Diane’s neighbor, I would have sneaked down to the creek and snatched it up. I think it is beautiful.

From the Health Department

After Susie Lindau went to get her annual eye exam, she wrote Eyeing the Charts. And then she went to the dentist and had A Very Strange Appointment. So enjoyable. For us. Sorry Susie!

From the Music & Psychology Departments

Amazing how the right musical hook can lodge itself in one’s brain. Listen to this and you’ll be singing it all day. I’m warning you…

From the Physical Education Department

Tyler Tarver attempts to put together The Best Freeze Tag Team Ever.

From the Film Department

Ellie Ann Soderstrom nails it with 20 Iconic Objects in Movies.

From the Awesome Sauce Department

Clay Morgan made his BIG announcement that his book is going to be released this fall. Also his March Movie Madness (#MMM2 on Twitter) is beyond fun! And there is still time to SAVE FERRIS if you vote today before noon EST. Click here to help me advance to the finals against Indiana Jones or Atticus Finch.

From the Sassy Department

Piper Bayard urges us to Eat More Imperial Dwarf Deer. If people can eat snakes and squirrels, why not? Maybe.

Note For the Faculty Lounge

Running From Hell With El wrote a poignant account of how rough it felt to be the mother of a child labeled “bad” in Yes, He is my son.

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12 thoughts on “March Departmental Mash-Up of Awesomeness

  1. Thanks for the inclusion in your Mashup of Awesomeness- WOW! I am so glad that you could laugh right along with me Renee! I will check out the other links…

    Go Ferris!!

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