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Time For #Hanukkah Hoopla 2015!


The last time I wrote about Hanukkah was waaaay back in 2011.

That was soooo long ago! No wonder I found myself thinking: I want some #Hanukkah Hoopla!

With a little networking, I was able to connect with SEVEN other bloggers, each of whom agreed to write something Hanukkah-ishy.

We’re offering cyberswag to people who leave fabulous comments.

That’s EIGHT chances to win, people!

When you click on the button on anyone’s page, you’ll be brought back here, so you can see the schedule and figure out which blogs you’ve already visited and which folks you still need to read.

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This is our button.

Comment on anyone’s blog from December 16th thru the end of the 2014. Winners will be posted here & on individual bloggers’ pages in the new year!

Hanukkah Hoopla Blogging Schedule 2014

12/16 : Holly Rosen. “My Hanukkah Hoopla Story” – Winner: Jimonah

12/17 : Rivki Silver. “The Miracle of Marriage” – Winner: Marla

 12/18 : Miriam Hendeles.  “Eight Personal Miracles of 2014WinnerLisa of The Cycling Grandma.

12/19 : Renee Schuls-Jacobson. “Short on Decor, Long on Miracles”  WinnerSuzanne of 31-Derful

12/20 : Tikva Kennedy. “Hanukkah Without a Christmas Tree”

12/21 : Rebecca Klempner. “Ready For a Little Hanukkah Hoopla”  Winner: Marilyn

12/22 : Rabbi Rebecca Einstein Schorr. Attunement.” Winner: Chana Sara of Hippie’s Journey in Judaism.

12/23: Monica Gebell.  “Light” – Winner: D’Alta

Enjoy this year’s Festival of Light! And remember to celebrate everyday miracles!

What are you doing to celebrate this season?

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30 thoughts on “Time For #Hanukkah Hoopla 2015!

      1. Oh, technology, I didn’t realize that was going to be a comment! I thought I Was just replying to your email.

        I’m happy to participate! It’s staying connected and pitching in that helps keep me fueled to meet my obligations. You know? Looking forward to reading everyone’s posts! Hooray!

    1. Hi Maria! You’re welcome to attend our little gathering. You actually just tapped into the content of my post by alluding to the party. We don’t do much decorating for Hanukkah, and that’s part of what I wrote about. Kinda.. I’m so glad you’ll join us.

  1. What am I doing this holiday season? After not seeing my two kids for… hmm, about 2 years & 7 months, I FINALLY get to see them this Saturday for 6 days, traveling about 21 hours (both ways), my mother & sister finally get to see them as well, all of us & family friends (in the Hill Country) doing fun things in the kitchen, playing all our games indoor & outdoor, and most of all lots & lots of laughing! I am beyond elated!!! 🙂

      1. Indeed! I’ve already warned both of them of their risk of popping! There will be many long tight daddy & Nanna hugs!

        The gaming-gene they definitely inherited and let it out easily around me and my family! They laugh uncontrollably sometimes.

        The dancing-gene? Hmm, how should I state this politely…….? Dancing, especially in public, is expressedly “frowned upon” in their household unfortunately. And I should leave it all at that, especially on here. 🙂 lol

    1. Oh, I’ll remind you David. Don’t you worry. I should ask you to post. You’ve been with me a long time! Long enough to know all about Hanukkah, my friend. I wrote about miracles, big and small. And lame Hanukkah decor.

  2. I love this idea and what you wrote about special needs kids. I am a long time Jewish educator and volunteer organizer and lover of arts and music. I think teaching kids the concept of lighting their own internal light with their passions and talents and then growing their confidence and having them showcase these talents is a great way to teach a lesson of Hanukkah. To teach about re dedicating yourself to yourself and from that self love we can share ourselves with others more and spread the good cheer, talents and love and light. Happy Hanukkah, Sara

    1. Beautiful comment, Sara. So nice to meet you. Yes, Holly is amazing. I’m so glad to have all these wonderful women blogging about Hanukkah with me. I know it’s supposed to be a “minor” holiday, but why? It has so much meaning!

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