Mo-Mo-Mo. Hawk-Hawk-Hawk.

TechSupport called while he was away at overnight camp.

I knew something had to be really wrong to get a phone call.

He had to be sick. Or dying. Or have head lice.

But no.

He called to ask permission to get a mohawk.

“It’s for the Fight Song. Can I do it?” he asked.

“Sure,” I said, knowing my husband always gives Tech a good brush-cut before school starts in September.

“Tell the director.” Tech said. “He needs to hear it from your lips.”

“Hi, Renée.” I heard the director smiling through the phone.

“It’s fine.” I laughed.

Imagine if your kid came back to you — after four weeks of being away — with this haircut:

How would you feel about that?

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Right now, only 3 votes separate the two teams. This is tight people! I’m the chick in green — not the one with the mustache — in case you couldn’t tell. Wes Molebash didn’t know about my crazy curls. But boy did he create awesome caricatures of everyone.

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64 thoughts on “Mo-Mo-Mo. Hawk-Hawk-Hawk.

  1. I would absolutely love it! I love when my daughter expresses her individuality….. even if it is something I may not agree with. She’s 16, and has already had her eyebrow and nose pierced (they are both out now, per her own choice). I feel like… the bigger deal I make about NOT wanting her to do these things (or get mohawks) the more likely she is to rebel and do things far worse…

    Awesome hair!!!! 😀

  2. I would be happy that he was having so much fun and feeling part of something bigger ( his village at camp) than of himself. :). March, march on down the field…

  3. It’s awesome! Everyone should have a wild hair experience at least once in their life.

    When I was 16 I went to London with 2 friends on February break. One of my friends was 17. She was our chaperone.

    We all went to a salon in London. They both got highlights. Since my hair was much darker, the stylist recommended lowlights. So, I got lowlights. Red. Not, a nice auburn. Red. Fire Engine Red. And, no, I didn’t call my parents from London to ask if it was OK. I just went for it. They loved it!! OK, they actually asked if I spilled paint on my hair. But, they were basically OK with it. I think.

    It grew out. Eventually. 🙂

    1. Awesome hair story. Even I shaved my hair back in 11th grade. It was a disaster to grow out, and I’ll never do it again. I think I destroyed all the pictures. Maybe a few from camp remain. Ugh! Long bangs and short hair. That was so 1980s. But I forgot I had curly hair. Or something!

  4. Hi Renee, I love it! Being young and doing (safe) crazy things is what summer break is all about. My youngest daughter wanted to add colorful extensions to her hair. The yes from me didn’t come as quickly as yours did, but it came, and her hair ended up looking cute.

  5. Ha! I don’t know what I would think. I would probably be amused and take some pictures.

    It reminds me of when I was away at band camp and dyed my hair (just a slightly darker color of brunette – nothing more exciting than that). I, however, did not ask my mother’s permission until *after* the event, and her response to my request was “no.” So I lived in mortal fear of her reaction when she picked up me from camp. Thankfully, the color was so close to my original hair color that she didn’t even notice! When I ‘fessed up, she told me that she only said no because she thought I was asking if I could dye me hair blue, or purple, or something like that.

    So glad tech loved camp. That’s the best.

    1. So funny that your mother didn’t even notice! LOL! Hilarious!

      Mostly I was pleased Tech didn’t come home with head lice. You know… because they shared the trimmers and everything. That would have been bad. More for me than anyone else. 😉

  6. It’s only hair. It’ll grow back. I definitely wouldn’t have a problem with it. I keep hoping that while my kids are at camp, they’ll go and do something really stupid, just like I used to do. It’s part of growing up. I used to “bleach” my very dark brown hair with lemon juice (poor mans sun-in). I once bleached it, then dyed it with Kool-Aid… Cherry Kool-Aid. All it really did was give me some cool auburn highlights. My mom thought it was pretty stupid, but never really complained about it.

  7. Oh Renee, I’m soooooo old that I’d just be grateful for an intact head and body! It was always interesting to watch how the little boys in my classes emulated one another. If one got a Mohawk, they would all try to create little banks of head-topping hair.

    Just thought of the DA and flip of my older cousins’ youth… And my husband and his dad whose shocks of white hair are a source of much preening and mistaken identity for movie stars…

    Men’s hair is so much more than a peppermint stick barber pole would have us believe…

    1. Just remembered my younger son’s adventure with coloring his hair. His best bud at the time was the son of the president of a local, very prestigious private university, the one where my husband is employed… Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum these guys were, literally for their school play, figuratively in what was done when together. They got together one weekend with the intent of bleaching, then dying each other’s hair without parental permission. When I picked up the hot pink headed boy, I laughed. We were on our way to spend Easter with my folks. No scolding needed. He suffered unmerciless teasing from my father, brother, and his nieces and nephews. No baseball cap could adequately cover his locks…

  8. Love it! I’d allow it too if he agreed to buzz it or whatever before school! I’m kind of old-fashioned I guess. Meanwhile, baby Nate has a natural mohawk. For real!

        1. Something tells me that this one isn’t going to go for that. He has seen how my tattoo has weathered, and he isn’t interested in the whole trend. In fact, I was really surprised he wanted to do this because it WAS the trend. But — ever pragmatic — he explained, he knew he was going to get a brush-cut before school anyway, so why not have a little fun?

          No, this one won’t be interested in tattoos or piercings.


          Taking apart my phone? Yes! Dissecting my computer? Yes yes yes!

          Doing something to his body? Not so much.

          Then again, all that could change. Right?

  9. Haha! I would think it was totally awesome! You’re only a kid once, right? I wish I was brave enough to do something like that – a little bit, but not too crazy.

    Of course, I don’t have kids…

  10. You’re an awesome mom! I read this post while on vacation and it brought a huge smile to my face. Couldn’t wait to get back to let you know. 🙂

    PS My DD loved camp! I missed her every night. I think it was more of a growing experience for me than her.

      1. Hubby said Mr.T made the Mohawk a less intimidating hair style than when it was associated with the whole Sid Vicious Punk Rock movement. I don’t know.

        All I know is that today at the water park?

        At least 16 people were sporting them.

        Yes, I counted.

        1. I pity the fool who never had a mohawk! ;p

          I would have counted, too! Because I like to know things like that – the exact number kind of things. Well, everything comes back around…and around.

  11. That is the most “interesting” cut I’ve seen in while: leaving hair around the ears.

    I’ve shaved mine, in recent years even. So I totally get the mohawk with the pack. Nothing wrong with that.

  12. My husband had a mohawk for his senior class picture about 2 million years ago. His mom never forgave him.

    Sorry I didn’t get to the contest in time to vote, but you won anyway. Congrats!

  13. Yay to you for saying yes. I remember how pleased I was when I had my hair cut from very long (able to sit on it) to shaved the summer I finished school … and I still remember the stunned look on my mother’s face when I walked in the door!!! He’ll remember that you said yes every time he remembers the haircut.

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