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"Saturday Summer Screwball" Contest Starts Today!

To inspire my viewers and have some fun this summer, I am kicking off a contest.

We all work hard during the week, but it is important to relax whenever we can grab a moment. Every Saturday from now until September 3, 2011, I will post – videos of YOU, my beloved readers, doing the things you love to do! G-rated things. This is a family show, people! 😉 Think ziplines, epic water fights dressed as cyborgs, alligator wrestling.

Send me the link to your You Tube video at anytime between now and September 3, 2011. Videos must be under 2 minutes and they should feature you doing something relaxing… that’s a little bit off-beat.

Between September 12-16, 2011, I will create a poll and ask people to vote for their favorite “Saturday Summer Screwball” video. If you mention this contest on your blog and link back here, you will receive an extra vote. If you Tweet an #SSS of your choice, you will also receive an extra vote. Just be sure to come back and let me know that you did!

To usher in the fall, one winner will be announced on September 21, 2011.

An uber-cool prize will be awarded.

You all know that I love to dance, so I’m kicking it off.

And, if you’ll notice, I’m kind of off-beat.

So here you are: for inspiration.

Seriously, it is a pity that you could not see my fabulous green wig in this video. I will have to spank Monkey talk to my tech guy.

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14 thoughts on “"Saturday Summer Screwball" Contest Starts Today!

    1. This is the way we taped it. Sorry, it’s a special effect that my tech guy (age 11) assured me would look “totally awesome.” I might be able to take a picture. You know, after you submit your entry. 😉

  1. But I’m too shy to do silly things on video and put it on the internet! 😉

    Are you sure your video isn’t more PG than G. I mean, that’s a little saucy right?

    And I have to give you a hard time this once. You said you want to post “videos of YOU doing the things you love to do on my blog”
    So do you want vids of things we love to do or just vids of things we love to do on your blog? 😉 again.

    And what exactly DO people like to do on your blog. You’re really making this “G” thing challenging methinks.

  2. Scary hair but GREAT dancing! I’m buying you a hydraulic lift for Christmas! I’ve been tending to 3-D things and missed this. I’m glad you’ve extended the contest into September. I’m certain we’ll come up with something before then. Your tech guy did a very good job. It took me a minute or two to realize I wasn’t having a flashback. ;}

    1. Teresa! If I had known you’d be up for the challenge, I would have extended the dang contest. I had just heard from so many bloggers (privately) that they would NEVER post a video of themselves, ever.
      I was like, “What? You don’t even have to talk. Just jump off the diving board.”
      And they were all: “Who me? In a bathing suit?”
      I pulled the plug. Sometimes, a girl has a feeling.
      Though it is possible I didn’t advertise consistently enough. That is very possible. 😉

  3. Oops! Too little too late. Never mind. You will never see an old white haired woman on Kangoo jumps now, but really, it probably would have made you lose sleep or made you stand up and scream, “STOP IT! YOU’LL BREAK YOUR HIP! I think you may have rolled over to easy on this one, Renee. I’ll bet people will have all kinds of interesting videos by the end of the summer. Perhaps you could post a tutorial on how to open and post stuff to a You Tube account. It’s really quite easy. I loved your idea.

    1. T: I think the reaction represented the typical blogger ethos. Most of us like to hide behind our pens. It was an interesting sociological study for what it was worth — while it lasted. I was sort of surprised that some of my readers didn’t submit. Maybe I didn’t offer a big enough pot.

      Or maybe I should have offered pot.

      I bet a lot of people would have entered if I was giving that away. 😉

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