Posts That Shimmy & Shake: Abby Has Issues, Paul Waters & Kristen Lamb

This is the fun part of the show where I get to tell you about some great reads that you might have missed this week. As usual, I try to get one from the chicks and one from the dudes. This week, I even have one from “The Queen.”

From The Ladies: Abby Has Issues is a hilarious blog by Abby Heugel. This week she wrote a piece called My Marriage Proposal that had me considering the concept of a Sister Wife. I decided I really wanted Abby to move in with me – and my husband. Why? Because Abby has decided she would like to be a Consolation Prize Wife, which is not to be confused with a Trophy Wife. Abby’s totally cool with being a consolation prize, and she gives a lot of convincing reasons why you should be too. Let’s just say, she had me at Swiffer Wet Jet.

• • •

From the Dudes: Paul Waters has a very funny post for all you little history buffs in the house. Or for folks who like naughty words that aren’t supposed to be naughty but they totally are. Poor Bastards. His piece is called “Are You SURE You Want To Take His Name When You Get Married?” I can’t say more without ruining the funny. Paul is one of the very first people I met when I landed here in the Blogosphere, and I have been enjoying his writing for a year now. It’s time to stop hogging him to myself. Read more of Paul’s stuff at Blackwatertown.

• • •

From The Queen: If you haven’t yet been introduced to Kristen Lamb’s fabulous blog Warrior Writers, today is your lucky day! Thank goodness for premature button pushing! This week Kristen Lamb, author of We Are Not Alone: The Writer’s Guide to Social Media and Are You There, Blog? It’s Me, Writer  accidentally released one of her dazzlingly gorgeous pieces of brilliance a little earlier than expected. Let’s just say, the unexpected bundle of joy entitled, “Sacred Cow-Tipping: Why Writers Blogging About Writing is Bad”  was received with much head-nodding and agreement that her spawn is, indeed, breathtaking. KL’s post explains why writers should not create blogs that are exclusively dedicated to writing about writing.

I am so glad I did not make the mistake about writing about writing. But I almost did. A teacher for 20 years, when I decided to start blogging, I figured I’d write about writing. My son (age 10 at the time) rolled his eyes and said, “Mom, that’s so boring. You don’t have to always be the teacher. You can also be the dumb one.” And he was right. I have so many stories where I am the Chief Twit-in-Residence, so instead of always having to be Mrs. Smarty-Pants, I can also be the wisenheimer. So instead of being locked in to talking about commas and semi-colons, I left room for options. Which is one of Kristen’s points. They don’t call her “The Queen” for nothing. (Well, they don’t. But I do.)

Before you check out these amazing writers, can you explain what’s up with that cat?

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12 thoughts on “Posts That Shimmy & Shake: Abby Has Issues, Paul Waters & Kristen Lamb

  1. Oh – thanks.
    I didn’t realise I was in during the early days.
    I remember the thrill I got when someone first linked to me – he’s a Church of Ireland minister in the Republic of Ireland. He’s moved parishes since then and seems never to comment (that I’ve noticed) on anyone else’s blog. But I always drop in on him. He’s always interesting about Ireland, Rwanda, his youth in England (he’s English) and life in general. Though he could do with cheering up occasionally. Anyway – his blog is For The Fainthearted at
    (I haven’t forgotten the excellent/disastrous teacher thing.)

    1. Yes, you were among the very first visitors to my site. So thank you for staying with me. As for me, sometimes i skulk about – but when I LOVE something, I’ll leave a comment! 😉

      I loved your post. Bastard! 😉

  2. HA! Enjoyed reading about the . . .name changes! I won’t spoil it by revealing the surname. Too funny! Well, to those of us who don’t have the surname, that is!

  3. Thanks for the shout-out and your enthusaism, but this blog is an excellent point of what I am trying to impress upon writers. You have a writing voice that literally JUMPS off the page. I wouldn’t care if you blogged about your grocery list, your voice is THAT good, and frankly it’s what we fall in love with and why we return (and, eventually why we will buy ur books).

    A certain amount of predictability is great, but we also dig surprizes. I think that is half the draw to Chuck Wendig’s blog. When he posts about going to the farmer’s market, it’s like telling us someone let Ozzy Osbourne write a book about Easter baskets. We are so intrigued HOW Chuck will handle that subject that we flock to see.

    Thanks for being a peep, and just keep being you.

    1. Dear Kristen:

      I cannot believe that the Queen hast cometh to mine page. Where is my fainting couch? Thanks for your kind words – and (*raises invisible cyber-glass*) here’s hoping that following all your tips will put me in that blessed 5%. 😉


  4. Thanks for the shout out–it’s an honor–and for introducing me to those other talented bloggers. Total win-win.

    As for the cat, I’m pretty sure it’s plotting to take over the world, or at least exact revenge on the douche that put a melon hat on the poor thing. Considering I’m not the cat or the douche that put a melon hat on the poor thing, I’m still amused.

    1. Yay Abby! I love how both your post and Paul’s had something to do with marriage. Very fun for me… to just notice now, by the way.

      I’m wondering about the person who took the time to carve that thing for the cat. How did that individual know that melon would actually fit. And seriously, what kind of fruit is it?

      Really loved your post. And I’m not kidding. Will you be my consolation wife? 😉

  5. Wow! A comment from Kristen Lamb! You probably pee peed your pants a little with excitement! I would! Holy SHNIZLE!! I read the “Sacred Cow Tipping…”piece and love it. Even thought we both know my blog is FAR from a blog about writing, I took a lot from it. Her stuff is awesome and I’m actually going to get her book today. Thanks for introducing me to her work. (Or should I say talking non-stop about her, so I had no choice but to check her out). I loved our conversation about writing last week; it was inspiring. One of the many reasons I’m thrilled we’re friends. I’ll have to check out the other writers too. This is the first time I’ve seen this type of post from you, (suggesting other blogs and such) – great idea!

    1. Yes, I believe I will take a screen shot of that comment from “The Queen” and have it framed whenever I start doubting myself. Isn’t she awesome. She is like a cheerleader saying, “Yay! I know you can do it!” But then you have to do it.

      I do this once a week. Other posts like it are under “Posts That Shimmy & Shake.” If you aren’t careful, you may just end up here. Just gotta have purrrrrrfectly perfect grammar, love. 😉

      Oh and doing this kind of “mash-up” is one of Kristen Lamb’s ideas, just so you know. Instead of those little “contests” with invisible awards, this is no strings attached way to recognize the people whose stuff you love to read and hopefully bring them some extra traffic. Isn’t “The Queen” positively brilliant?

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