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Tech Support Answers, Part Uno

NOTE from RASJ: So many people responded to my call to ask TechSupport questions, that his answers will show up in three parts! Thank you all so much for helping to defuzz his brain a little bit. And for allowing me more time to work on my book. Tech will respond to any and all responses. Please check out some of these great writers’ blogs. Especially if you have never heard of them before!

Tech Support 2012

Dear Everyone:

As many of you know, I went to overnight camp for 4 weeks this summer. Yes, I changed my underwear. And yes, I brushed my teeth. While I was away, a bunch of you wrote me advice and shared stories either about your experiences at summer camp or other funny stories. Thank you for those letters. Mail matters while you are at camp. I read the whole, thick bundle my mother brought on Visitor’s Day – including Penny’s multiple pages of The Places You’ll Go, which is one of my favorite Dr. Seuss stories.

{sarcasm on} Thank you also for the birthday questions. {sarcasm off}

I have never hoped no one would comment on my mother’s blog before.

Responding to your questions was time-consuming fun, and it helped me get into school mode.

I guess.

I hope you like my answers.

If you don’t, please take your complaints up with my mother.

After all, this was her idea.



 • • •

Joan asked:

What are you doing on your actual birthday?

In the morning, I will wake up, play on my iPod for 30 minutes, play on the computer for an hour, eat breakfast, then play on my iPod until my Mom freaks out and tells me to get off the iPod or she will throw it out of a window.

I will then switch to the iPad.

• • •

Ricky Anderson asked:

Why does iTunes make four copies of every song I own?

I’m not quite sure why it does that, but I have this same problem. I have however found two solutions. TuneUp will fix incorrect song information, remove duplicates, and find missing album art. While the second option, Tagalicious, will not get rid of duplicates, the interface for finding missing album art and fixing song information is much more intuitive than TuneUp’s. Personally I recommend getting the free trials of each and finding which one you like best.

• • •

Nora of Together They Would Travel asked:

What do you think of looks awesome… if you’re a girl.

• • •

georgettesullins asked:

Do you plan to return to camp next year and the next year?

Yes. Forever. And ever. I plan to be staff one day. Wouldn’t you want to see this every day?

Wouldn’t you want to go to here? • Photo by TechSupport 2012

• • •

Val of artyoldbird asked:

Allowing for the years when you probably couldn’t read, how many books have you so far read in your lifetime and what was your earliest favorite?

It’s funny you ask that because I keep track of every book I ever read in my life! So far, I have read 87,783 books. My earliest favorite was Goodnight, Moon!

• • •

Alex Jones of Liberated Way asked:

Can you survive without television and Facebook for a month?

Of course. Did you not see that this year I went away to sleepover camp for four weeks? Instead of being online, I played baseball and water-skied, went rock-climbing, participated in mass programs, and went to Arts & Crafts. It was no trouble being away from the Internet.

Mostly because I had no access to Wifi.

• • •

on thehomefrontandbeyond asked:

How can I sound up-to-date and savvy about tech stuff if I am not up-to-date and savvy & want to impress my tech savvy 21 year old?

The easiest way is to become savvy. Just look up some computing terms (like RAM or lossless compression) and learn their meanings. Then you will not only sound savvy, you’ll be savvy!

• • •

checkinoutlife asked:

What type of music do kids your age listen to? Can you tell me some of the bands you listen to? Do you listen to the same music as your friends?

Most kids my age are into music I don’t like that much, like rap or Justin Bieber. I don’t listen to the same music as (most) of my friends. Personally, I like dubstep, a kind of techno(ish) music. My favorite group who produces dubstep is Skrillex. Check it out. (Just skip the ad.)

Betsy K.W. gave me a killer bunch of research questions. She clobbered me wrote:

In the early 90s I worked for a company called Silicon Graphics which was founded by Jim Clark. What did he and his graduate students invent and where did they invent it (what university)? What industries used (use) this technology and what do they do with it (three examples, please)? What are two other companies that Jim Clark was chairman/founder of and what did the companies create? And a bonus question – When did Jim graduate high school and where did he go to college?

Jim Clark was an early computer geek who invented a geometry engine which is a hardware accelerator used to render images. He invented this in Silicon Valley in 1979 at Stanford University in California. People use this technology in computers, web-browsing and fast-rendering of 3-D images. Two other companies he helped develop were Silicon Graphics Inc. and Netscape. Netscape created a web-browser and Silicon Graphics created computer hardware. Clark was a high school dropout. He did go to Tulane University and eventually earned enough credits to go to University of New Orleans.

Assuming he’s still alive, I’m guessing he’s pretty rich.

Part dos is coming soon to a blog near you!

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47 thoughts on “Tech Support Answers, Part Uno

  1. Great responses! Now I’m thinking he should start an advice column/blog. You know – like Dear Abby. “Dear Tech”. Well, I’m sure he can come up with something more creative.

  2. Netscape! Who else had Netscape as their first browser in the computer labs? Tech, once upon a time, not everyone had a computer, and we had to go to a room slightly above freezing to use them. Had you heard of Netscape before your essay?
    Also, if you need a new BFF and don’t mind a drive, I have a 15-year-old brother who I think you would get along with.

    1. I had heard of netscape before however I learned a lot more about it. I have never used it because I use a (relatively) new Mac. I do however mind a drive. Is he willing to make house calls?

  3. Good job on Jim Clark. Guess you didn’t notice that his third wife is a 30-something year old Australian swim suit model and he is about 70 something. And yes, he’s incredibly wealthy. I was hoping you would find that they use the 3D rendering technology in lots of special effects in movies (like Terminator2) and in building airplanes and cars. It’s cool stuff. If you’re ever bored google Silicon Graphics and movies.

    And of course you want to keep going back to CSL/camp. It is the best place on earth. And when you get to be staff it’s even better!

    Good luck w/8th grade and stay in touch with your camp friends. They matter most.

    1. I noticed that the 3D rendering technology was used for movies, I just didn’t feel like writing that much :). I’m really excited to go back to camp!

      1. I get the not wanting to write that much. Just glad you saw it cuz it’s really cool. And I bet if you could go back to camp tomorrow you would
        P.s. Jacki said you’re a good kid. :). (and I’m not surprised!)

  4. Oh Tech Support… great answers. And I just want you to know something. We adults (that is, people older than 23 – ouch, 23 year olds, don’t hit me – are actually aliens. That’s right. When we reach that magical age, aliens drink our brains and replace them with their own. (Then they go back to their planet and get office jobs. Go figure.) It’ll happen to you too. Well, possibly not the office part.

      1. Hey hey hey! No fighting on the bloggy! Tech will be back after golf camp to answer more responses. Betsy, I am sure he will want to have a word with you, seeing as writing about this assignment took longer than all his English homework combined in 7th grade. He could have TALKED to you for hours. But writing it up. Um… Not so much.

    1. Thanks. She likes to think I take after her. I prefer to not be so out there. Notice how you don’t know my real name. Ooh. Mysterious!

  5. I loved and was mightily impressed by your thoughtful answers. My first computer was an Apple GS 2 in an elementary school. The schools didn’t know what to do with them, and had the teachers (me!) trying to teach programming to the kids. It was, of course, a totally useless activity at that time. I am sure the kids who survived that program ended up working for Jobs or Gates. The rest are happy just texting their friends today. I hope you had a good time with my Cousin Aaron at CSL.

    1. I wish my teachers tought us how to program! I would love to learn! I’ll just have to wait until I get a chance. Working for Jobs (R.I.P.) or Gates would be awesome!

  6. Tech you are awesome….very much like you mom! Great advise for the iTunes….I will try that and enjoyed the music…..I myself have a taste for the techno but also have Beiber fever….don’t ask why but I do! Looking forward to episode dos! Muchas gracias!

    1. Thanks! I try hard to be cool like my Mom… When she is cool. I hope the iTunes advice works out! let me know if it worked for you. I approve of techno but anyone who likes Beiber is banned from this blog as of now :).

    1. Nah, The books I read are mostly fiction and have to do with the end of the world. I was just born with the amazing brain capacity that I have today. 🙂

  7. Holy shiz! No wonder you tease him about how much smarter he ‘could’ have been. Because he can’t be any smarter.

    There’s no way.

    I mean. I actually believe he read that many books, and I don’t even think that’s humanly possible.

    1. Thanks! I do pride myself with my intelligence. I really have read that many! I am now at 90,318. 🙂

      I am not, however known for my spelling and grammar, which makes my Mom sad.

  8. What a fun idea, and what a great kid.

    My 20-year-old daughter likes dubstep. Skrillex is also one of her favorites and she had us listening to it in the car just the other night!

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