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Saturday Surprise Featuring Two Hot Guys

For all of you who are like: Whaaat? She never writes on Saturdays.

You. Are. So Right.

But my buddy Clay Morgan has killed his blog, EduClaytion.

Which is sad because so many of us just love him.

Anyway, he made me a wee video to celebrate my blogoversary before he up and went.

This just shows the kind of person (I mean zombie) I mean person Clay is.

And you wanna know who else is hot like a freshly tarred driveway?

Tyler Tarver.


Because he is offering up a free download of his e-book Letters to Famous People.

If you don’t know Tyler, you need to know Tyler:

If you’d like a copy of Tyler’s book…

Tell me what famous person you’d like to write a letter to. What would be your opening line?

Other blogoversary giveaways you can enter to win:

The Write-Brain Book

Elena Aitken’s ebook Sugar Crash

A handwritten card from me

 All blogoversary winners will be revealed on June 2nd – once I figure everything out.

23 thoughts on “Saturday Surprise Featuring Two Hot Guys

  1. I would write to either:
    Richard Linklater (“I always thought you were one of America’s great modern auteurs, and I’m so glad you’re starting to be recognized as such”)…

    Dana Gould (“What Bob Mould and The Pixies are to modern rock, you are to modern comedy”)…

    or George Clooney (“I don’t know how you’ve kept yourself busy since your movie ‘Return of the Killer Tomatoes,’ but I wanted you to know I’m a fan”).

  2. Ha! Another hilarious video from Clay. Happy 2nd blogoversary again – you RULE my school! And you know how they say you can judge a person by their friends? Well when it comes to your bloggy friends, I am happy to judge you as AWESOME!

    I tend to ACTUALLY write letters to famous people I want to write to as it is (a habit I started at 8, with Doogie Howser/Neil Patrick Harris), so… LOL Oh and this is such a braggy-bloggy faux pas, but as it’s so fitting and I’m still squee-ing over it, I have to share: you know how my latest post was a letter to “Tom Bury from Restaurant Impossible”? It suddenly occurred to me last night (after a glass of wine…) to tweet it to him, and he retweeted it! He READ that shiz! HA! Like I NEED any more encouragement…

    1. Julie: I have a collection of autographs from all kinds of daytime soap opera stars from the ’80s. I even have a Luke Perry. I love that you wrote to Dougie. And, duh, I saw that you wrote to the restaurant dude- but how cool that he RT’d you! So cool. Do you know Judy Blume is on Twitter? Just sayin’. 😉

  3. I used to write letters to Oprah. Often. If I write her again, I may use a pen name to avoid an instant “return to sender”. Off to check out those fun-sounding books. 🙂

    1. August! You wrote to O? Wow. That is brave. I’ve submitted stuff to O magazine only to have it rejected, so we share that common rejection and love for all things Oprah. She is the Queeniest. If you do t know Tyler Tarver, bet you can’t read two posts without laughing out loud. Even his to do lists are hilarious.

    1. Clay, I am going to miss you like nobody’s bizzzznus. But I have your email, your phone number, your Twitter account, and Leanne. You can’t shake me. And yes yes yes! If you ever need a place to land, I’m here. Good luck with your big thing. You know I always loved your big thing. 😉 IYKWIM.

  4. Maybe a letter to Mick Jagger to ask him “Do you?” (think the song is about you). Because I really want to know. And Carly isn’t talkin’.

  5. Darn, I clicked through thinking you’d written a post about me 🙂

    Sadly I never spent any time at Clay’s site even though I see his name all over the place.

    You surely know who I would write a letter to… Jackson Browne, of course… I don’t know what I would say, I’d probably trip all over myself, even in letter form!

    1. Steve: I’m shocked you have never written to JB. This one of for you. I can’t believe you never met Clay. You guys would have liked each other. Or hated each other. But I’m pretty sure he would have liked you a lot.

      Alas, now he’s gone. *weep*

      1. Just finally watching this now! What made you pick this? It’s my absolute fav JB song, even though kind of depressing. I remember posting this exact vid on Facebook the the day after my father in law passed away. I know you’re a fan but this guy is a national treasure!

  6. Dear Paul McCartney,
    Why did you marry that slut, I mean much-younger money-grubbing attention seeking girl? You could so easily have married me. At least I know all the lyrics to all your songs (including Rocky Raccoon)! Was it because I’m married with four children? Why would you let a little thing like that slow you down? They are all aware of my obsession with you and would gladly sacrifice their own needs for my complete happiness. What? You’ve never heard of me? What about that dream I’m sure you had telling you to come to America to find your long, lost stalker, I mean, lover? I see you have found yet another bimbo, er, wife. Will you never learn???
    That is all.
    Still dreaming,

  7. Dear Nickel Creek,
    Why you split apart?
    (I’m not sure why I’d use bad grammar with them, but I just would. It feels right, like I want them to know that they hurt me so bad I don’t even use proper grammar anymore.)

  8. Dear G-D, are you there? It’s me, Margaret, ‘er I mean Sara…
    Really, Today I’d write to Molly Sirus and give her a clue- why are you getting married at 19? You’re in love? We all were at 19 but none of us married him! ( If you are my sincere apologies, love at 19 was a great roller coaster.)

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