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Quick! Tell Me What To Do!

I’m working furiously on my fiction manuscript.

I need an unusual name for a babysitter.

Got any suggestions?

Give me a name, and I’ll tell you one interesting fact about this person.

61 thoughts on “Quick! Tell Me What To Do!

    1. She is from California and likes to stay tan.

  1. This is too funny… at risk of being called a spammer, you are welcome to use any of the names from this post I wrote today: 🙂

    1. So I should name my babysitter after your daughter? 😉

      1. Whatever it takes to get this book published, you know! 🙂

  2. Lucy Fourgh (while many might pronounce it “furr” thereby making her name pronounced loo-see-fur, she pronounces it “forge) ;-D.

    1. The moment the parents leave, Lucy Fourgh’s eyes turn red and she brands the children with an invisible 666 under the hair line.

  3. Twillow Thunderhump — right off the top of my head and now I have to go back to work…. : )

    1. Hey, Renee – I think Susie got it!

    2. Twillow Thunderhump is 1/4 Native American and 3/4 Dr. Seussy. I like her. 😉

  4. My 14 year-old came up with Gaea, which means Mother Earth in Greek mythology. (Seriously, my kids are obsessed.) My suggestion is Rose Thorne.

    1. Gaea followed The Grateful Dead for 6 years and she wept when Jerry died. Now she eats Cherry Garcia every night, in his memory.

    1. Kennedy is super preppy and is never seen without her Bermuda bag.

  5. Penelope Billows

    1. She likes to stand in front of open windows while wearing white. She never wears a bra.

    1. Ironically, she hates the sun. And jumping.

  6. Annabelle Colepepper. Call her Bella for short that’s my two cents for what it’s worth

    1. Ms. Colepepper likes kosher salt. She is very messy, but very kind. Hmmm. That has possibility.

  7. Ivy Blue, of course…

    1. That might be the name of Annabelle’s horse…

    1. The children, of course, love her; however, she is not intelligent because she accepts $1 per hour to watch 3 children and a dog with a bladder problem. Duh.

      (What was she thinking?) 😉

  8. My porn name is Shadow MacLennan. I think that has promise.

    1. Shadow MacLennan steals one fork each time she comes to babysit.

  9. Edwina Night. I had a real babysitter named Edwina when I was a kid and she stopped babysitting us because I asked her if her name was the guy form of Edward. To be a kid again. 🙂

    1. Did she have an Edweenus? 😉

  10. Ivy Snodgross.
    Lucinda Poe.
    Tawny Hank.

  11. I can’t do better than Penelope Billows–love it.

    1. Yes but did you know that she didn’t wear underpants. It’s true!

  12. Dondra. I have a friend by that name and people are always surprised when they hear it for the first time. “what? Say that again? Sandra? no? deandra? no?” We started calling her Harry. That worked.

    I have another friend we call Beula. She hates that. 😉

    1. I love that.

      Maybe a sitter named Penelope Billows, who tells the kids to call her Harry! 😉

  13. Jack. Hannibal. Freddie. Jason.

    1. I see where you are going. Why is everyone making the sitter a girl. Hmm. I am open to a male sitter. But those are all murderers. Not what I’m going for in my book.

      Jack Hannibal would be funny though. 😉

  14. I would say Ima Hogg, but that was the daughter of one of our governors.

    1. She was so slim and beautiful. It’s too bad that she disappeared that night. I can’t believe they still haven’t found the body.

  15. Tyrone

    1. Marianne. Now come on. Everyone knows Tyrone is an iguana. 😉

    1. She’s frumpy but has amazing clothes!

  16. Pirjo

    Those three names come to mind because they are all teenagers, and my protagonist ends up getting married to all three of them (an arranged marriage – they arranged it – two of them are older than he is).


    1. Should probably mention that the names are Finnish.

      Pirjo translates as “The Exalted One”
      Reeta translates as “Pearl”
      Kanerva translates as “Heather”


      1. Pirjo has a major attitude.
        Reeta has skin that is practically translucent.
        Kanerva is a mean girl. (Do you get it?)

        1. Yep. That doesn’t describe their characters in the book 🙂

          Pirjo and Reeta are identical twins who consider themselves as “One Person with Two Bodies”, and are really upset that their father has been trying to arrange separate marriages for them, since they’ve never, ever, slept apart (in this culture arranged marriages are the norm).

          So they arranged the marriage. Their husband is quite a catch, the adopted son of a Senator, and to paraphrase Luke Skywalker, “He’s rich.”

          It’s been interesting writing it. I had no idea at all that this was coming. The characters sprung it on me.


  17. Minerva— She was a Roman, virgin goddess of poetry, medicine, wisdom, commerce, weaving, crafts, and magic. I figured that if she were babysitting some of the kids I know, she would need all those skills.

    1. Minerva wears long gauzy skirts and always drags her lyre with her. She can make a baby fall asleep in under three minutes. But she has this huge wart on her chin…

    1. Gertrude has a large, raised mole on her chin with one long black hair coming out of it. It’s kind of gross — especially when she sucks on it.

  18. Your babysitter’s nanme is Sosia.

    1. Sosia does not speak one word of English, but she will play unlimited games of Duck, Duck Goose. Plus she bakes these amazing sugar cookies, so the kids, of course, adore her.

  19. Chippie Prescott

    …and I have an interesting fact about her if you’d like to hear it.

    1. Chippie Prescott must hang out with Kennedy Canaday up there ^. They probably wear matching turtlenecks and Fair Isles sweaters. I also bet they use Strawberry Bonnie Bell Lip Smackers. 😉

      Of course, I am dying to know about your Chippie.

      Tell me!

    1. Rides in on a cool motorcycle.

  20. May not be so unusual or original… But how about Bebe Siddor?

  21. Nelda Beeswicker ~

    Don’t ask me why; it just appeared in my mind!!

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