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Check Out My New Favorite Gadget

I’ve been a little traumatized after recent events.

Turns out that it’s misery trying to post from an iPhone, and this whole waiting-for-my-new-computer-to-arrive thang is turning into a real drag.

Anyhoo, I thought you might get a kick out of my new best friend.

You all know Stewie, right?

Do you recognize my little buddy? My little pal?

He’s supposed to offer me some solace.


You don’t understand how Stewie Griffin from The Family Guy is supposed to offer me peace of mind?

No, I know Stewie is completely obsessed with world domination as well as killing his mother.

Oh, wait! You must not recognize the most special part of my new best friend.

Meet 16-Gigabyte Stewie.

I figure if my new computer ever contemplates crashing, 16 GB Stewie will kick its electronic ass.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, read about what happened here.

It could save your life.

Or at least your photos, your most important documents & your sanity.

Don’t be me.

What fun new gadgets have you been playing with?

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29 thoughts on “Check Out My New Favorite Gadget

  1. Renee, I’m so glad to see you’ve got your head back in the game. You got your head handed to you last time, but now you’re really getting a-head of any future computer crashes. You’ve got a good head on those shoulders, so always use your backup! He’s cute, but watch your head, or heads will roll. Head enough?

  2. About the only new gadget I have is a new mouse – one of many as I get through them at a rate of knots with my digital artwork and photocolouring – but I keep forgetting to turn it off in between sessions and its batteries don’t last long.

    Is 16Gb going to be enough once you start getting photos and stuff on your new computer? Personally I’d buy a good USB plug and play Hard Drive. Or will you get one of those too?

    1. The hard drive should show up with the computer. Today. I’m kind of going nuts. Stewie is just for the in-between. While I’m writing things on my husband’s computer. In case he deletes them. 😉 It could happen.

      Tech just got a new mouse. He loves it. I can’t tell the difference.

  3. Ha! Sweet. I have a dual USB that is an angel and devil hugging. I plan to use it on my work computer when I get a spare minute. My home computer is behaving for the moment. When on earth are you getting that new computer woman???

    1. Misty! I’m stuck at home all day because the ‘puter is supposed to be here today. So I’m not going anywhere until the FedEx guys show up. I have to drive Tech to fencing at 3:30. You wanna bet they show up at 3:45? Grrrrrr!

      They’d better not screw me over, man. (That was Stewie. He can’t wait to meet Rufus the External Drive.)

  4. Hi Renee!! Sorry that I haven’t stopped by of late. I have been spending waaaaaayyyyy too much time on my iPad. Waaaaaaayyyy too much time on Facebook, checking email, reading newspapers, waaaaaaayyy too many blogs about the state of American public education, and assignments for the art class I’m auditing at Nazareth.

    I became a docent at Memorial Art Gallery last year, allowing me to audit art courses at Naz and UR. Oh yeah, back on topic…how I use new gadgets. I used my iPhone last year during docent lectures to look up additional info when I didn’t quite understand what was flying by… iPad comes in handy for taking notes; iPhone too small!

    And I use my iPhone when researching for gallery tours–snap a pic of the label accompanying a piece of art, then the art, bibliographical info, etc.. I still sit in front of a piece, sketchbook in hand, drawing and writing what I see, what I think, what I question…but my iPhone sure saves trying to read my handwritten notes that wind up where I am not! I also take pictures when visiting other galleries and want to compare items in their collections with MAG’s. Just have to make sure that I only take pictures of items owned by gallery!!!

    I do like checking my email via iPhone. Easier to scroll through mail and skip over those things I don’t want to read right away or at all! And yes, the iPhone is a pain in the patootie when trying to comment. Likes to include only a small amount of comments–ARGH!!!! I do “mark” all those things I plan to read…eventually.

    1. A docent at the MAG! Were you at the show this weekend? Did you check me through and I didn’t even know it? That would be weird.

      I’m so glad that you have found some things you love. Your work as a docent …and your iPhone. 😉

  5. So cute! And again, so so sorry about your computer. 🙁

    My newest gadget isn’t tech, but it’s breastfeeding-related. This – Seriously, it is amazing. Changing my life. I’m not really exaggerating here. Or, maybe I am and I’m too sleep-deprived to notice. That’s definitely a possibility…

  6. My son just bought a back up for all of our computers for $80. Seems pretty cheap considering I have thousands of photos on my computer. It is scary.
    I keep all of the memory cards from my camera in envelopes and have printed out a lot of my blogs. I also keep a copy of my book in email. What else can I do?
    Hang in there girl. I hope you get a pretty pink keyboard cover for it like my daughter’s!

    1. I’m not a lover of pink but I’d totally go for an orange or lime green one. Where did your daughter find a keyboard cover? I would even buy a different keyboard. I’ve seen them in magazines. Must. Google. When the dang thing shows up!

          1. They stick on and stay on! The link is for a Macbook Pro, but I’m sure you can get them for any keyboard. They keep the crud from collecting under your keys! I should get one too.

          2. So you can type with them on? Do you put them on manually, like stickers? What am I missing?

            Do they have them for iMacs?

            FedEx Guy should be here sometime today. I’m waiting for him. And the external hard-drive, too.

  7. I didn’t know memory sticks could be so stylish. I’m excited to go out and buy one now. I hope they have one in the form of those troll dolls with the hair that goes straight up.

      1. The express “dollars to donuts” means, I think, that you are so sure of something that you would put up the same amount of dollars against someone else’s donuts that you are right. So I guess like you would put up $5 against 5 donuts that the troll doll memory stick exists. But donuts are expensive now. Even a medium coffee at DD’s costs like $3. So maybe the expression should be donuts to dollars. Or medium coffees to dollars.

  8. That’s who I would want guarding my data. That, and maybe our 20 pound cat.

    As I replied to you over on my page, you inspired me to back up both of our computers to our external hard drive. I had done it a few times, but hadn’t recently. I only had to think about your story and the possibility of losing photos to get moving.

    I’m so, so sorry about your manuscript, not to mention all the other losses when your computer crashed. I say call this one, “Indestructible” –maybe the power of suggestion will keep it, and all your data, safe.

    1. I’m mourning all my photographs. This is the newest stage of mourning. I keep thinking, “Oh, I can write a post about X because I have that great picture of… Oh. No. No, I don’t.” And then I’m sad again.

      So glad you backed your thang up. Seriously.

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