What Are Your Pet Peeves?

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Clearly, we are fortunate to live in the United States where we have access to clean water and an abundance of food, but sometimes I wonder if we aren’t on the fast track to the fall of Western Civilization. Has the United States become the most “uncivilized, civilized” country?

What are your pet peeves about our collective behavior? The annoying things that you see/experience on a regular basis here at home in the good ole U.S. of A.?

9 thoughts on “What Are Your Pet Peeves?

  1. Most annoying behavior is people who don’t hold the door for you. They see you! They hear you coming up behind them! So why do they keep their gaze averted and keep on walking? It is so uncivilized and makes me (unnaturally, I’ll admit) furious. When I lived in Spain many years ago, I though it was amazing the way every single person greeted one another–even if they were strangers. It creates such a feeling of warmth and community.

    1. You don’t know the half of it Joanne. I go to the post office arms loaded with packages struggling to open the door and only .05% of the time someone gets the door. One woman yesterday just stopped and stared at me while I struggled and plenty of people have let the door fly back on me when they are in front. People blow!

  2. Oh geeze….where to start? The disrespect that people have for each other rates very high. The photo you posted says a lot…people who don’t care enough to:

    a)think for themselves (i.e. follow trends where they mutilate themselves by decorate their bodies with disgusting piercings and tattoos).

    b) are impolite by spitting, “hacking buggies” on the sidewalk, not using proper English, general rudeness, sideways hats, saggy pants, loud cell phone talking, ..I could go on, but it would turn into a full on rant and I don’t want to “harsh’ anyone’s weekend!

  3. Indeed, where to start?
    – Talking loudly so that everyone in a mile radius can hear you.
    – Dressing like a slob in public. Since when did we accept sweat pants as normal clothing. This is a major peeve of mine. You go to a nice restaurant, taking your wife for her birthday or anniversary. You want to make it a special occasion, a reason to dress up and play adult. And then you find people sitting in sweat pants and t-shirts or whatever. No respect.
    – Driving. Enough said.
    Shall I go on?

  4. I can’t tolerate it when people are smoking near me. I also hate it when people say: “Do as I say, not as I do.”

  5. Personally, I don’t like it when I am talking to someone and, in the middle of the conversation, they start texting someone else. Am I that boring?

    This also probably explains why I don’t like it when people don’t look at me when we are talking.

  6. Whoops, sorry I misunderstood the Friday Quick Question posts last week. I wrote a bad essay when the Friday posts are for quick reply.

    I agree texting while engaged in conversation with someone else is really annoying!

    Someone who answers their phone continually while they are at a social function can fall on the bad manners list as well.

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