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Tech Support Answers, Part Dos

This is the second installment of TechSupport’s answers to questions that people asked him when I implored folks to ask him some questions for his 13th birthday. If you’d like to read the first part of his interview, please click HERE. Most importantly, please be sure to click on the links of all these bloggers. Especially if you don’t recognize someone’s name. There are a lot of talented people here today!

Tech Support 2012

Hi everyone. I’m back. Let’s just jump into it this time.

The Good Greatsby asked:

How would you rate your bar mitzvah? My kids aren’t Jewish, but they do like parties and getting gifts. Is the party worth converting?

TS: 99.9/100. The only reason it isn’t 100% is because in my mind, nothing is perfect. Like we have to sit in temple for High Holidays and we have a bunch of fasting holidays, which are exhausting. But have you have ever had matzah ball soup? Or real potato latkes made by a Jewish grandma? If not, you’ve got to try these things. If they are made right, you’ll want to convert. Or at least, it would be worth a conversation.

Lisha @ The Lucky Mom asked:

Who’s your favorite video game character and why?

TS: My favorite video game character is Steve from Minecraft. I am currently in love with this game.

This is Steve.

Hibs asked:

What are you curious about????

TS: I am curious as to why you ended your question with four question marks. Seems like you only needed one.

 • • •

EllieAnn asked:

This is one of the hardest riddles I know. And for the record, I was not able to figure it out on my own.
Riddle: Paul is 20 years old in 1980, but only 15 years old in 1985. How is this possible?

TS: Paul was born in 2000 B.C.E. {sarcasm on} I totally figured that one out by myself. I did not have to Google it or anything. {sarcasm off}

• • •

Heather Marsten asked:

What items would you place in a time capsule to represent your life and the times you live in?

TS: A computer, a Smartphone, and a (broken) CD. Also the book Goodnight, iPad! If you haven’t read Goodnight iPad!, it is a great book for anyone who loves Goodnight, Moon! And likes parodies.

Goodnight iPad
Goodnight iPad (Photo credit: Jagrap)

• • •

Leanne Shirtliffe of Ironic Mom asked:

Besides dancing, what’s something goofy that your mom does that drives you a bit insane? What’s your favourite book? If you could visit any country in the world for one week (for free), where would you go and why?

TS: It drives me crazy when my mom won’t get off of the computer because she says she is “working” when she is really just blogging. I mean, I need to play my video games! I don’t have a favorite book but one that I just read and really liked was the Gone Series. If I could visit any country I would go somewhere in Africa because I’ve never been to that continent before, and it seems like a cool place to go.

• • •

pegoleg asked:

How do you envision the next 13 years will differ from the first 13?

TS: I think that in the next 13 years not much will be different except that technology will continue to develop faster and people will use it differently. We may even get A.I. (Artificial Intelligence). Who knows?!

[Mom jumps in] Tech, I believe Pegoleg is asking on a more personal level. How do you think your life will be different in the next 13 years. You know like… where do you think you’ll be between now and the time you are 26?

TS: Ohhhh! I will continue leaning in school and hopefully learn more about math and science. Hopefully, I’ll go to college somewhere. Don’t know where. Not worried about it yet. But I imagine it’s in the plan. Maybe land a job in sciencey-computery stuff. I imagine I’ll have a few roommates and live like the guys on Big Bang Theory. I’ll be the coolest one. Whichever one you think that one is.

List of The Big Bang Theory episodes (season 4)
List of The Big Bang Theory episodes (season 4) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

• • •

lexiesnana asked:

If I want to impress my 13-year old nephew and also look really cool in the adult world what should I focus on in music and video games? Also what is your favorite Olympic sport and why.

TS: If you want to impress your nephew, you need to understand Minecraft and the importance of collecting diamonds and red stone while avoiding creepers. Some adults like Minecraft, too. But most adults will think you are a dork. To impress those adults, I’d recommend getting some kind of Apple product and learn how to do little fixes like when your iPad freezes. Adults are very appreciative when you can help them with any kind of technical support. They will think you are a wizard or something.

My favorite Olympic sport is fencing because I fence!

 • • •

skippingstones asked:

Is the alternate drive on your computer (D drive on my crashed computer) something that can be taken out and put into a different computer? Or does it have to be accessed and copied?

TS: I’m a Mac.

• • •

August McLaughlin asked:

 If you could dedicate a song to your mom and one to your dad, what would you choose and who would sing it? And what song best depicts your childhood?

TS: The song that best depicts my life is “Bangarang.”

[NOTE from RASJ: Listen at your own risk. And turn the volume on your speakers down.]

I wouldn’t dedicate a song to my parents.

I would just buy my mom a steak and my dad some golf clubs.

I know what they like. Trust me on this.

• • •

Galit Breen from These Little Waves asked:

How do you feel about your mama’s blog?

TS: I think it’s cool, but she spends wayyyyy (that’s 5 bold y’s) too much time on it.

Stay tuned for the last installment of Tech’s scintillating answers to your questions.

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26 thoughts on “Tech Support Answers, Part Dos

  1. Thank you, Bubba, for continuing to respond to everyone. You are doing a great job. LOVElove.

    Did that embarrass you? Or am I still kind of cool?

    People tell me everything changes (for parents) when your kid turns 13.

    So far, so good – right?

  2. I enjoyed reading this. My favorite part was that he envisions his future like the Big Bang Theory. Thanks for making me smile. =)

    1. My life has two goals. To make people smile, and make my mom more confused than before I started talking to her. Did that make you smile?

  3. Skippingstone: Yes, if your D: drive is a separate hard drive, you can move it to your new computer. If it isn’t, there are still ways…

    And TechSupport, If you’re Mac, adjust my second suggestion to use Virtualbox or Parallels. 🙂

    Mazel Tov! And yes, I now have a craving for potato latkes. Oh and blintzes.


    1. But then you wouldn’t get to see m… Oh wait I see how it is. You don’t really want to adopt me. 🙁

  4. Dear Tech Support,

    First, happy birthday, which I assume is a belated greeting. Nonetheless, it is sincere. I’m usually late to the party.

    Please consider putting this in your cover letters when you are 26 because it is priceless: Maybe land a job in sciencey-computery stuff.

    I think you’re a natural to play the role of Sheldon Cooper, not only because he’s awesome, but because you have that sarcasm on/ sarcasm off thing going for you. Bazinga!

    I really enjoyed your answers. I see where your mother gets her wit and intelligence.

    Your new fan,

  5. Tech, great answers – you’re really working hard. I’m curious about my time machine question – why a BROKEN CD? Don’t you want the future to hear our music? And what CD would you include? Have a blessed day. Thanks for your hard work in answering the questions. I’m learning a lot from your answers.

    1. A broken CD because almost nobody uses them. It’s all iTunes these days. So broken being a metaphor for unused. The CD that was included would be irrelevant.

  6. Ah, have pity for that future generation – include the iPod with relevant music, so that they cans see what moves you. A broken CD doesn’t help them see what this generation was like.

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