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Saturday Summer Screwball Entry: T-Bone Goes Down To Georgia

Huzzah! The first entry in my “Saturday Summer Screwball” contest has arrived! This is Todd. He enjoys unicorns, shopping at The Gap, and he knows everything you ever wanted to know about The Brady Bunch. T-Bone made an awesome video of himself showing how he enjoys his summer: dressing up like Kidd Rock and lip-syncing to Southern Rock. I love the way this guy knows how to fist pump!

How fun is that? Okay, so he forgot to mention “Lessons From Teachers and Twits” in there, but what the heck!

Hopefully T-Bone’s efforts will inspire you to send in your own G-rated video in which you:

1) Show yourself doing something that you love to do to relax that is slightly screwy;

2) Be sure to mention my blog – “Lessons From Teachers and Twits” – somewhere;

3) Upload your video to YouTube;

4) Send the link to: rasjacobsonNY {at} gmail {dot} com!

At the end of the summer, readers will decide who is most deserving of winning a $10 gift card (from Ben & Jerry’s or Starbucks). The winner gets to choose that part!

Now back to Todd. Seriously, how many things are there to love in that video? Let’s see how many we can list. I’ll go first: Love that black sweatband! Yesssss!

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