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My Reading Glasses: Revisited

I’ve had my reading glasses for over a year now. At first, if you’ll remember when I posted about new glasses, I was suffering with the concept of how the damn spectacles represent that my eyes are getting older and that, by extension, I am getting older, too. I’m getting used to the concept. Some of you suggested that I try to find a pair of glasses that I really love, so I don’t feel as though I’ve lost my mojo.

Well, I’ve been trying. So here’s what I’ve got:

My actual prescription pair.

These are okay. They are kinda boring though, right? Anyway, this was my starting point.


These turned out to be some weird, unintentional tribute to John Lennon. So. Totally. Not. Working.

Do I look like a sexy librarian? Hmmmm. Not so much.

These are a vintage pair of specs from the 1960s that I picked up at a local street festival for $2.99. I like them a lot, but the burnt-orange finish is peeling off.

Okay, this pair is a hoot. Emergency purchase. On the way to school one day, I realized I did not have my glasses. Question: How would I ever be able to read all those English papers without glasses? Answer: I wouldn’t. So, I stopped at my local Walgreen’s and snagged whatever I could find in my prescription. There were two choices. I grabbed this pair and, without ever trying them on, made my way to the register. This pair cost about $15. In the classroom, I realized the frames were completely crooked, and no amount of bending or manipulating would make them sit right on my nose. That was a long day. (These glasses now live in our downstairs library. And by library, I mean, bathroom.)

These are my Drew Carey‘s. They are quite awful, but in a weirdly fabulous way. I really like them. I mean, I know I look like my dad in 1963 – but I actually think they are kind of hot. I think I am starting to love them.

My son used these for Halloween when he dressed as Harry Potter – about 6 years ago. They are useless, of course, seeing as though as they are completely lens-less. Still, if I could find a real pair in hot pink or apple green, I might be persuaded to go for them. 😉

I’ve decided that finding the perfect pair of reading glasses is kind of like dating: While searching for the right fit, I’m enjoying all the different types out there. And who knew there would be so many different types out there?

19 thoughts on “My Reading Glasses: Revisited

  1. That killer smile of yours again! I have all the insurance for glasses and all and still pick up a couple of 3.00+ at the dollar store all the time instead. At the doctor’s offices, I understand why they call them “waiting rooms” and gaskets start popping if you’ve begun your third cross word puzzle.

    1. Carl is right about killer smiles – doesn’t matter what specs you were with a beam like that. (Er… except for the bottom ones.)

      I was laughing at your elaboration on your downstairs library.

    2. The dollar store is where it’s at, especially if you need to stash your readers all over the place.

      Oh, and 10 bonus points awarded for cyber sucking-up to this teacher: “killer smile”? Maybe even 15 bonus points! 😉

  2. Oh lordy! You are not making me feel good about needing these soon! Ugh, it is just starting for me! There just has to be a pretty pair out there. I watch my friends with the one arm missing and I laugh. That will be me shortly =S

    1. Okay, I have to admit, I did not initially understand your comment about friends with “one arm missing.” Re-reading it again, now I know what you mean!

      Do you think I could have something else going on? I think this was a senior moment. Fo’ sho’. 😉

  3. I have been struggling with the news that I need reading glasses. I knew I did,but I didn’t want them. It totally represented that I was aging and I hated that. I only have my drugstore glasses mostly because I could not bare to commit to buying a pair. I figured if I did it would be like giving in to my aging eyes. So secretly, I carry the cheap ones so I can read menus, the computer screen, and basically everything! This post makes me feel so much better about the process. I think instead of seeing my glasses as a physical representation of my age, I will think of them as my new accessory!!!! Something fun to shop for! Change up my look!

  4. I had a wonderful chuckle reading your blog! I went to my closet to see if I could find all my hidden glasses over the years! I am still looking! Giggle.

  5. The “Drew Carey” look worked for me best. Where did you find those??? Do you have a bookshelf in your basement library?? I’ve been thinking about putting a bookshelf in our library. Hubby says that its just not done.

    1. Heather:

      We do not currently have a book shelf in the downstairs “library.” We do, however, have a large basket which does the trick. And it holds the crooked glasses, too. 😉

      If I knew where I found the Drew Carey’s, I would not be having trouble. I would just go and buy about 10 more pairs. Alas, I have not been able to find another pair. But I’m keeping my eyes open — which means very little — unless I’m wearing my glasses! 😉

  6. I dont know wether I prefer the sexy librarian or the Drew Carey’s. Unfortunately, our bodies start to wear out much like old cars.

    1. Jack:

      Who said anything about the body? The body is still running like a… a (*insert the appropriate amazingly sexy automobile analogy here*)… Hmmm. That must be the dementia kicking in. Anyway, the body looks great — at least without the glasses on! 😉

  7. Try having a prescription of -13.5. It’s been a nightmare trying to find a decent pair of glasses (without paying $650). I’ve been looking for about a year now without any luck. Fortunately, my last pair from 1996 are still kicking around.

    Yes, I do wear contacts when not at home. I just can’t see well enough out of 14-year old glasses. That and I look ridiculous.

    1. -13.5? Yikes. That is awful – both as an outdoor temperature and as a prescription for eyeglasses. So are you wearing coke bottles or what? C’mon, post a picture of yourself in those specs from 1996. Come on. I dare you. I double dog dare you! Aw, I bet you still look like cute, Bob the Builder.

  8. Haha, I love the Harry Potter glasses! I’m sure you’ll find the right mate for you and you’re right, no mojo lost. Thanks for the midday smile :-0 off to Wiki the Wednesday.

    1. I know, I’m smokin’ hawt, right? Tribute to Harry Potter — but did you notice my nod to John Lennon? Very timely. (And very unintentional.) Ooh, I do hope you talk about John today! I have a great story and I’m hoping to post it on your Wiki wall!

  9. When I realized I needed reading glasses to read, even though I was wearing contacts and had been for over 25 years, I gave in. Yup, just threw in the towel. And instead of hunting around for the reading glasses all the time, I just wear my regular, prescription glasses all the time. No more contacts (unless I’m going jogging – no reading required), just my glasses. Now I don’t have to scramble for the readers and run around yelling “where are my reading glasses!” They are always on my face so they are really quite easy to find.

    1. I only need readers (so far). Alas, if I ever need both for distance and close-up, I think I’ll likely have a lovely bifocal contact lens made. Of course that implies I will have the nerve to actually insert something into my eye, which is highly unlikely.

      Now that I think about it, maybe I’d do better to just hire a really hot guy to accompany me everywhere I go and read everything to me. Yeah, that’s my new plan. 😉

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