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When I was young, I loved the Lawrence Welk Show. I know. I am a dork. But, seriously, I wished I could be one of the women in the floofy dresses because each week Lawrence would wiggle his finger and select one of them to dance with him in the spotlight at the end of his show. So, I swooned for Lawrence Welk. What of it?

Anyway, since I never got to dance with him, I’ve decided to become Lawrence Welk, put on my orange suit, and pull some people into the spotlight.  I hope you’ll check out a few of the amazing posts that showed up this week.

First, Piper Bayard posted a great piece called “The Power of a Swift Kick” about a wonderful teacher in her life who kept her out of the double-wide and prevented her from being the mommy to four baby-daddies.

Leonore at As A Linguist wrote a beautiful piece entitled “The Tween Students” about how difficult it is to read college diagnostic essay tests and interpret what the results might mean. Boy, could I relate to that one.

Steve at Brown Road Chronicles wrote a phenomenal piece called “The Meaning of Life” where an anxious writer puts in a call to figure out if he is “worthy” of moving up to the next level with his writing.

Jessica Buttram‘s “Drive-By Blogger” got me thinking about the folks in chain-gangs — and about my own sins.

Chase McFadden had me laughing as his children were, once again, doing something hilarious with rocks in his post “The Von Trapp Children Wash Rocks”.

I fell in love with Abby Has Issues a little this week. She had me at “Being Punctual” where she discusses the overuse of air quotation marks and frets over other punctuation that don’t seem to get anywhere near as much attention.

Finally, it would be selfish of me not to report that MomComm is having a contest to win a blog critique. You have to go to her place for the details. Just so you know, I plan to win.

And now, until we meet again… Adios. Au revoir. Auf Wiedersehen.

What color dress are you wearing today? And why should I pick you to dance? And is it just me or did Lawrence like his baton a little too much?

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