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Vote Bueller for March Movie Madness 2.

I’m in an airplane.


I’m stuck on an airplane right now as Clay Morgan opens the polls for Day 4 of his Second Annual March Movie Madness Contest.

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I picked Ferris Bueller as the movie protagonist that I am prepared to fight for.

Because Ferris knows how to be a friend.

He knows how to sweet talk his parents, the lunch lady, and the school nurse.

He always has a Plan A and a Plan B and a Plan C.

Because he is smooth.

He knows how to work the system.

Everyone loves him.

Only Principal Rooney, Ferris’s nemesis, doesn’t appreciate the gifts that Ferris bestows to the world.

Even his sister, who claims to hate him, comes through for Ferris in the end.

So why does everyone love Ferris Bueller?

Because he is on a universal quest to have fun.

He takes risks: not dangerous ones.

He does the crazy, silly things we wish we might be brave enough to do.

It is that kind of ethos that will always triumph.

Sure, Ferris is a rich kid who has almost nothing to complain about.

And guess what? He doesn’t.

He helps his friends overcome their fears.

He shows them love.

And a good time.

He reminds us all to cherish every moment of every day.

And this is why you have to go over to Clay’s blog and vote for me Ferris right now!

The polls open at noon.

I don’t even know who Ferris is up against.


Do it for the little, geeky rebellious part of you that aspires to do something a little naughty.

Like sing Danke Schoen in public.

On a float.

And say something nice to Clay while you are there!

Look at the brackets. Who do you think is going all the way? IYKWIM.

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12 thoughts on “Vote Bueller for March Movie Madness 2.

  1. You crack me up! I will be playing tennis when the polls open and won’t be back til 2:00 Eastern…Trinity will have to duke it out without me for a while. Have a great trip!
    Go Bueller!

  2. Go Ferris! The ultimate hookie player!

  3. I love you more for being a teacher who votes for the adventure-seeking lad who skipped school! He has my vote, too.

  4. That was fun! SAVE FERRIS!!

  5. I can’t possibly choose between Ferris and Rocky if we’re talking about characters I love. If we’re talking a straight up “who would win in a fight,” well, things are looking bad for Mr. Bueller.

    1. You are so right. In a real fight, Ferris would be down for the count. But I hope you voted brains over brawn! *wink*

  6. I will always be a champion of Ferris.

    And you.


  7. Yay Ferris – dancing in the street.

  8. OH YEA!! OH YEAH!! I love that movie and for all of the same reasons. I love that he got Cameron to come out of his shell. I’ll head over and vote now…not sure if I am too late. I’ll give a Ferris try though!!

    1. You are too late, but there is more voting tomorrow! Or maybe Wednesday? So confused. Clay just tells me what to do (at the last minute) and I do it. 😉

  9. I was too late but I may have just found a new March Madness addiction…

    1. Oh! It’s so much fun! Next year! 😉 And I would love your vote to push me through the next round. But I have to lose to James Bond. Yup. I’m voting myself out after this next round. Hahahahaha.

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