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Misty’s Old Fashioned Letter

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Y’all, another bloggy friend submitted a beautiful letter to my son in summer camp in the Write My Kid an Old-Fashioned Letter” Contest!

This one comes from Misty of Misty’s Laws.

Here’s the thing you have to know about Misty. The girl loves to send cards. This isn’t the first card that’s shown up via snail mail from Misty. She sent me a birthday card when I turned 45, and I got a little verklempt. Besides my mother and my husband, I don’t think anyone else gave me a handwritten card. Oh, I received plenty of Facebook comments on my timeline. And I got a bunch of texts. But the electronic stuff can never replace the joy of receiving and opening a personal letter.

In her letter to my son…

Misty writes as if she is a former bunkmate who didn’t return to camp this year.

IMG_1785 (4)
Click HERE to see Misty’s letter bigger-er!

Here’s an excerpt:

I remember all of our previous camp experiences, don’t you? Like that time we all went hiking & silly Mikey walked through all of that poison ivy. He was itchy for days! Ha. And do you remember when we went canoeing & our boat got stuck in those marshy reeds? It took forever to get out of there! And who knew mosquitoes really liked marshy reeds? Talk about itchy. Yikes. Ah, good times.

Misty “remembers” singing John Jacob Jingleheimerschmidt, roasting marshmallows, and canoeing out to the marshy reeds where the itchy mosquitoes live. She hopes my son isn’t living with He Who Shall Not Be Named — which is perfect. Because everyone who ever went to camp knows there’s always one kid in the bunk you’d like to paddle out to the marshy reeds and leave with the mosquitoes.

Misty’s postscript is going to destroy my boy.

P.S: As I know you are suffering without your beloved Minecraft, in your honor, I have vowed to play an extra 2 hours of video games every day to make up for it. You’re welcome. It’s really nothing. I’m a giver.

The thing is Misty really is a giver.

If you read her blog, you know Misty goes all out to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries and takes care to make everyone feel special. She buys silly stuff she knows readers of her blog will enjoy and hosts fun giveaways on her blog from time to time — just because. And she gifted me with a most delicious guest post when she shared her #SoWrong moment not long ago.

Thanks to Misty for making my kid’s summer camp experience even funner-er.

Whaaat? It’s summer. I can break a few grammar rules.

• • •

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16 thoughts on “Misty’s Old Fashioned Letter

  1. Well, this card doesn’t surprise me one bit. Misty is the Queen of Thoughtfulness! There’s nothing better than some snail mail. I love the ‘angle’ she chose for this letter, too! The Post Script was POI-fect!

  2. Good job deciphering the handwriting! I hope he likes it. I was gonna send snacks along with it, but I know there are restrictions on the food, so I didn’t want to send the wrong thing. Let him know that there are mental snacks sent along with the card! 😉

    1. I loved your letter soooo much! I already sent your card, so I’ll let him know that you sent “mental snacks” in my next letter — which will probably get to him in about 5 days. Mail to camp is delivered first by car, then by pony, then by snail. It’s u n b e a r a b l e. When I saw Tech on Visitor’s Day, I asked him what he thought about the letters from bloggers, and he said he’s really enjoying them! Can’t wait to hear which one he loves the best!

      1. I am so clearly off base with what I assumed 14 year old boys like even though I swear I was one at one time! I hope he’s enjoying camp; it seems like a long time to be away from home so I hope he’s hanging in there.

  3. What a creative idea to write from the point of view of a former camper!

    Renee–I have a fiction recommendation for you by the way. I just read The Interestings. I think you’ll like the premise. Book was great.

  4. Haha, I love the self-sacrifice she displays in offering to play more minecraft. That is truly the sign of a good friend! And I agree about the handwritten cards. There is nothing like it.

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