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Savor Each Word: A #LessonLearned by Galit Breen

The moment I found Galit Breen‘s blog, These Little Waves, I sighed. I felt like I’d settled down into a soft leather chair and found a comfortable place. Delicious pictorial spreads paired with lush descriptive writing are Galit’s trademark, and I don’t think I have ever missed a post since I found her.

Today, Galit writes of online friendships. How we know each other in parts. How comments are so deeply received. I admire Galit for the woman I believe she is. The woman she shows to the world: even if it is a slightly edited version of herself.

If you haven’t yet stumbled upon These Little Waves, you need to. And Tweeps can follow her at @GalitBreen.

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Savor Each Word

I curl into my green chair by the light of the moon, and my laptop.

My two-handed key strokes (consistent teasing fodder for my husband, but my preferred method nonetheless) fill this space.

As much as I love the touch and the sound and even the smell of Motherhood, this Small Quiet is what I crave.

I click into my latest blog post, ready to devour its comments.

Love letters and responses to my writing wrapped neatly within your words.

“Oh me, too.” One soothes.

“You’ll be fine.” Another encourages.

“Your flexibility is amazing.” Says a third. And here, I falter.

I blush at this kindness because I know it doesn’t speak my Whole Truth.

I’m the Mom who enforces cleanups before movies, the one who brushes out every single snaggle despite LOUD protests, and the one who plants her feet deeply into aged carpet that has so very little Give in the face of Change.

Don't you want to be part of this family?

So when, through my writing, I reveal a single moment where I embrace Life’s Flow puzzle pieced to the many (truly, many) times that leave me breathless and speechless and digging my toes deeper, and more firmly, in place – I falter.

I worry that what I’ve splayed is Unfair, Untrue, Un-me. And this is what stains my cheeks pink.

But here is what I’ve learned in the delicious time that I’ve been blogging: What we share is a slice of who we are, not the whole picture, and that’s okay.

All of our braids are woven in their own ways. My own is wisps of Going With The Flow edging the Flat Ironed Edges of my day-to-day.

Each one a piece of my puzzle and when shared with you, a piece of Our Story. Significant, in this unique way.

The gift of our online friendships lies within these shared moments. Me in my green chair and you in yours, separated by many miles but just a few heartstrings.

In our everyday lives, compliments are often brushed aside, pushed away.

But in our writing, we can pause this weathered habit, savor each word, and let it in as our own.

This, I (finally) know for sure. And so, I’ll start.

Renée, those words up there that had me shaking my head defiantly like my Israeli Mama taught me to, are yours. And I’m here to say – Thank you, truly. You lifted me with them.

Who have you lifted up today?

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54 thoughts on “Savor Each Word: A #LessonLearned by Galit Breen

  1. Galit – so lovely! I am mom of 5 and this resonated deeply – perfect for the end of a busy week. And it’s exactly what I both feel and do with my blog. Thank you…..

    1. Marilyn, thank you so very much for your kind words. They so mean so much to me!

      And that connection that we share through this blogging world that we share? Is perfection!

  2. My heartstring is closely connected to yours in a way I could never imagine. Thank YOU for your constant gentle, kind words and generous friendship, Galit. And for sharing slices of your life with me, and so many others who have received the grace of your words, heart and mind. xo

    1. You? Blow me away.

      Thank you, girl, your friendship means the absolute world to me!

      I do believe we are tethered, we’ve known for awhile that we are #SoulSisters.

      Thank you for the sweet, generous words here today. Truly.


  3. Renee, What an amazing guest post by Galit. I felt that deep breath in when I landed on her blog months ago and let a huge breath out. She had a way of making my mind settle when life has me shaking. These Little Waves is one of my favorite happy places on the web. I would much rather reread her words and settle my world than scroll through Pinterest. Crazy to some but so true to me.

    1. Sweet Kristen? You’re so very good for my HeartSoul.

      I’m so happy that we’ve connected, and wow am I ever proud to call you a friend!

      (Thank you for being here today. It means so much to me!)


  4. Alison’s comment above may have made me cry just a little bit. So beautiful. I so enjoy Galit’s writing. So much truth to this post.

    1. You and me both, sister, in terms of the tears ala Alison! 🙂

      Thank you for your note, and sweet words.

      Both mean so very much to me!

  5. “The gift of our online friendships…lies in just a few heart strings…” says it perfectly and beauty-fully. Some people don’t get this world of online friendships. For me, it’s an opportunity to have conversations that might never happen because of life circumstances–like those with cousins seldom seen, with grandchildren’s friends because of something I say to a grandchild, with former students making their way in the world, and with those who seem like we ought to be friends if life made us neighbors. Some people believe that online connections preclude real life interaction. I believe that it’s the other way around. Online connections opens doors. I am grateful to be able to glimpse through to what’s on the other side…

    1. Hi D’Alta,

      I love every single word that you wrote, and agree wholeheartedly; I’ve grown so very much from my online friendships. They’ve given me the courage and the know-how to maneuver my “real life” relationships in a better, stronger way.

      This line that you wrote: “those who seem like we ought to be friends if life made us neighbors” – stunning truth, right there.

      Thank you for your note, truly.

  6. Galit,
    That was beautiful!
    I agree, some people don’t get the online thing, and the true gift it is. I value all the connections I make. Some more than certian IRL friends. ssh…don’t tell!
    Loved your post!

    1. Hi Elena,

      Your secret is safe with me! 🙂

      Thanks so much for the note, I appreciate it so very much!

  7. I love how much taller Kayli is than her siblings in the pic on your homepage Galit! (Sorry – noplace else to say that) Blog comments are so wonderful. Sososso wonderful. For me, each one is validation for a huge change I’m getting ready to make in my life.

    1. Hi girl!

      Thanks so much for being here. Three things:

      1. Ohmygoodness, yes! Can you believe how BIG Kayli is getting? She’ll be eight in a week. Le sigh.

      2. Yes, comments are pure gold.

      3. I’m excited for you and your change, and can’t wait to read all about it! 🙂

  8. This:
    The gift of our online friendships lies within these shared moments. Me in my green chair and you in yours, separated by many miles but just a few heartstrings.

    So beautiful. This amazing world of blogging really breaks the barriers. Here we are women, people seen for our writing and not the colour of our skin, religion, culture…etc. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the rest of the world saw that too.
    Thank you so much for taking me on your journey through life…even if it is just snippets. i love them.

    1. What you wrote? Is perfection.

      It’s exactly what our blogging friendships are, aren’t they? Boundary breakers, in the most perfect way.

      Thank you for you, my sweet friend. I’m so very thankful to be tied to you, one way or another.


  9. A fantastic insight here, one I’ve struggled with myself; I fear presenting a version of myself that isn’t true: a Julie that’s sugar-coated or glossed-over or one-dimensional…

    But I have decided to trust my online friends, the ones who visit the snippets of my life – the funny, nostalgic, mortified moments I share. I trust you all to piece together my individual stories over time; to get a glimpse of the whole of me when stringing these separates together.

    And then I cross my fingers you’ll still like me.

    So this post, I love. And you, I adore.

    Thanks, Galit. And thanks for having her here, Renee.

  10. And speaking of gold and gems and all that is good about blogging, hi Julie.

    Thank you for your stunning-as-always words. They mean the world to me. Your friendship means the world to me. You know this, yes?

    (I trust you to understand my story, too.)


  11. Beautiful post! You’re right, Renee, Galit’s writing is like finding a comfortable place!

    I sometimes worry, too, that I present a false self, because obviously it’s not all slap bracelets and silliness in my life, but I think it’s okay in the end to carve out a niche for ourselves in the blogging world with a certain side of who we are (parenting blogs, for example – these folks are more than just moms and dads!).

    I had lunch with Babs today (mom), so hopefully that lifted her spirits – I know it did mine!

    1. I so love what you wrote about carving out a place of our own. Wow do we ever all need that!

      Thanks so very much for your note!

  12. Galit, your words are so true. A lot of geographical distance but only a few heartstrings, so, SO true. And yes, it is just a small piece of us, but one of the MOST important pieces, I think. 🙂

    I’m SO happy to call you my friend. And this made me miss you. When are we having lunch again? xoxo

    1. I miss you right back, my sweet friend.

      And the answer to when’s lunch, is – of course- as soon as possible!

      Thank you for being here today! I so appreciate it!


  13. Blogging and sharing a piece of yourself can be so scary … but so rewarding. I treasure the friendships and connections I’ve made through my blog and I so appreciate the response from those who are touched by my words. My . simple . words .

    Thanks for sharing a piece of Galit with us today. 🙂

  14. Blogging and sharing little pieces of yourself can be a bit scary, but the rewards are so worth it. I treasure the connections and feedback I receive from my blog readers.

    Thank you for sharing a slice of Galit with us today!

  15. My dear Galit…you are far more flexible than you give yourself credit for. Sure, you want the dishes done. But my word….how many mamas out there encourage their young daughters to really write? To share their words, feelings, fears, and dreams with the outside world. To go for it and be themselves? You, my friend, are a gem. And yes, you are flexible and patient and anything else you might hint that you’re not…it’s not the individual choices in moments of stress that define us. It’s the everyday. It’s the dreams. It’s the love that we share. It’s the friendships that we cultivate. I feel lucky to know you…

    1. You have captured the reason I think we all gravitate toward Galit. She is a dream weaver. She encourages us all to follow our hearts. She becomes everyone’s mother and coos soft water-words in our ears. Words like: “You can do it!” and “Try, I’ll bet you can!” If these are the parts she chooses to show, I am happy to see them everyday. 😉

    2. Thank you, my sweet friend.

      I have my moments, and it’s friends like you that help me focus on them!

      (That lucky-to-have-you-on-my-team feeling? Totally and completely mutual!)


  16. I wrote a long sappy comment a minute ago, but, poof! It disappeared. So here is the short version: Being flexible is not really about dishes, hair (oh my, the hair), or carpet…you are a mom who encourages her children to follow their dreams, encourages her young daughter to write and share her thoughts with the world, and loves her children with every breath. You are flexible. And you are amazing.


  17. Galit–you are ALWAYS lifting up others. I often think this thought when I see your tweets “nobody retweets with the spirit of Galit.” It’s true. You are are seriously gifted with words from your blog posts, other writing, to the art of the tweet.

    1. My goodness Nina, that was one of the loveliest compliments ever.

      Thank you (truly), that means so very much to me!

  18. I loved this post and the one at Do Sweat the Small Stuff. It’s tough sometimes to explain how a friendship can start before you ever lay eyes on a person, through their words. Yet I, too, wonder if what I’m sharing really shows ME, for better and for worse. It’s nice to hear some reassurance that it’s ok that if it’s just a glimpse or a “slice” as you say. As someone who knows so well how to reach out to others and appreciate the moments we share, it’s a pleasure to hear you reflect on how much it means to you to be on the receiving end as well!

    1. Thank you so much,my friend, for the the kindness and the reassurances and the in-it-togetherness. I love and appreciate them all!

      (I also really love what you wrote about appreciating what we do share on either end. It would be silly to assume anyone is as one dimensional as what’s presented in a few hundred words, yes?)

      Thank you, again!

  19. This is so true. I have found this blogging world freeing and by allowing myself to post my most vulnerable thoughts; thoughts I would never tell some people I know in “real life” I have found true friends and a true support system. Beautifully written words have weaved my heart to the people behind these posts and comments that I have never met, but feel at home with. Your words in particular are always ones that lift me up, make me smile, and leave me feeling elated.

    1. This comment? Is lovely of the purest kind.

      (Thank you so much.)

      And lifting and smiling and elating (I love that word!) is totally and completely mutual!

      (One more time: Thank you, my friend.)

  20. Galit, these words are so true and so lovely! I am trying to absorb your concept of us sharing only slices of our lives. Yes, they are slices but you know, sometimes the slices of my blogging life are way more real than my everyday life. Sharing these slices with others who are in a similar journey opens me up to deeper thoughts and connections. Thanks for this insight! 🙂

    1. Yes to all of this.

      The openness and the learning and all of the goodness that comes from both.

      And oh my, yes – blogging is like our answer to “How are you?” – in a much deeper answer than the usual “fine!”

      (Thank you for your words here! I so appreciate them!)

  21. You’re right – we can only show a piece of ourselves, never the whole thing, even if blogging is closer to 3D than 2D. The hope is that one will show several sides (the messy as well as the clean), and that you do, my friend. 🙂

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