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What I Wore – Red Hat

In the winter, I wear hats. Like every single day. It’s fair to say that my hair is generally unruly, so wearing a hat is truly the perfect solution for a girl who doesn’t like the expense of straightening her ‘do and yet never quite figured out how to handle her unruly curls.

This red polar fleece number is one of my go-to hats. It’s simple and bright and cheerful, and — believe me — people around here need to see a little color around this time of the year.

I am also a huge fan of fingerless gloves. In fact, I used to cut the tips of my old gloves before fingerless gloves were even a thing. It’s true! This crocheted pair came from author K.B. Owen. I absolutely love them, and they go with everything. Kathy sent this pair to me when I was in the throes of benzo withdrawal, and I’m grateful to finally be well enough to wear them out and about this winter. Thank you a million times, Kath. Now the world knows that in addition to being a fantastic writer you also have mad skills when it comes to the crochet needles!

Photo on 12-19-14 at 11.06 AM #3

What do you wear to keep warm? What’s more important to you: looking good or keeping warm?

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25 thoughts on “What I Wore – Red Hat

  1. Here in frigid Rochester, keeping warm is definitely more important than looking good! I don’t understand fingerless gloves; how is that useful? Don’t your fingers freeze?

    1. I’m with you about keeping warm, Faith. Fingerless gloves work for me — unless the temperatures get very low, like they did this last week. Otherwise, I like the convenience of having the tips of my fingers free to grip my steering wheel.

  2. Love it Renee! From what I’ve seen on your head, everything looks great! You have a sense of fashion that looks fantastic on you! And the fingerless gloves/mits? You may not know, but that is very Victorian, very Steampunk! I too have a pair I love to wear during winter, and not just with my Steampunk outfit. Hmmm… **imagines what Renee would look like in Steampunk?** 😉

      1. I say them Renee, not only because you deserve them, but they’re true. If I’m reading your last sentence correctly and I’m not imposing, then here are two of me — I know you said “a” photo, sorry 😛 — with the Steampunk fingerless mits on. I’m on the far left in first image…

    1. Steve! That is the cutest admission ever. It’s kind of awesome that you have enough hair to worry about messing it up. I’m a big fan on my hats, and I can’t imagine you don’t wear one to keep your head one when you’re outside with the goats. Thanks for the comment, Cowboy.

  3. How adorable are you? It is essential that us “hot” ladies maintain our sense of fashion in spite of these ridiculously frigid temperatures!! It’s hard to feel sexy or womanly with 10 layers of clothing on! 🙂

  4. Renee, you look adorable! I’m so glad you still like the gloves (glad they fit, too! I was guessing on size). One of your commenters asked about the purpose of them. For me, it’s a way of keeping my hands warm in a chilly room while still freeing up my fingers to type, but folks have all kinds of reasons. My 18 yo son frequently wears the ones I made him – both indoors and outside. It just makes him feel more comfortable, I think.

    Way to rock the hat! Hats are not a good look for me, LOL.

    Best Wishes in 2015!

    xo Kathy

    1. Hi KB. The fabulous fingerless gloves you sent me are new this season – since I kind of spent all of 2013 hiding indoors. Like you, I like keeping my fingertips free for gripping my steering wheel and tapping out a quick message on my phone without having to remove my mittens. Thank you again for thinking of me. I truly cherish this gift, and I think of you every time I wear them.

  5. Curly haired girls, unite! I wear a hat in the winter and have since I was a child and prone to ear infections. I have a red knit fedora hat with a brim that I rock often, but my favorite is one my dear friend crocheted for me. It’s a cross between a skully and a beret (I don’t think she was working with a pattern), is multi-colored, and a little too big for my fat head and unruly hair, but the upside to that is I don’t get mashed hair syndrome from wearing it. With the polar temps we’ve had this week, I have also pulled out my ankle length fake fur I lovingly call a minkrat (gift from mother in law). I look like a pimp, but, by damn, I’m a WARM pimp.

  6. What do I wear to keep warm, which is not a major problem for those of us who are menopausal… I love scarves, wearing two or three at a time, some that I have made, some purchased–never wool because I am allergic everywhere but my feet. Over-sized hooded sweatshirts–not the “hoodie” variety–but real, two sizes too big sweatshirts with the pocket in the front, because sometimes comfort and fabric weight are more important than warmth. J.Jill Wearever tanks–summer and winter–summer they absorb perspiration; winter the extra layer makes me sweat but protects my body from fabrics that chafe. Lastly, Smartwool socks for my feet, summer, winter, in bed and out…and when it’s past time to change the sheets, they protect my feet from the annoying bits of dirt, dog fur, toast crumbs that keep me awake all night.

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