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So I really wanted to do my Friday Dance Party thing, but the Internet is like NOOOOOOO! We will not allow you to post any real music because of copyright laws.

So poop on YouTube.

Don’t worry, I have something else up my sleeve.

(Did you notice that I always have something else up my sleeve?)

Here is my first post in what will become a series of fun “What She Wore” posts.) And I promise that no matter what I’m wearing (or not wearing), I’ll post it here.

Today I tried to look well put together. I got this A-line skirt on the sale rack at Express and this awesome wrap bracelet is from WrappedinYou‘s Etsy shop. Renee (not me, another Renee) has lots of great stuff at reasonable prices. And, as far as I’m concerned,  a short skirt should always be paired with a pair of thigh high boots. So I did.


Have a great weekend everyone! Oh, and if you really can’t get enough of me and you’d like to hear about how painting helped me heal during benzodiazepine withdrawal, consider hopping over to Michelle’s place at Steadily Skipping Stones. Her series of podcasts called “People I Almost Know” is a lot of fun, and it serves to remind us that no matter how well we think we know someone, there’s always another story to hear.

What are you wearing today?


22 thoughts on “What I Wore

  1. What an adorable outfit! I’m currently still wearing a robe and striped Gap pajamas. I’ve been seized by after Christmas exhaustion.

    Since losing weight, I’ve finally been able to enjoy fashion. The problem is, now my daughters and I are the same size,they want to borrow my clothes. I’m very fortunate to live so close to several really nice designer outlets.

    You’re such a cutie! Have a joyful day!

  2. What AM I wearing?? Short, sleep-mussed hair, wire-temple, no-frame glasses–the kind one can sit on because…well, I’m that kind of person. Last frames I could tie in a knot. Same reason as needing ones that can endure my butt. Eight year old pink terry cloth robe, spotted with red cherry preserves and almond butter, pocketful of used and unused tissues, which as I am writing, to squash and toss out of doors a stink bug…or some kind of armor bug. To complete the outfit, a yellow T-shirt, formerly black and hot pink, zebra striped pajama bottoms, and bright orange, Smartwool, PhD ankle socks. Yes, it is December 26. I am home alone, with no one demanding my attention…except one barky, little, in need of grooming, toy poodle…my mother’s dog who winters with me, my husband, and OUR TWO DOGs. Thank goodness, the two cats are wintering elsewhere or I would also be adorned with black and white kitty fur and contact dermatitis, from Coco and Puff… Is that dust blocking the sunlight through the windows, and, oh no, yarn scraps dressing the furniture?! Perhaps, I will shower…or just go back to bed. It is vacation.

  3. Look at you looking so bad ass and sexy!!????????????????. Go Renee! I wore my bata (bathrobe) all day on Christmas and today i wore all black so i could hide the sticky buns i ate! ???? 🙂

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