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On August 1 2023, I celebrated ten years off Klonopin, the anti-anxiety medication that robbed me of a decade of my life. I proudly announced my return to wellness. . . and then, seventeen days later, I found the tell-tale “bullseye rash” on my leg and was diagnosed with Lyme Disease (and multiple co-infections). And wouldn’t you know it? I seem to be slow to respond to traditional antibiotics. (Me? Not respond normally to medication? I know. Big surprise.) To date, I am entering my fourth month of treatment, am on three different antibiotics, a bunch of supplements & nutraceudicals – and I’m hoping to knock these spirochetes into remission. At the time of this post, I have completely overhauled my diet, lost 22 pounds, and connected with the right medical providers who know how to best treat people dealing with tickborne illnesses.

Despite this new and unforeseen health challenge, I remain grateful to everyone who has lifted me up this year! And, frankly, that’s a lot of you! I truly appreciate every LIKE and comment you leave!

By now, most of you know that I nerd out over statistics. I keep careful records, and I like to look back at the end of each year to take a moment to notice my personal and professional growth/challenges as well as pay attention to the areas which could still give a little attention.


5,000+ • Rough estimate of copies of my memoir purchased in paperback & ebook since publication. Honestly, I’ve lost count and since Amazon doesn’t disclose, it’s a rough estimate.

102 – Amazon reviews. In case you didn’t notice, I stopped nagging people about writing reviews the moment we reached 100! (But seriously, if you’ve read/listen to my book & have not yet left a review, it would be a gift to me if you’d write one!)

142 – Audiobook downloads

16,954 – Combined followers on all social media outlets. Most follow on my Rasjacobson Art Facebook Page.

3,846 – People on my mailing list.

165 – Unique pieces of artwork created* this year. This is ½ of what I did in 2022 – but part of this happened because I really leaned into my role as a Benzo Coach and because I have had to slow down a lot to take good care of myself due to Lyme Disease.

687 – Unique sales

2 – Private commissions

77Unique ZOOM Conversations with Individuals Experiencing Psychiatric Medication Issues • Over the last 5 years, I’ve had many hundreds of conversations with people who have been injured by psych drugs. Tens of thousands identify as being harmed by SSRIs, benzodiazepines & antipsychotic medications, and I will continue to pull back the curtain to reveal what’s actually happening on this front. It’s my mission to spread awareness and to help grow a radical movement of holistic health consciousness. To the individuals with whom I have spoken in 2023, thank you for sharing your stories with me.

45 – In-person art classes taught

39 – ZOOM art classes taught

32 – Memoir classes taught • Stay tuned because all three of the ladies with whom I’ve been working are going to complete their books in 2024.

3 – Interviews • Thanks to Naftal Benisty at BenzoTired; Health Coach, Emilie Jordao, & the folks at Canvas Rebel for letting me share my story this year. To be directed to links to all my interviews, click HERE.

29 – Best-selling image in 2023:


20 – Shows/Festivals • It was a robust festival season again! This year, I showed at: The Powerhouse (Buffalo), The Buried Acorn (Syracuse), Figgy Shop, Crawfish Festival, Mind Over Metal, Fairport Canal Days, Keuka Fine Arts Festival, Lavender Festival, Corn Hill Festival, Spencerport Canal, Brockport Arts Festival, Jack Craft, Henrietta Music Festival, Rochester Museum & Science Center, Artist Row, Remsen Festival, Holidays in the Hamlet, & Florence Brasser Craft Show. I also did my 4th Annual End-of-Year Liquidation Sale virtually via ZOOM.

3 – Awards • I received Best in Show at Spencerport Canal Days & Brockport Arts Festival, and Best Emerging Artist at Artist Row! External validation is always lovely, and these were all unexpected and very appreciated awards.

1Tick Bite (and that’s enough for me).

1 – Number of First Dates • That is 100% more than last year, so that’s improvement in my book.

What accomplishments are you proud of this year? What are your numbers? Am I the only weirdo who keeps track of things like this?



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