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Rivki Silver is no Huffaloftus!

Here’s Rivki!

I had never heard of her before December 2011.

But I had been looking for a bunch of bloggers to write about Hanukkah and the marvelous Nina Badzin suggested I contact Rivki.

What a find!

Rivki writes a blog called Life In The Married Lane.

An observant Jew, she writes some fabulous (and often funny) posts of Jewish interest where she demystifies a lot about the seemingly mysterious world of Orthodox Jewry in America. She has a great piece about why she covers her head here and here.

Her mission is to inspire others to find meaning in the mundane.  She shares household tips, parenting advice {and foibles}, relationship stuff, menu planning and more. She also loves garden gnomes and…um, she likes to lie on a carpet and smell the fibers. Right. Also she has this weird thing she can do with her tongue.

Okay bazinga.

Why am I going on and on about Rivki Silver?

And is all that true?

Well, the part about her being a very good writer is. I don’t know about the gnomes. Or the carpet. And I have no idea what she can or cannot do with he tongue. (You would have to talk to her husband. Or maybe her dentist.)

I’m writing about Rivki because she won the “What the deuce is a Huffaloftus?” poll by a landslide! And telling all my readers about her greatness was the prize.

So check out her blog. And her Facebook page. And you can stalk her on Twitter @RivkiSilver.

Guaranteed her posts will teach you something new.

Now it’s your turn to spread a little mischievous fun.

Write 25 words about a favorite blogger. (Be sure to tell us the name and URL of the blog to which that person is attached.) Oh, and don’t be afraid to fiction it up a little. After all, it is April Fools’ Day. And be sure to direct that person to the words you leave here. That person might have a thing or two to say about you!

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18 thoughts on “Rivki Silver is no Huffaloftus!

  1. Thanks, Renee! So sweet! It has been such a pleasure and privilege getting to know you and all the crew I met through you. Thanks to Nina for the initial shout-out. I love our blogging community! Now I’m feeling all warm and fuzzy. Also, I appreciate that you gave me the benefit of the doubt that I’m “no huffaloftus.” It’s been so long since I worked out, I’m afraid that I just may qualify. 😉

    1. Well, you are fabulous. Hopefully people won’t just stop on Ruchi today! Quick! Write a post! Just kidding. Hope you get many a visitor.

      How about you tell us one of your favorite bloggers in under 25 words?!

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