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When I was young, I loved the Lawrence Welk Show. I know. I am a dork. But, seriously, I wished I could be one of the women in the floofy dresses because each week Lawrence would wiggle his finger and select one of them to dance with him in the spotlight at the end of his show. So, I swooned for Lawrence Welk. What of it?

Anyway, since I never got to dance with him, I’ve decided to become Lawrence Welk, put on my orange suit, and pull some people into the spotlight.  I hope you’ll check out a few of the amazing posts that showed up this week.

First, Piper Bayard posted a great piece called “The Power of a Swift Kick” about a wonderful teacher in her life who kept her out of the double-wide and prevented her from being the mommy to four baby-daddies.

Leonore at As A Linguist wrote a beautiful piece entitled “The Tween Students” about how difficult it is to read college diagnostic essay tests and interpret what the results might mean. Boy, could I relate to that one.

Steve at Brown Road Chronicles wrote a phenomenal piece called “The Meaning of Life” where an anxious writer puts in a call to figure out if he is “worthy” of moving up to the next level with his writing.

Jessica Buttram‘s “Drive-By Blogger” got me thinking about the folks in chain-gangs — and about my own sins.

Chase McFadden had me laughing as his children were, once again, doing something hilarious with rocks in his post “The Von Trapp Children Wash Rocks”.

I fell in love with Abby Has Issues a little this week. She had me at “Being Punctual” where she discusses the overuse of air quotation marks and frets over other punctuation that don’t seem to get anywhere near as much attention.

Finally, it would be selfish of me not to report that MomComm is having a contest to win a blog critique. You have to go to her place for the details. Just so you know, I plan to win.

And now, until we meet again… Adios. Au revoir. Auf Wiedersehen.

What color dress are you wearing today? And why should I pick you to dance? And is it just me or did Lawrence like his baton a little too much?

27 thoughts on “Sunday Love

  1. (T sits on her hands) “Don’t pick me! Don’t pick me!” Sorry, my generation railed against Welk and his gals in floofy dresses. Welk was THE MAN. He had strict codes about how his peeps should behave, dress, speak, etc. and if anyone stepped over the line…TOAST. He was white bread dude, and he was the antithesis of groovy.

    I’m wearing jeans, a tee and uggs (yeah and I’ve dropped the serial (Oxford) comma in protest. That’s right, no kitten heels on this babe. I’m going to macrame cool stuff while you and Lawrence P.O.L.K.A. (gagging sounds are heard in the background).

    (T puts on her Lennon spectacles and revs the engine of her VW van. She throws a peace sign and heads off into the psychedelic sunset.) 🙂

    1. Teresa: It was a short-lived crush. I was 6 or 7 and I really liked the singing and the dancing and his unique pronunciation. I didn’t understand half of the skits.

      Mainly, I was waiting for Mutual Omaha’s Wild Kingdom and The Wonderful World of Disney to start, as they came on after Lawrence Welk. I think it was the anticipation. 😉

      Forgive me. (RASJ runs after T’s VW van screaming, “Come back!”)

  2. Lawrence Welk was a Saturday night staple in my parents home, followed by HeeHaw, which is an odd combination now that I think about it. Loved them both, as a kid.

    Great mash, Renee 🙂

  3. I am honored to be included in this list of Sunday love. While I think Welk was before my time, my grandma still loves when he comes on TV, so I have a vague sense of familiarity 😉

    As for dresses, sigh…let’s say my yoga pants are black. Does that count?

  4. I think I gasped when I saw that title in my wordpress reader. Do you know for the past year I’ve been trying to convince JUST ONE of my girlfriends to dress up as the Lawrence Welk girls for Halloween?! I already have my dress picked out. It’s robin’s egg blue with a pleated flare skirt and all lace on top with high neck and long sleeves. I’m just dying for someone to do this with me. Renee, how fast can you get to La Crosse for Halloween?

    I used to watch this show with my family too and mockingly dance with my brother on occasion.

    The mash up looks awesome. I’ll swing back tomorrow on my day off to relax with some tea (and maybe I’ll wear my dress). LOL love this post! You are even cooler to me now, and I already adore you. Thanks for the morning smile!

    1. Oh Jess! I would so do this with you! I love Halloween! I’m a total Halloweenie! I would, of course, match you and wear the same robin’s blue egg dress. And my hair would be all flipped up in a bouffant. Where is La Crosse? I want to go to there!

      I assume you have seen the SNL skit of this, so I would like to be the one with the weird, doll hands. Are you okay with that?

    1. Well of course you didn’t wear dresses. You were birthing cows and hauling grain. Did they even have Lawrence Welk in Calgary? The show was appallingly American.

      And, of course I still like you.

      I adore you — whether you are in your overalls or in your black and white teacher uniform. Oh, and just so you know, I wore gray the other day! 😉 I’m branching out.

  5. Awesome, what an honor to be featured with all these other great bloggers. Thanks, you rock!! BTW I am not wearing a dress today and although I’m not sure I’ve ever actually seen the Lawrence Welk show, my grandmother was a big fan.

  6. I look forward to reading good stuff from the Sunday Love group…enjoyed Swift Kick very much, well done! Renee, you are too young to recall LW, maybe he was on his 2nd or 3rd tour. I noticed gal#2 didn’t seem to know the words to the song at all, and the green dresses and suits made me want to vomit…baton while dancing? Maybe a phallic symbol or something.
    I’ll be watching reruns to see how he holds it.

  7. I just love LW. My mom used to put it on and we loved listening to her name everyone in the ensemble (complete with life stories, marriages, how they died, etc). We have NO idea how or why she knows so much about Lawrence’s ladies…she’s known for odd talents like that. Once we tricked a boy I was dating: It was a Saturday night and he and I were going to a movie. Mom told him that before took me out he had to sit and watch at least 15 minutes of Lawrence Welk because it was a “Dano Tradition”. The poor kid sat on my couch and watched exactly fifteen minutes of the show and then asked if we could leave! Sucker. 😉

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