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A Hair Care #Giveaway From @VO5


A while back, I wrote about how the hair care product I’ve been using for the last 30 years is being discontinued.

Since then, I’ve been doing some pretty extensive testing.

During this time, I went to BlissDom, a blogging conference in Grapevine, Texas where I kept getting sucked into one particular suite. Women were getting beauty makeovers and stylists were doing hair. I learned Alberto VO5® has a new Salon Series. Someone helped me figure out which shampoo and conditioner would be right for me, and I was given a deep conditioning hair mask and a styling cream to try when I got home.

I had low expectations.

You know, because I’ve tried all kinds of expensive hair treatments – mousses and gels and creams — and none of them has worked as well as my cheapie mousse.

Until now.

Y’all, I’ve been using VO5’s Anti-Frizz & Shine Cream for three months now, and it works better than any other product I’ve tried.

This stuff is incredible!

After I shampoo and condition, I comb my wet hair and apply a quarter-sized amount to my fingertips and work it in.

Somehow, it tames my curls without making my hair crunchy or greasy.

The only bummer is that VO5’s Salon Series isn’t available in my area yet. (If you live near the stores listed here, you know what to give me for my birthday, you’re lucky! And no, Wegmans doesn’t currently carry VO5’s Salon Series.)

For now, I have to order the Anti-Frizz & Shine Styling Cream from


I was already ordering my old stuff online, and I like the results I’m getting from VO5® even better than my old product.

After 30 years of being completely brand loyal, I can hardly believe I typed those words.

But it’s true.

And guess what? VO5® has been kind enough to offer a little pack of goodies! One lucky winner will receive one free VO5® Salon Series™ Shampoo, Conditioner and Anti-Frizz & Shine Styling Cream.

How can you win?

1. For a chance to win the pack of goodies from VO5®, SHARE a hair nightmare story. 


Of course you know I love to read your words, so feel free to leave any other comment, hair-related or otherwise! This contest is open to residents of the United States only. Enter until June 27th. One winner will be announced on my blog on June 28th at 7 AM, so be sure to check back. If I don’t hear from the winner within 24 hours, Random Number Generator will select another winner.

NOTE: I received products from VO5®, and they are providing the winner with swag, but the opinions presented here are all my own. In other words, if I didn’t actually love this stuff, I wouldn’t be writing about it.

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**EDITED: Congratulations to Faith Ertischek! Faith, please send me your snail mail address and phone number so that the good folks at VO5  can send you your products! Congratulations!

58 thoughts on “A Hair Care #Giveaway From @VO5

  1. Sheesh, Renée! VO5 should be hiring you as a spokesperson. Seriously! I’m glad you found a replacement you are even happier with than your old favourite! Your hair always looks fab online but I hear ya!

  2. Oh my, the one hair nightmare that I can recall was when I went to a cheap place that cuts hair and when I told them that I wanted “bangs”, their version of bangs was different than mine. They cut my bangs about a 1/2 inch long and the horrible part is that I could not cover it up and I was going to a wedding with this horrible new haircut. I almost did not go to the wedding because of it. Yikes!

    1. Omigosh, Nikita! Short-short bangs are a no-no! Good for you for going to the wedding despite the hair nightmare! I’ve had several unintentional bobs! So awful! I’m sure you are very clear when giving instructions about your hair now, yes?

  3. Renée, I’m SOOO glad you found another product to replace your old, discontinued product! I was so afraid that when the old product ran out that you would be reduced to wearing hats for the rest of your life or cutting your hair or doing something drastic like getting a Brazilian blowout. I’ve never had curly hair. My hair is bone straight. It does not hold a curl at all, so I don’t know the pain of frizz, but my daughter has the frizzies from her father. She mostly wears her hair up or back for work and has a product that works for her. I’m really glad that you found something that works. You should be a paid spokesperson.

  4. My hair has gone wild, actually I am cultivating it but I’m embracing the curls! My hair has never been longer. The only problem is on windy days or on humid days when it just has no shape! Glad you found a product to replace the one you were using. It drives me crazy when products are discontinued or repackaged in smaller containers for the same price….. arrrggggghhhhh!

  5. My first haircut was from an old woman named Elvis who used nail scissors and had shaky hands.
    Even at age 7 I knew it was probably a bad idea to get a haircut from the woman who does your grandma’s hair.

    1. Omigosh! A woman named Elvis cut your grandmother’s hair? That is so excellent! She needs to be a character in a book! I mean, I’m sorry to hear about your hair. I assume it has grown back by now, yes?

  6. Now this is right up my alley!!!! I might be jealous of all you ladies with bone-straight hair. Most of the time I straighten my hair otherwise it is a nightmare all by itself.

    I guess the worst nightmare was during an on-camera interview , it started to rain. Of course the cameraman kept rolling and my hair went from nice straight pretty hair to crazy frizzy hair in 60 seconds! #storyofmylife

    1. Oh no! Rain during a live interview. I totally understand this. This is why it took me forever to shower with men I’ve loved. I knew they would be horrified. The Wicked Witch of the West — with her aversion to water? She was probably a curly girly! 🙂

    1. I’m killing them off slowly, but because there was a 3 month lag, I’d knocked off another 6 aerosol cans. Also, they are starting to break down, so I don’t know what their shelf-life is going to be like. Meanwhile, how is the new job? 🙂

  7. I guess a buzz cut is not a very realistic alternative for a woman. I love mine, though. Never spend a minute worrying about what directions my hair is going to decide to point today. lol

  8. I don’t really have a nightmare hair story of my own, but my daughter has super frizzy, wild hair! It’s always in her face, and in this humidity, looks a bit like a long afro! I really need some stuff to tame it!

  9. Here’s my hair-related nightmare. 28 years ago, my wife started having babies and most of my hair started falling out. I have yet to wake up from this nightmare, but I’m optimistic every morning that I’ll look in the mirror and see Fabio-like locks cascading down to my manly neck. Instead, I see a man with a strong resemblance to a jumbo-sized Stanley Tucci. Fans of Mr. Tucci, and I count myself among them, will admit that seeing his mug in the mirror aint too shabby.

    1. 1PP: I’m not a fan of The Fabio, and I actually like a smooth dome — on a man. So I’m guessing you aren’t I retested in this giveaway, but is thee someone in your life who might like a shampoo, conditioner and other hair treatment? 😉

  10. My hair can get super crazy frizzy when I went Mexico with my boyfriend the humidity made everyday a hair nightmare. It was crazy trying to calm the wild frizz needless to say I did a lot of swimming and kept my hair wet most of the time the rest of the time I made sure we were both drinking so he wouldn’t think to himself “what up with her hair????” LOL

  11. My hair is too short to worry about frizz & mega-curls so don’t enter me into the contest Renee. But if you have a Grey-B-Gone contest I’m ALL IN for that kinda beauty! 😉

        1. Okay, how did you get all salt & pepper? Wait, do I want to know? Is this better for OFF the blog? Does it include any #SoWrong moments? Meanwhile, did you want to write a #SoWrong moment for my blog? Let me know if you’d like to, and I’ll add you to the queue. 😉

          1. Aww, COME ON Jacobson! You KNOW I put everything out on the table no matter WHO’S at the table. But a limited “Comments” space probably doesn’t have the proper MPAA rating system (does it have RR or RX?) 😉

            And yes, I have a #SoWrong post to submit; the one you mentioned should be submitted… which one was it?

  12. We vacationed in Florida one summer. The combination of wind and humidity made my curly hair a frizzy nightmare from the moment we got there. I decided to wash it and give it a good conditioning, but wouldn’t you know it? I forgot to pack the conditioner. Each day, it got worse and worse, bigger and wilder. Finally, out of sheer desperation, I decided to try mayonnaise on it, having read in some beauty magazine at some time in my life that it made a good conditioner. Problem was, we only had Miracle Whip. Meh, what’s the diff? I slathered some on, waited a bit, then washed it out. Or TRIED to wash it out. I rinsed and rinsed. I re-shampooed and rinsed some more. And the more I rinsed, the more it smelled like hot salad dressing in the bathroom. I finally had to give up and finished our vacation with gunky salad dressing hair. Then the morning we were leaving, as I was packing my toiletries bag, there in the bottom was my bottle of conditioner….

    1. Dyanne! I LOVE that you smelled like a hot salad! Hahahahaha! Hilarious. What a great story! You should lift your piece from here and use it for your blog! Seriously. Or maybe wait to see if you win and then use it. Either way, what a great story! I can’t believe you found your conditioner at the bottom of your bag after all that! Thanks for entering!

  13. I’m going to date myself here, but my hair nightmare occurred in 8th grade, a delicate age to be sure. I wanted the ‘Dorothy Hamill’ haircut like many of my friends had. However, I had long wavy hair, and the Dorothy Hamill was short and bouncy. As the hairstylish was chopping off massive amounts of hair, I began crying, then sobbing uncontrollably, realizing my mistake after it was too late. The hairstylist felt horrible even though she had done nothing wrong. I refused to go to school for several days. Never got over that one, and to this day my hair is ALWAYS touching my shoulders. Thanks for the giveaway to whoever wins. I’m glad you found a product to love (again)!

    1. We are obviously about the same age because I, too, got the Dorothy Hamill cut. I wrote about it… I don’t know…somewhere. Anyway, mine became an unintentional bob because the stylist didn’t realize that my curly hair curled up sooooo much in the back. Except for that one weak moment in the 80s where I opted to get the brush-cut before prom (stoooopid girl), my hair has always been at least shoulder length. Just. Like. You. Thanks for the visit.

      As you know, I loved your recent post from #UnderTheDome. (Boy, that could have really been a good show. The writers really screwed that up, didn’t they?)

      1. Sorry I couldn’t respond till now…had to drive 2 hours each way to meet with my professor on my thesis…yep, going back to school at my age! I am relieved that I’m not the only one who had to have the Dorothy Hamill and was traumatized as a result.
        Agreed that Under the Dome had potential but I’m afraid they bungled it completely. There’s always Revolution and Justified…those writers nailed it.

        1. A: Good for you for going back to school! Something tells me that I’m on that road myself. I don’t know if I’ll be looking to complete my Ph.D, but what I’m thinking about is definitely going to require new learning. It probably feels kind of good to be back in the classroom. I’m sure your professor appreciates your work ethic and, you know, the fact that you can actually spell. 😉

          1. Learning is never wasted, especially at our age when you really appreciate it! Good luck with your decision…they are trying to get me to continue on with my PhD, but I want to be employed more, so we’ll see. If they offer me a teaching post too, I might be doing both…

  14. Frizz is one of my constant companions (and you should see the frizz I passed on to my oldest kid! Sheesh!) so this post is right on time for me. I’ll give it a try and let you know what happens. And good for you on these sponsored posts!!

    1. Mary: You know we are twinsies in all things. I’m so sorry you passed the frizz gene to your daughter. I have a few more sponsored posts to honor here, and then I’m hoping to get back to Yeah Write on Tuesdays. Talk about falling off the grid. LOL!

  15. So, I had a really bad middle-school girls soccer team once upon a time – like score once a season bad. I told them if any of them got a hat trick during the season (three goals by one player in a single game), I’d bleach my hair.

    Yes, bleach.

    I tried peroxide, but that just made it dingy. So I popped 40 volume peroxide and Platinum Blond in it, wrapped it in a shower cap, and sat in the sun for 45 minutes.

    I was one ugly dude. Unless you count the point at which I had just the tips of my hair orange, at which point boys seemed to treat me like eye candy.

    I’ve never wagered my hair for soccer since.

    (I hope this new stuff doesn’t take all your curls. I’m partial. Quite partial).

    1. So, let me get this straight. Your hat-trick motivational speech ended up with you needing to wear a hat? Hahahahaha.That’s awful, but also hilarious. Good to know that the boys liked the orange hair, though. You know, it’s always helpful to have that kind of information to offer to others.

      FYI: The new VO5 stuff doesn’t take away my curls at all. It TAMES them. They’re there, but now they don’t get frizzy. I know, it’s hard to understand — but it’s true.

      And thank you for being partial. Quite partial. 😉

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