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Now About That Winner

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I am thrilled to announce that the fabulous Julie C. Gardner author of the blog By Any Other Name was the person who posted closest to my one year blogoversary! And because of this she has been deemed thelucky winner. Because I know Julie prefers real books to electronic ones, I offered to buy her any book she wants – (under $20. What? You think I’m made of money?). And while I offered to send her the book of her choice, the fabulous and always considerate Julie Gardner opted to do the shopping herself! All I had to do was send her a check for twenty smackers. (It’s in the mail, baby!) How much to I love Julie? Let me count the ways.

1. I love Julie for allowing me to avoid the devil’s happy place mall. I’d only end up in J.Crew or Anthropolgie and nothing good could come of that.

2. As a result of her no-nonsense approach, I don’t have to stand in the always-long line at my local US Postal Office to ship a book.

3. I love her because she has not only agreed but sounds enthusiastic about sharing her mad skills on my blog.

4. She had me at julienancy.

5. And she sanctified my love with call me embarrassed.

I could go on. But instead, I will interrupt this unadulterated love fest to remind you that – as I have learned from my mother – sometimes when one receives a gift, there definitely are area few strings attached. (This time it’s more like spider webs.) But now that Julie’s agreed, she’s stuck. Here is the way it works.

1) Julie will receive my check and be really pissed when it bounces go to her local bookstore.

2) She will spend the money on cupcakes for her kids buy a fabulous book and read it.

3) Then, because she feels so quilty happy and inspired, she is going to write a mind-blowingly awesome short post for my blog that is in some way connected to the book she selected. In essence, Julie will be using the book as a writing prompt.

All I can say is I’m thrilled and honored that Julie Gardner reads my blog. At all. Ever. But I’m extra excited that she has agreed to play nice and write a little something in honor of my blogoversary. So get psyched to read Julie’s fabulous post here later in June. I know I can’t wait to sleep in.

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12 thoughts on “Now About That Winner

  1. I didn’t know there would be balloons…Now I’m REALLY excited!

    Renee, I’m thrilled to be a part of the celebration of your one year blogoversary and I can’t wait to write something (hopefully) worthy of you.

    (Let’s just say I’m glad you’re giving me a month.)

    I’ll keep you posted on my progress (all secret-like).

    And now? Let’s go eat some cake.

    1. So excited that you have agreed to be the star of my blog.

      And you take as much time as you need.

      (Just make sure you make our agreed upon deadline.)

      Seriously, relax and enjoy your book.

      (But hurry up.)

      Oh, and by all means have some cake.

      (Have you started reading yet?) 😉

    1. Sandy, if you win a book on my blog, you get to pick the book of your choice.

      You can read in Jedi if you like.

      Thanks for the congratulations.

      I have met so many cool people.

      And they have even let me sit at their table during lunch and play with them at recess – which is totally awesome because they are really good at four-square. And writing.

      And now you are one of them. Hop on the twit train. 😉

  2. This was a great idea. I like the idea of sending someone to buy a book and write about it on your blog. I would also like to move to a town with a bookstore that sells cupcakes.

    1. Marianne, I am so very sorry to hear of the bookstore situation in your area. My local bookstore sells cupcakes. With mounds of butter-cream frosting.

      But what’s better than cupcakes?

      Julie! And Julie is comin’! Let us rejoice and play with balloons.

      (Unless you happen to have a latex allergy.)

      In which case, they are merely cyber balloons and you should take a cupcake.

    1. Yes we are and yes we do.

      But three women conspiring and perspiring.

      Well now, that’s inspiring.

      If you know what I mean.

      I know that you do.

      “And I’ll stop. Maybe.”

      Um, that’s what he said.

      You taught me that, too.

      (*RASJ wipes a tear.*)

      Thanks for the year.

  3. Just a thought, you can buy real books from online bookstores such as Amazon and tell them to deliver somewhere else, thereby getting round Obstacles 1 and 2.

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