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When I hear Madonna’s “Like a Virgin,, I picture my best friends from high school wearing our father’s boxer shorts to school. We wore black rubber bracelets twisted around our wrists and learned how to grapevine.

I wanted to be Madonna.

(Or at least I wanted to be her friend.)

What song immediately brings you back to high school?

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  1. Oh this is a good question. “What’s Up?” by 4 Non Blondes, “Runaway Train” by Soul Asylum, “Torn” by Natalie Imbruglia, and the theme to that show “Friends” by The Rembrandts.

    1. Under the Bridge and Winds of Change. Both of these songs played frequently on my cafeteria’s jukebox. The latter song, also available in Russian, was actually source of an amusing exchange with my Russian teacher.

      Me: You know that Scorpions song Winds of Change?
      RT: Oh, sure! I love that song!
      Me: You can hear it in Russian on the jukebox in the cafeteria! Awesome, right?
      RT: That’s wonderful! If you want to translate it, I’ll give you extra credit!
      Me: . . .


    2. Oh my, MK… you are making me feel like Mrs. Robinson — what with my cyber-crush on you and all. This list reminds me that I have a good 10 years on you. I was in grad school when Friends was on TV. 😉

      And Deborah, you had a jukebox in the cafeteria? I mean, they let you play music in the cafeteria? How awesome is that?

      1. We did! It was removed after my freshman year, unfortunately, due to increasingly heated disputes between segments of the student body as to what should be played. 😀 I think I enjoyed witnessing those disputes as much as I enjoyed the music itself!

      2. I imagine that could have gotten ugly. We want punk. No, we want Metal. No, we want want Madonna. No, we want Grateful Dead. No, we want Classic Rock. No, more Russia’s Top 40.

        Whoever brought in that jukebox was not thinking like a teenager. 😉

  2. “Don’t you forget about me” is just one of many from the 1980s.

    I remember the day a very brave girl wore a bustier to school – under a shirt, that was unbuttoned to show it off, of course. This girl was the “Madonna” trendsetter at our high school – Everyone going up and downstairs to classes was gawking at her to see what she had on – I remember taking a different staircase to my class just to see if it was true, what she was wearing – and how she patiently endured our gawking.

    1. Kathy, I loved that song so much. It’s so Breakfast Clubby.

      And I totally wore bustiers. In fact, in college, my boyfriend’s mother made me a fancy corset with amazing appliques. I so loved her. And by the way, I am sure “the brave girl” loved the gawking. I know I did. 😉

  3. I wanted to be Madonna, too! I had the rubber bracets and several other slightly slutty clothing items that made me look “just” like her!

    For some odd reason a song that I don’t particularly like reminds me of high school. “Life Goes On” by John Cougar Mellancamp seemed to play endlessly on the radio my senior year. Everytime I hear it I think of the two girls who sat in front of me on the bus on our senior class trip to Kennywood amusement park. They sang it over and over the WHOLE way there! “Oh, yeah! Life goes oooon! Long after the thrill livin’ is goooone!” 🙂

    1. Sprinkles:

      I believe you are referring to the song “Jack and Diane.” I loved that song. And yes, it played all the time. I remember watching the video on M-TV. You know, when M-TV had music videos. 😉

    1. Dude, this brings you back to high school? Do I have like 15 years on you? Arrrgh! 😉

      I love “Flaming Lips” — everyone was so freaked out by the word “Vaseline,” I was all: “What’s the big deal?” 😉

      Dave Matthews is of course amazing, but I think I was married before I had ever heard of them.

  4. Ugh, I’m really dating myself (and I was probably dating myself then, too), but here goes: Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeplin anything by Bread (Sister Golden Hair Surprise) or the Eagles (Hotel California). We had 8-tracks back then and the Pony Express…

  5. Oh, how fun! I used to sing a parody to this song called, “Like a Sturgeon.” You know, swimmin for the very first time. A tribute to caviar, which I actually don’t like.

    For me? John Cougar Mellencamp – Jack & Diane and Small Town

    Thanks for the memories, Renee. 🙂

    1. C’mon N Ride It (The Train) by Quad City DJs. Not ’cause I like the song, but because it got played at pep rallies.

      Anything from the Rift Album (Phish) because my college brother introduced them to me when I was in high school, along with Dave Matthews Band’s Under the Table and Dreaming.

      And The Judybats, Ugly on the Outside.

    2. Piper: “Like a Sturgeon” is hilarious.

      I remember Weird Al did “Like a Surgeon” parody, and I was so bitter. I was all, how dare he make fun of my beloved best famous friend? 😉

      Wosushi: Should I tell you I went to high school with the drummer from Phish or will that bring you to orgasm?

  6. A lot of the songs that came to mind were actually middle school:
    Tainted Love by Soft Cell
    Cuts Like a Knife by Bryan Adams (I was obsessed with him)

    Oh…that song that John Cusack played standing under the window…shoot…Oh yeah! In Your Eyes by Peter Gabriel.

    High school seemed fairly dominated with my rekindled obsession with Rush (which started when I was a 6-year-old stealing records from my brother’s room when he was out. I still can’t listen to Jethro Tull or Nazareth without looking over my shoulder for him). But a few bands managed to peek through, especially INXS and U2.

    Smells Like Teen Spirit brings me back to college because I distinctly remember thinking “Ooh, I like this song, but am I already too old for this grunge thing?” 🙂

    And yes…Madonna. Oh, Madonna.

    1. Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes” has a lot of significance for me. And if a certain someone ever reads this blog, well… he knows that I’m thinking of him whenever I hear it. Such a good song.

      My Hubby dies for Rush. He just saw them last summer at the New York State Fair. Seventh Row. They would have been such good friends.

      I knew I was too old for grunge. But I could appreciate Kurt’s cuteness factor. But I could tell that dude was a candle burning in the middle.

  7. I don’t have any great memories of music from my equivalent of high school, but what I do remember going back somewhat further in time to my primary school (age 5 – 10) was a friend of mine tap dancing to Rock Around the Clock in the classroom aisle in between the desks! That caused quite a stir as it was – wait for it – a convent school! (Yes, I was the only Jewish kid there…)

    1. The same thing happened to our class – we voted for “That’s What I Like About You” and the administration thought it was too “partyish” and changed the song to “That’s What Friends Are For.”

      So our graduation song for 1986 was a tune written to raise money for AIDS.

      Sign of the times for sure…

  8. Faith by George Michael. Rick Astley, remember him? Never Gonna Give You Up. I love the way music takes you back in time. I had planned a post on that before I read this. Great minds think alike, right? 😉

    1. Okay, THAT is weird. I have FAITH, the CD on my desk right in front of me! (*raises hand and does the Girl Scout thing*) My friend loaned it to me because I realized I don’t have the song, “I Want Your Sex” and that just seemed wrong.

      Talk about minds thinking alike. Whoa! 😉 Spot on.

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